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  • Bropoke Anderson & Kevin Frazier Created Exciting Chemistry. Two Boobas Who Replaced Them Are Atrocious

    Today is January 25 and the supporting cast on the show is unprofessional and unwatchable. Tonight I sign off from the show I so looked forward to. Exceptional chemistry bwetween the ever-stunnnig if not beautiful Brooke and her partner Kevin. The banter between the panel of new hosts is sickening. Why spend time developing a chemistry to seed it fall to amateurs who are more concierned with giggling and making faces/hand gestures. Ok. I see Kevin is on tonight, but the two talentless ladies are unwatchable. The lead female has the look for a fish market: horrible nose, horrible profile, horrible manner about her. Give them all the hook. Bring Brooke back or a comparable talent if there is onr out there. Whover made the call on casting needs to rethink matters before the ratings drop off the chart.