The Inside

Season 1 Episode 6

Thief of Hearts

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 06, 2005 on FOX

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  • Good episode, but not as great as it could have been.

    This time we learn more about Paul & we finally get to meet his wife. It's a big change because until now all the episodes have been about Rebecca. I hope we get to learn more about the other characters.

    I loved how it seemed that the murderer might go after Paul's wife, not once but twice, which was pretty cool. I'm only sad that Paul & his wife lost the baby.

    And the end was totally awesome. It looks like the team have a new boss. What will become of Webster. Frankly I was surprised that he payed a woman to lie under oath so that they could win the case.
  • References to Buffy/Angel in this ep...?

    Not a bad episode. Only screened in Australia last week. I wonder what the specific references to Buffy or Angel were supposed to be, if any. I may have missed something. The only things that jumped out as similarities were:

    1) Removing hearts as the Gentlemen do in the brilliant Buffy episode "Hush."

    2) The romantic music, petals leading up to the bedroom, etc. where man finds woman dead instead of a romantic encounter, is how Giles found Jenny after Angelus killed her.

    3) The line about being the "puppet in shining armour" reminds me of the Angel episode "Smile Time" when Angel was turned into a puppet.

    Does anyone know any others, or if there was a planned reference in this episode?
  • Good episode. We finally learn something about someone other than Rebecca.

    It was nice to see a episode that's not totally about Rebecca. As much as I like her, I was afraid the show was going to be all about her without us getting to know the other characters. I don't really care for Paul, But he was great in this episode. There were some great parts in this episode. I loved it when Paul thinks his wife is dead when he shows up at his house, Due to the roses and the champagne, But only to see her there. It was sad and unexpected to see her lose her baby though. I didn't expect the navy guy to show up and try to kill Pope, But when he did and Paul was about to let him, Was great stuff. I was hoping Paul would have let him kill Pope, Kinda street justice, But Rebecca had to meddle. I didn't expect Pope's girl to get shot, But it came off well. The ending was a shocker too.
  • This was it! This was the episode I was waiting for!

    When I reviewed this series as a whole, it was before I saw this episode. Many of the disappointments I expressed then were addressed here, in this one sensational episode.

    The gasp I've been waiting for, was here. The plot was a tad contrived, but it was handled nicely and it certainly surprised me. The last 60 seconds was maybe one step over the top, but it really didn't detract from the episode. Overall, I was delighted in the twists and turns.

    The big payoff was in the character development. Ryan got his edge and it was played perfectly and believeably -- just enough to complicate him without materially changing his character. And Coyote scores again, elevating Webster into a genuine enigma reminiscent of the Cigarette Smoking Man.

    This show is delivering nicely.
  • Didn't really like this one.

    I’ll be honest: I really didn’t enjoy this episode. I didn’t like the characters, the story and Paul’s role in it. The only thing I liked about this episode was the guest appearance from Michelle Forbes. I think she’s an amazing actress.
    And what about the ending? Is this the end of Virgil Webster?
  • Probably my favourite so far, this episode takes us deeper in to Paul's world, as a lot of things start spiralling out of control.

    More excellent character development in this installment, this time concerning Paul. I've always been a fan of old cases coming back, and this one was excellent. We learn about Paul's past, about how he joined the VCU, and about Web.
    As for the case, it was clever and dark (and very graphic in places), and kept me glued to the screen. The acting was really solid throughout; even the stereotypical bad guy was good.
    I especially enjoyed the interactions between Paul and Web -- some issues there that needs working out, no doubt. I guess after what transpired here, we will have to wait until next time to find out what this will mean for the VCU, and the team.
  • Now that some of Rebecca's deepest and darkest have been explored, it's time to meet the cast.

    Yup -- Xander Harris, step forward. Time for "Teacher's Pet."

    This week has seen some good storytelling, all things considered. In "Balls," over on "Rescue Me," Franco tells Tommy about how when he was a probie, he idolized Tommy. "Thief of Hearts" showed the graduation from idolatry to contempt come to full fruition for Agent ...

