The Insiders Guide to Love

Season 1 Episode 7

The Power of Love

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Dec 19, 2005 on Channel 31

Episode Recap

Rachel tries to convince Luc to go to the doctor about his tumour/twin. He refuses but does allow her to try a cleansing ritual with crystals. During this ritual Luc's twin appears and tells him to stop.

Luc's brother Roy and sister Zoe arrive, along with their dead mother who only they can see. Luc's mother instructs Roy to tell Luc that she made a mistake leaving the bakery to him instead of leaving it to both brothers, which she did because she was angry at Roy. But Roy passes on a different message; that their mum left the bakery to Luc because she felt bad about not having enough time for him, and that he wants Luc to have it. Both Zoe and their mum are surprised and proud of Roy for being so generous.

The family then set up an inflatable man outside the bakery to attract customers. While on the roof Luc reaches over to pluck a ladybird out of a cobweb for Rachel and gets hit by lightning. He falls to the road below.

In hospital, the surgeons are operating when Luc's heart stops. He is now on a tall building with his twin, who wants him to come with him. But Luc looks back down the elevator shaft and sees Rachel mourning over his body, and decides he'd rather go back. He leaves his twin and comes to life again. The surgeons continue operating, removing the 'tumour' which is like nothing they've ever seen before. One of the doctors is fascinated by it but the other insists it goes to the incinerator before any tricky questions are asked. Luc recovers from the surgery.

Meanwhile, Maxine struggles with the fact that she kissed her father and wanted to have sex with him (before she knew he was her father). She's angry at Tom for not telling her the truth, and doubting her own abilities as a singer. Finally she goes to see him and asks him to tell her honestly if she has any talent. He says she's the most talented performer he's come across in years. She says in that case she doesn't need him, and walks out with a smile on her face.

Marty takes his two boys for a bush walk up a very big hill. The boys get on well, and it looks like Marty will be able to keep some semblance of family, even if the mothers aren't interested in him anymore.

Brad and Nicole go looking for Batman. They ask Luc's sister Zoe for help but all she will say is that he's with something green.

She's right, because Batman is at a bowling green with James, who is playing in a tournament. James has discovered that Batman, who he calls Pizza, has a unique gift for bowls, and that as long as he aims the ball in Batman's direction he wins. But James starts to feel guilty about winning in this way, especially when he gets to the final against his father, who has won the trophy 10 times. James asks his new flatmate to send Batman away so that if he wins he knows it was his own achievement. As a result, James starts playing poorly and loses. His Dad accuses him of throwing the game but James promises that he didn't, that it was all down to the dog.

Batman, meanwhile, has made his way back home. Brad and Nicole are still looking for him, although Brad has given up. He tells Nicole that the most important thing is that he's got her. Brad is then rewarded by arriving home to find Batman waiting on the doorstep.
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