The Inspector Lynley Mysteries - Season 5

BBC (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Chinese Walls
    Chinese Walls
    Episode 3
    Emily Proctor, a lawyer is found axed to death in Hyde Park, so Lynley and Havers start their investigation in the chambers of Tony Wainwright, a human rights lawyer and Hester Reed, his clerk. Wainwright seems to be the main suspect after his secret affair with the victim and his violent temper are discovered. However, Emily's double life is exposed which contains internet porn and a family full of secrets.moreless
  • One Guilty Deed
    One Guilty Deed
    Episode 2
    The case against Michael Shand, a violent criminal, falls when a key witness is murdered. Lynley and Havers are determined to see him brought down and so they go to a family seaside town which masks a sinister underworld. Havers has to confront her childhood memories.
  • Natural Causes
    Natural Causes
    Episode 1
    Havers starts off without a partner due to Lynley's arrest and suspension for threatening a suspect. She begins a case in Kent along side a serious and pregnant Detective Inspector Fiona Knight. They investigate the murder of Edie Covington, whose body has been discovered in a lake nearby. Meanwhile, Lynley attends a disciplinary hearing to determine whether he can return back to work and he begins to help Havers and Knight. But a kidnap occurs and another body is found and so Lynley's unofficial involvement in the case might jeopardise his efforts to be reinstated.moreless
  • In the Blink of an Eye
    When a former war photographer is shot, Lynley asks his wife Helen to assist him in unravelling this mystery, but this causes more problems than expected.