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  • Inside the Secret Service, Help "The Insider" Find This Baby!
    Tonight on The Insider, we get an in-depth look on the television special "Inside The U.S. Secret Service" starring past secret service men and the president's they protected.

    Grown-Up ex-child star Mark Everent is currently on the run after murderering STEPHANIE SPEARS, and abducting their three-year-old child, BENJAMIN. The Insider makes a plea to it's viewers to help rescue young Benjamin! If you see the man you may recongnize in the movies Stand and Deliver or Pee-Wee's Big Adventure please contact your local police.moreless
  • Inside Secrets From the Women of 'CSI', Dangerfield Dies at 82
    The Insider spills the secrets of the women of the CSI shows. What kind of secrets has The Insider's Pat O'Brien dug up from the closets of Emily Proctor, Melina Kanakaredes and Marg Helegnberger?

    On a sadder note, the complete news and story on the passing of comedian Rodney Dangerfield.

  • Inside Billy Joel's Hometown Wedding, P. Diddy's Chat With Pat!, A Gotti Sleepover!, Inside the Edwards Family, Martha: Countdow
    First, The Insider's Victoria Recano gives us the inside details on the newest celebrity pair to tie the knot, pianist Billy Joel and now-wife Kathie Lee.

    Next Up, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs visits the Insider studios for a one-and-one with our own Pat O'Brien. The rapper is here to sing with a different tune tonight, politics. A star of the "Vote or Die!" P. Diddy comes on to inform the young people of America how important it is to get out and vote on election day, while still "keeping it real" by combining that message in rap songs.

    Then, Growing Up Gotti star and full time mom Victoria Gotti invites Cojo to a tour of her gorgous home and your invited too!

    Later, we have a warm chat with the Edwards family, possibly the first family come Novemeber, starring Momma Edwards, Dad (Mr. Vice President Edwards has a ring to it, no?), two sisters and two brothers! Oh boy!

    After that, with television's favortie homemaker just days away from her five-month prision sentence at Alderson, West Virigina how is Martha preparing for this jail time? Cooking of course! According to Hamptons magazine columnist R. COURI HAY Martha has done her homework about jailtime and has seen a series of experts on how to avoid problems in the big house and learned many theriputic ways to beat the long and stressful days. We can only wish Martha Stewart to have the least stressful time possible in this horrible ordeal. Our hearts go out to you in your hour of need.

  • Backstage with Tommy Hilfiger, Dr. Phil Gets Political!, Washington Wives and Cash
    The Insider kicks off the first day of October, (thank god) a Friday and this episode with a backstage report with fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger at the all-star Macy's Passport charity gala in Los Angeles. Tommy also gives us the scoop on his new reality series The Cut.

    Dr. Phil put on his political boots for a while but don't worry, he's not running for president! No, Doctor Phillip McGraw comes on to the Insider tonight to tell us what the two canidates were going through what he can tell through there body language. Also, what does Dr. Phil think of the canidates? Stay Tuned to see.

    Staying on that same politcal tune, a Forbes magazine expert spills the beans on the presidental canidates and their running mates wives spending habits! Does George Bush's old lady spend up a bundle? Does John Edward's wife buy a purse every week? Does Dick Cheney's wife buy more cars than she could drive? Find out on tonight's Insider.moreless
  • Will Maria Run?
    Will Maria Run?
    Episode 16
    The Insider interviews California's first lady Mrs. Maria Shriver about the rumors of herself running for a political campaign. She talks it out and sets the record straight on the politcal rumors tonight on The Insider.
  • Donald Trump Jr. Engaged!, Jay's Star Friends React, Revving Up with Dale Earnhardt Jr.!
    The Insider is here to tell you first that son of real-estate famer Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. is new engaged! And to who? None other than supermodel Vanessa Haydon!

    And then, we get the in-depth reaction's and feelings toward 17 year host of The Tonight Show's friends toward that fact he announced he'd be leaving his hosting duties in 2009 and handing them to Late Show host Conan O'Brein. We get all the reactions of his famous friends toward the fact he's hanging up his hosting duties.

    Then, Insider gets a first-look at the brand new 60 minutes interview with race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. The insider dares to ask...why aren't you married yet?? He also gets tearful when asked to talk about a recent near-fatal car crash Dale had to endure.moreless
  • Ashton's New Guessing Game, A Mystery Star's Wedding!
    The Insider's own Ananda Lewis catches up on the set of Guess Who with stars Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher.

