The Inspector Lynley Mysteries - Season 2

BBC (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • 3/31/03
    The body of a young Asian man is found on the beach at the seaside town of Balford-le-Nez, leading the police into a web of racial tensions, family loyalties and illicit sexuality in investigating the murder. Havers has time on her hands while Lynley is on honeymoon in Peru, and when she finds the Balford-le-Nez investigation is being run by a friend she joins the hunt.moreless
  • 3/24/03
    Lynley returns to his ancestral home in Cornwall to celebrate his engagement to Helen. His difficult relationship with his dysfunctional family is soon overshadowed by a murder on part of his own estate – and the chief suspect is Peter, Lynley's drug-addict brother.
  • 3/17/03
    The relationship between Lynley and Helen reaches an all-time low when Helen gets involved in a kidnapping case without informing the police of the kidnapping. Lynley and Havers investigate a case of kidnapping and murder involving the secret child of a member of parliament and a newspaper editor. Lynley asks Helen to marry him.moreless
  • 3/10/03
    While investigating the death of star cricketer Kenneth Waring with DS Havers, DI Lynley delves into his complex personal life and tries to rekindle his relationship with Helen. The cricketer died in a fire at the same time a fire was set at a puppy breeding farm for animal testing. Are the two cases linked? Havers moves into her new flat and meets her new neighbour, Haddiyah.moreless