    Ryan! Agent Paul Ryan. Now three of them have names (four if you count Webb, but it looks like he could be splitting the scene). Now I just need names for Red and Gunn. Well -- most people will know who I'm talking about.

    Anyway, Agent Ryan, who has worked for Webb for three years, teeth grinding the whole time, probably through some unformed suspicion about his boss. When the hole in his debut case splits wide open and Webb is the cause, his indignation, his sense of betrayal is complete, and his confrontation with him was perfect.

    And this was such a dark case.

    Paul's wife is gorgeous, and they have some nice chemistry for walk-on casting. The news that something happened to her, coming at the worst possible time, was more than a little [i]deus ex machina[/i], but it let us see that Paul's got some scary places in his own head as well.

    Now, what Rebecca was able to contribute to the case was interesting, but this was part of a breakdown in the storytelling. Pope was the serial killer. He was too ready for the police investigation, too cocky by half, and if evidence had been planted it wasn't the only evidence out there to be found.

    When he said "Your wife was worth every second," he *had* been the serial killer all along. Well, I'd never doubted it.

    What I *do* feel a little cheated about is what the heck is going on with a guy who cuts out the hearts of wives, leaves notes crammed down their throats and sets up romantic hellscapes for the husbands to find?

    What, he's just lonely? That doesn't fly. There's too many lonely people out there and they don't all become serial killers.

    Now, Zoya's death in Pope's arms, at the hands of one of his victims (Red's argument that the murdered wife is the primary victim doesn't hold -- the widower who loved her is the long-term victim) was a picture of justice, but again, too much shooting, too much violence at the end.

    Is arrest and trial not good enough any more? Is the sense that life imprisonment is too pleasant, we've got to destroy our criminals [i]in situ[/i]? Given the overwhelming level of violence in this day and age -- how celebrated it is, what a badge of honor it is for, say, 50 Cent to survive nine bullet wounds -- that isn't an especially ... *useful* message.

    Just ... throwin' it out there.

    All that being said, this was a cool psychological puzzle. The categories of victim, perpetrator and investigator floated about freely, and made for some good storytelling. And the videophone confrontation at the beginning was a compelling scene. Well done and some nice writing.

    Way to get out into the ensemble, some.

    And ... I *really* hope they show as many of these as they can.
  • the re-opening of Paul's old murder case that almost cost him his job, his wife, and hiself.

    i am speechless. woah. let me take a moment. woah. this was the BEST episode of the series so far. the BEST. it was greatly written and the plot was intriguing and on the move.

    plus, this is an episode that hasn't centered on Rebecca in a long time, probably the first time even. this episode was about Paul Ryan - who he was (FBI agent from San Diego), who he is (husband and FBI agent in LA), and who he will be (with the "new changes" and what he want to be perceived as in their work and team). Paul shone in this episode! it was just so brilliant! as much as he is my favorite character and i love him, this episode made me love him more. this episode showed that he's not your proto-typical boyscout and all goody-goody type of guy, there's a deeper level of complexity to him that is shown through his feelings and reactions to situations like his wife in a car accident, Billy Ray being acquited, being cheat on by Web, etc. he's more to what people usually see him.

    not to mention, the case itself was intriguing especially the ending, when the husband/soldier said that (along the lines of) Billy Ray grieving was what he wanted to see because that is what it felt like losing the one you love the most. that scene was just ... perfect and tragic.

  • This episode almost stole my HEART!

    This is probably my favorite episode so far this season. My favorite character is Paul...he is just so dreamy, and I thought he was amazing in this episode. It was good to see this side of him and the length he would go to. I was so scared that the Pope guy was going to hurt Karen. I got so nervous when Mel called. It was so sad to hear that she lost the baby. Paul was just outstanding though! He should take down Web! Paul would make a great leader and I think he should be involved more and this episode is kind of a start in the direction he should head in. I would also like to see an episode revolve around Danny too. Him and Paul are such great characters to watch!
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