The Insiders Guide to Love

Channel 31 (ended 2005)


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  • Season 1
    • The Power of Love
      Luc's condition strangely gets worse after he receives a gift from Rachel for his birthday. Marty takes his sons on an adventure he'll always remember, while James faces his father in a fierce competition. Roy has news for his family and Maxine regains her power. An electrical storm surges. Luc has to make a choice. A vase smashes, an ambulance swerves...moreless
    • Who Taught You to Love?
      It's Halloween and Nicole wants to do something wild, so she steals a roll of lottery tickets and buys a wedding dress on credit. But soon her dream of wealth is lost and the chase is on. Who does Zoe see on the other side? Maxine catches Marty with another woman, and decides to rid herself of all of traces of him and chase her dream of singing with Tom.moreless
    • Can You Accept Love?
      Rachel takes a special delivery to an old teacher, who teaches Rachel in turn more than she ever expected. Rachel offers everything to Luc and eventually Luc lets Rachel meet his twin. Nicole loses Batman and James looks for a roommate. Meanwhile, Marty is invited to speak publicly about his fictional travels.moreless
    • Would You Love Me If I Was Different?
      Brad tries to start a new life without Nicole, so he gets a job and scores a date. James falls in love, but is that love too strong for him? Marty offends Maxine but he doesn't know how. Rachel tries to return a piece of Marty's love to its rightful place and Nicole saves a baby.moreless
    • Is Love An Illusion?
      Heartbroken by lies, Maxine seeks comfort from her sister only to be talked into seeking revenge. Marty's put in a tight spot but manages to worm his way out. Luc is transported to another dimension and meets a close relative, and James's father shows up looking for love.
    • Can Love Make You Sick?
      Marty is feeling the pressure but maintains his elaborate charade. Will he ever tell the truth? Meanwhile, Luc has a good time with his new friend. Maxine records a song and accepts Marty's heartfelt request, whereas Rachel learns the truth about the father of her child. James's mother makes an unexpected arrival.moreless
    • Fallen in Love Lately?
      A family fight, a stolen kiss and a home invasion sets Luc off on the ultimate adventure in love. Meanwhile a couple meet in a deserted alley to reveal the truth to each other. Then there's James, who arrives fresh faced from Wanganui.