    After That, Who's this new mystery couple who just tied the knot? Watch The Insider and guess who it is with there mysterious clues!

    For more information on tonight's episode please visit the Episode Recap.moreless
  • Latifah's Taxi Cab Confessions, Jennifer's Birthday Bash!, Leno Hands 'Tonight' Torch Over, Chris Heinz: The Next JFK Jr.?
    This great episode kicks off with our own Lara Spencer not letting Queen Latifah out of taxi until she spills the beans on all the love, sex and more to promote her new movie Taxi co-starring SNL's Jimmy Fallon. And boy does she spill those beans!

    Next up, your invited to attend Jennifer Lopez's suprise birthday bash on set of her new movie Shall We Dance!

    And Then, the news that big-chinned-comedy-veteran Jay Leno will be passing the Tonight Show funny torch to it's third comedian Conan O'Brian come 2009.

    But First, from The Insider family Lara Spencer talks with the tall, dark and handsome possible J.F.K Jr. man Chris Heinz. If his daddy JOHN F. KERRY can charm the voters like Chris charms the women to put him in office this november election he will be leading a "White" life.

    But we didn't forget about KEVIN COSTNER and CHRISTINE BAUMGARTNER tying the knot! The Insider gets you the scoop on the wedding, the guests and more!

    For more on all these stories please visit the Episode Recap Section.moreless
  • Elizabeth's Weight Struggle
    The Insider gets an in-depth interview with John Edwards running mate in life wife Elizabeth Edwards and her battle with the bulge. Elizabeth paints a picture for us about what it's like on the road and the constant junk food battle she takes on.
  • Lindsay and Wilmer on the Dance Floor!, Kimberly Stewart Takes On Rocker Dad Rod!
    Insider vet Marc Malkin kicks the show off with the daily scoop on all the activity spotted with the stars! On touching celebs such as Brad Pitt, the biggest shockers from the Emmy's, Kirstie Alley's new show Fat Actress, Jay Leno's new car to his ever-growing collection, spotted celebs and more!

    Offspring of Rock N' Roll legend Rod Stewart, Kimberly Stewart dishes on her dad to The Insider.

    For more detailed show information please see the Episode Recap.moreless
  • Billy Joel: Life After Rehab, Trump vs. The Lobster!
    The one and only Pat O'Brien has a sit-down with Musician Billy Joel about getting sober, his soon-to-be wife, his new Star on the Walk-of-Fame and more tonight on The Insider.

    Again PO'B reports with a one-on-one interview with Buissnessman andApprentice famer Donald Trump! Pat joins Donald in a fake kitchen for a shoot for Parade magazine then talking about the success of the second season of The Apprentice and that famous fired catchphrase.moreless
  • The Emmy Truth Booth!, Britney's Honeymoon!, Celeb Karaoke Crackups!, Shopping With Oprah!, Ashton's Good Dish!
    Tonight's show kicks off with the Emmy Truth Booth where Pat O'Brien asks the nods such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Jon Stewart the tough questions that no other reporter dare ask these celebs!

    Next, Cojo gets the secret details on the recent wedding of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline right from the blushing bride herself! Cojo also asks the pop star about the upcoming honeymoon.

    After that, the laughs don't stop when you catch stars like Fran Dresher and Jason Ritter hit a high note all in the name of charity when they hit the karaoke mike as they try their hand at singing for a change.

    And then, friend to the big "O" herself Gayle King takes The Insider's own Ananda Lewis on a look into what it takes to dress and accesserize Miss Oprah Winfrey!

    Later, Insider scoop-master Marc Malkin raps up what's been going on in Hollywood with the 411 on all the stars! Tune in to see the report on Whitney Houston's rehab report, the best Emmy parties, 70s' star Ashton Kutcher's new club, celeb spottings and much, much more.

    For complete recaps of the features in this episode please see the Episode Recap.moreless
  • Hit and Run With the Emmy Noms!
    Award Show Vet Pat O'Brien meets up with three of the biggest A-List Emmy nominees for this year. With fun interviews with Brad Garrett, Amber Tamblyn and Teri Hatcher you'll be ready for the big night when your watching The Insider.
  • Get Inside The Emmys Like Never Before!
    The Insider spends the next twenty-two minutes getting the inside scoop on The 2004 Emmy Award Show. It's television's night to shine for the 56th Annual Emmy Awards With interviews with nommines such as Brad Garrett, Amber Tambyln and Teri Hatcher there's never a dry moment when your watching The Insider. From the wake-up to the red carpet, hair extensions to winning speachs. Every part of the monumentius event is covered with the entire Insider family working double-time to get you all the right scoop.moreless
  • At Home With Billy Bob & His New Love!, Another Jackson Interview, The Original Daisy Duke
    Lara Spencer interview's the one and only Billy Bob Thorton about his new movie, Friday Night Lights, his girlfriend Connie Angland who is eight months pregent with their child, and ex Angelina Jolie!!! A tour of his quirky mansion the laughs and love keep coming on The Insider.

