The Inspector

Season 5 Episode 1

French Freud

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 1969 on MGM

Episode Recap

The Inspector is run over by a car leaving police headquarters and as he experiences accidents with an elevator, an explosive cigar and a pipe he lights, the Inspector thinks something isn't quite right. The Inspector goes to see a psychiatrist and after falling off the couch and out an adjacent window, the psychiatrist tells the Inspector that someone is trying rid of him and he is not accident prone. Stepping out through the door open by the psychiatrist, the Inspector falls to the street below. Recovering, the Inspector deduces that someone is trying to steal the priceless Du Barry diamond scheduled for a Paris exhibition and with the Inspector holding the diamond under his hat literally, that must explain the attempts on his life. The Inspector walks along seemingly oblivious to a dropping safe just missing him, a wrecking ball whizzing by and a cannon firing over his head as he bends over for a moment.

The Inspector rents a metal detector to search for bobby traps in his apartment and zeroes in a flower pot. The Inspector removes the flowers to look for the bomb but the flowers explode in his face.

At a hotel, the Inspector notices that actress Melody Mercurochrome and her maid are staying in the room next to his and starts to call her. However, Melody and the maid are really scheming to do away with the Inspector and steal the diamond. Melody takes the Inspector's call and agrees to share a pizza with the Inspector. The Inspector ponders where he can get a pizza when he hears a pizza vendor yelling outside the building (Melody's maid in disguise). The Inspector lowers a basket down with money in it but when he sees a bomb being returned, the Inspector drops the basket and the maid bears the blunt of the explosion.

Later, Melody and the maid debate how to get rid of the Inspector before with the maid revealing that he is really the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist activates a robot bird that will fly into the Inspector's room and drop an explosive golden egg. The bird taps on the Inspector's door, flies inside, out a window and back to Melody's room where it drops the egg into a box full of explosive eggs. With explosions lighting up the hotel, police arrive and the two are arrested.

The Inspector returns the diamond to its owner, who reveals the Inspector has been guarding a fake all along and hopes the Inspector wasn't bothered by this. Irked, the Inspector gives the owner an explosive egg as well and stands to one side as it explodes and the man is burned and moaning.
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