The Insiders Guide to Love

Season 1 Episode 6

Who Taught You to Love?

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Dec 12, 2005 on Channel 31

Episode Recap

It's Halloween and Nicole wants to do something wild, so she steals a roll of 500 scratchies. Brad is excited and blurts out that they should use the money to get married. A shocked Nicole doesn't think that's a good idea - marriage is for boring normal people.

But on the way home she makes Brad drop her off and she goes into a wedding dress shop. Despite the glares of the sales assistant, Nicole tries on a haute couture dress and puts it on the credit card.

Meanwhile, Brad goes home to start working his way through the scratchies but gets distracted by a dog outside that he thinks is Batman. While Brad is gone Rachel's son Tama climbs in the window and takes the scratchies, but has to hide in the wardrobe when Nicole gets home. When Nicole and Brad realise the scratchies are gone they both accuse the other of stealing them.

Meanwhile, Brad finds the dress Nicole bought for the wedding and questions her over it. Does she want to get married or not? In another change of heart Nicole declares that she hates the dress and doesn't want to go through with getting married.

Suddenly Tama bursts from the wardrobe and the two start chasing him. The chase causes Nicole to flash back to when she was a little girl and was chasing her younger brother. That chase ended in tragedy when her brother ran in front of a van and was killed.

When Tama gets out of the lift the two chase him onto the street. He spots Rachel across the road and tries to leap towards her, right in front of a car being driven by his father, Marty. Nicole leaps after him, pushing him out of harm's way. She falls in front of the car, which stops just in time.

Rachel is with Luc and his sister Zoe, who have been helping to look for him. Zoe has used her psychic powers to help track Tama down, but now she is getting a message from the other side. It's Nicole's little brother, wanting his big sister to know that his death wasn't her fault. Zoe passes on the message to a stunned Nicole.

Now that they have their scratchies back, Nicole and Brad sit down to find their winnings. They get to the last one without any luck. Will this be the winner? It sure is - a whole $2. Nicole starts laughing but then admits that she paid $17,000 for the wedding dress and now they can't pay it off. Unless they use it tonight and she returns it? The two set themselves up a Halloween wedding service, with their own vows and a skyrocket to finish.

Meanwhile, Maxine catches Marty with another woman and decides to rid herself of all traces of him. She's feeling better about herself and her life until she learns a shocking truth - Tom is her father. Upset, she tells Tom to leave and burns her ticket to London.

And James gets a new flatmate with a little help from Batman, who bites a passerby. The man comes in for some painkillers, gets handed a beer and a friendship is born.