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  • Hidden camera investigation: Kennel Abuse

    I only saw a clip of what\\\'s to come about the hidden camera investigation of Kennel Abuse. I can\\\'t believe that I or any viewer were not warned of the graphic pictures that were about to be shown. I only saw a couple of seconds of a man with a dog on a leash. He had the dog up on its hide legs and against the wall and just smacked it across its face. I now cannot get this horrific vision out of my head. That split-second image will probably be forever engraved in my mind. I can\\\'t believe how much it has affected me! This could have been avoided if The Insider would have responsibly stated that disturbing and graphic film was about to be shown. Shame on you Insider!!! I\\\'ll be lucky if I\\\'ll be able to even go to sleep tonight. I hope I won\\\'t have to seek the aide of a doctor to cope with this!