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FOX (ended 2005)





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  • Another great show that had promised, but got canned by Fox before it could grow and gain an audience. The even worst kicker is that it was cancelled for the worst excuse of a tv show, another reality show about dancing. Like I want to watch idiots trying

    The Inside was a show that I thought would have been almost as good as the X-Files. It had some great actors and some great stories for the episodes that were aired. But, of course Fox had to go and cancel the show before it could pick up speed and take off. Instead they put on a complete waste of time call "Do you think you can Dance?" Well, I think they show have really called it "Why the hell should I care?" The Inside was a show that had lots of action and some really creative murders. It might have been a little over the top with its graphic details. But, that just added to the intensity of the show. After seeing how quickly Fox adds and drops shows before they even finish a season, I've decided to never watch a show on Fox during its first season. If you want a list how shows that got killed by Fox in the last two years, watch the first episode of the Family Guy when he came back from being cancelled. They'll name them all.