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  • Season 1 Episode 1: New Girl in Town

  • There is said to be one Buffy/Angel reference in every episode of this show. The reference in this episode was the "Wolfram Security" shirt Simon wore, which refers to the law firm of Wolfram and Hart from Angel.

  • Trivia: This was the show's original premise before being revamped. This premise has been dropped and Peter Facinelli is no longer part of the show.

    At first glance, Danny Roberts (Rachel Nichols, Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd) seems to be the quintessential American teenager, dating the quarterback at a suburban high school. Only a few know her secret: Danny is not really a high school student, but a 22-year-old federal agent working undercover. Helping Danny – who is actually Agent ELIZABETH WORTH – maintain her cover is Agent Sean Eckhardt (Peter Facinelli, Fastlane).
    In the pilot episode, Danny / Elizabeth's drug investigation is sidetracked when her high school "boyfriend" is murdered. She must confront the pressures of getting personally involved in the lives of her classmates, while working to solve the murder and put the drug investigation back on track – all without blowing her cover. Over the course of the series, Danny's assignments will vary, but she always faces the unique challenges of going undercover to solve crimes.
    Fox Broadcast History

    Expected to Premiere Wednesday, June 8, 2005

    PRODUCTION COMPANY: 20th Century Fox Television and Imagine Television
    EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Kathryn Bigelow, Todd A. Kessler, Brian Grazer, David Nevins, Ron Howard
    WRITERS: Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler
    DIRECTOR: Kathryn Bigelow
    CAST: Rachel Nichols as Danny/Elizabeth, Peter Facinelli as Eckhardt, Willa Holland as Steffi

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Pre-Filer

  • Rebecca's name as a child was Becky George, but in the article Rebecca is reading on the computer about her abduction it states her name was Becky Locke.

  • Michael Emerson, the actor who played the "Pre-Filer," and Carrie Preston, who played the wife of the last intended victim (the potential child molester), are married in real life.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Everything Nice

  • Guest star Audrey Wasilewski previously worked with both actress Katie Finneran and the show's creator Tim Minear on the previous Fox show Wonderfalls.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Loneliest Number

  • Rebecca lived in Augusta as a child, the same place Rachel Nichols is from.

  • Danny: Have you tried that onion thing? Looks like a flower?

    This refers to Spike's fascination with the same thing on Buffy. Tim Minear, the creator, worked on Angel as writer and producer and Buffy as a writer.

  • Season 1 Episode 11: Point of Origin

  • According to the dossier that Special Agent Paul Ryan has written on, the Los Angeles Fire Department's on-line arson database is apparently at www..arsonbase//.com with password "sparky".

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Gem

  • During the scene where Rebecca is searching through the FBI's Missing Persons database, you can see Jaycee Lee Dugard— who was found in 2009, four years after the show ended— on the list.

  • Season 1 Episode 13: Skin and Bone

  • When the team is going through Rebecca's computer, you can see Jaycee Lee Dugard on the FBI's missing persons list.

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