The Inspector Lynley Mysteries

Season 4 Episode 2

In the Guise of Death

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Mar 24, 2005 on BBC

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  • Lynley Brings Havers Home to Mum

    On Lynley's visit home to the family estate, a local horse owner is murdered. Since Havers happens to be nearby recupertaing from her injuries, Lynley brings her to Asherton Hall to help him solve the murder.

    The case really belongs to local DC Tremayne, who wants Lynley's help so he can get a promotion. The friendship they develop is great and it's really too bad that character won't be coming back. Lynley, Tremayne and Havers run all over Cornwall following a variety of leads, including the horse community connection, the possibility of smuggling and drugs. Eventually, it turns out his mother's new best friend holds the key to the murder. While they really didn't figure out what is really relevant for some time I enjoyed seeing the Cornwall scenery and we definitely learned a lot about how Lynley grew up. We meet his mother again, his sister and spend time at the estate he grew up on. It is also interesting to see the strained relationship he has with his mother and how hard he tries to hide his crumbling marriage from his family.
  • An awesome show!

    Don’t let anyone fool you. This series is excellent for so many reasons. Critics of Elizabeth George are mostly irritated that an American is writing stories that center around British life and not sticking to stories that are oriented with American life. The gall! How dare she! Well, she should--she’s damn good at it. The main characters of the series are compelling. It’s difficult in this day and age to watch a show and actually care about the lives of the characters. I’m so tired of seeing hard-ass characters that are all tough, ruthless, vacuous and raw. Lynley and Havers are the first characters I’ve seen (other than CSI) that capture their balancing act of normal human vulnerability, private-life issues and personal foibles while constantly dealing with the most horrific crime scenarios and sometimes obtuse bosses and/or co-workers. I can only hope that more episodes will be produced.
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