    Onto a deeper subject, The Insider is first on the scene when interviewing Michael Jackson about the very serious alleged law alligations of sexual child molestation. The humiliation, the trial, the rumors, the supporters, the haters. All the cards are on the table with this socially-important celebrity and the humiliating trial this once beloved popstar has lived with.

    With all the hype on TV personallity Jessica Simpson putting on the famous boots and cowboy hat for her flim screen role as "Daisy Duke" The Insider interviews the classic Diasy Catherine Bach along with newcomer Jessica Simpson.moreless
  • Dr.Phil Baby Shower, A Day In The Life: Rob Lowe, Britney's Big Secret Revealed!
    TV Psychologist Dr. Phil and wife Robin McGraw invites The Insider into their home for the elabrate baby shower they threw for singer and new-mom Meredith Brookes.

    The Insider crashes the set of the new CBS show "Dr. Vegas" with frontman Pat O'Brien first on the set. The set, the action and the marrige---his REAL wife and kids, nothing is off limits with Mr. O'Brien.

    Personal friend of Britney Spears gets the scoop on her new video "My Prerogative", on her big wedding she's planning, her new perfume, skincare & makeup line and her dreams of being a young mother.moreless
  • Leo exclusive, Brad's 'Brief' Peek, The Homeless Woman Oprah Saved!
    LEONARDO DiCAPRIO takes the Insider's own Pat O'Brien onto the top secret set of one of the most popular movies of 2004, The Aviator where he dishes on playing the legendray Howard Hughes. And then an interview with Gwen Stefani who makes a cameo in the movie talks about her film debut.

    Next, our reliable Insider never lets us down on all the juciy gossip. The truth about the short-lived love with actor Zach Braff & Mandy Moore. Then, what's the truth with the Usher-Alicia Keys-Naomi Campbell love trangle? You'll have to watch to find out! Then, the cool low-down on all the hot new movies like Bewitched and the movie adaptation of I Dream of Jeannie. Also, the scoop on the rumored concert with N'YNSC-er J.C. Chaez and Alicia Keys in China. Then, Baby News! this time with baby newby-West Winger Mary McCormack & husband Michael Morris. Next, A-Lister's Brad Pitt, Hilary Swank and Usher are auctioning off autographed and custom-made underwear all in the name of charity. And last but certainly not least, who celebrities have been spotted with whom and where is all the gossip you'll need with rumors about Micha Barton, J. Lo and Helen Hunt with plenty of other of your fav stars.

    And Last, Anada Lewis interviews Alexandra Molina who's college dreams while living homeless seemed hopeless until Lady O herself Oprah Winfrey personally makes her life-dream a reality.moreless
  • J-Lo with Cojo, 'Ocean's 12', Kevin Costner's Prenup!
    The Insider's own Cojo has a sit-down with diva Jennifer Lopez. She sounds off on her husband Marc Anthony, the hollywood spotlight and her new signiture perfume.

    Next, we get a replay of the famous Ocean's Twelve sneak peak.

    The Insider gets the scoop about Kevin Costner's wedding to Christine Baumgartner straight from the actor's mouth! Kevin Costner gives all the wedding details to his bride-to-be and having to kiss Jennifer Aniston mulitple times--on camera of course! Kevin is working on his new movie, Otherwise Engaged with the Friends star.

    For more on all of these stories please visit the Episode Recap section.moreless
  • 'Ocean's Twelve', Julia Roberts Photoshoot
    Pat O'Brian reports on all the secrets behind the new movie Ocean's Twelve. Later, The Insider reports on getting the inside scoop on how Julia gets that terrific hair! We go inside her hair studio and talk to the people who make Julia's hair terrific. And stay-tuned to see The Insider's own Lara Spencer get a fabulous makeover!moreless
  • Paris Talks to Pat
    Paris Talks to Pat
    Episode 1
    The Insider's own Pat O'Brien goes shopping with the famous Hilton hotel heiress Paris Hilton. Paris dishes on her relationships to her singing to her style. For more information please see the episode recap.