I can't believe it has actually finished....

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    There is still life in this show! What were the BBC thinking when they cancelled it?

    It got to the end of the last episode (last night) and I felt a bit empty and unfulfilled.The least they could have done was give them warning and one last series for the end to be included in the story.Wrap things up,give the character's closer of sorts,but no.It finished just as all the other's do....with the feeling they will be back on another case the next day.

    Anyway I enjoyed the episodes themselves..not taxing but very watchable,as it has always been.

    What did you all think?

    EDIT: W00t!..Just noticed I'm up to 1000 posts! Yay me.

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    I am so very disappointed that Inspector Lynley has been cancelled by BBC1. This was a show we could all enjoy whether for the acting (always superb), the plots, the scenery, Brit society, or all the talented guest artists. I had just finished watching "In Divine Proportion" (Series 4, Ep 1 from 2005) and Lo and Behold: Burn Gorman, late of Torchwood, and Richard Armitrage (Sir Guy on BBC's "Robin Hood" & soon to be on new series of MI-5 ie: Spooks) were two of the guest stars.

    This was a series you could just sit down, relax, and enjoy. I do find it odd, though, that this 6th series is only lasting 2 episodes. Other than Series 1, which contained 5 episodes, series 2 thru 5 all contained 4 episodes. BBC1 could have used the last 2 episodes to wrap up the characters personal lives and whether they planned to stay with the Police, while solving their last 2 cases.
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