The Inside

Season 1 Episode 13

Skin and Bone

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • Fox does it again, cancels a great show!

    As a series finale it was a bit disappointing. I, too, thought it would be about Rebecca's kidnapping and Pony Man. After all, at the end of Point of Origin he was very much alive, on the hunt a new little girl to kidnap. Skin and Bone was a regular case with the twist that it focused on Rebecca being held captive in an 800 lbs cannibal's home, who Rebecca linked to several cases of missing anorexic girls. It was Rebecca's personal project. Don't get me wrong, I loved this episode. Ronald Ewing was incredibly creepy, putting Rebecca in a cage with a dog shock collar around her neck. It also showed some insight about Rebecca's *real* character and how lonely she is. It was never really explained if she actually believed Ronald Ewing's fake accounts or if she was just playing along in order to catch the unsub. The ending scenes where we see a dirty, bruised Rebecca walking tiredly out of the house while the team draws their guns showed just how strong Rebecca was! She is one of the most brave, independent female characters of crime drama.

    The *final* scene was symbolic - the team going to Rebecca's home and giving her a was like she had finally found a family in the team.

    I can't believe Fox cancelled this excellent series for reality show crap like So You Think You Can Dance.
  • Why was this show cancelled?

    I was so sad that this was actually the final episode. There were alot of things left unanswered & I'm left wondering why they didn't find out about Rebecca's Kidnapper all those years ago. Iwas expecting the series finale be about him.

    Rebecca gets kidnapped (again) and is held captive in a fat guys home. I love how they did his make up & made him look so real & gross.

    While the team's looking for Rebecca, they go into her apartment & find out that for 6 month's she's been living out of her boxes & hasn't fully unpacked.