The Inspector

Season 4 Episode 8

La Feet's Defeat

Aired Unknown Jul 24, 1968 on MGM

Episode Recap

The Inspector is summoned to the Commissioner's office and told he and Deux-Deux are to track down an escaped convict named Muddy La Feet. The Inspector confidently predicts he will be successful and sets out with Deux-Deux to complete his task.

The Inspector and Deux-Deux follow tracks to the convict's hideout, which is surrounded by signs that state it belongs to Muddy. The Inspector orders Deux-Deux to charge into the hideout but when Deux-Deux goes in, it is revealed to be a false front. Deux-Deux falls off a cliff and lands on a teeter totter with the other end popping a boulder up in the air that lands on Deux-Deux.

Deux-Deux follow Muddy's footprints to a castle with a moat and the drawbridge up. Seeing that the moat is full of hungry crocodiles, the Inspector orders Deux-Deux to swim the moat and lower the drawbridge. Deux-Deux succeeds though he is bruised and tattered in the process. Ordered by the Inspector to pull the door open, Deux-Deux is electrocuted by the handle and when he tries to raise a shutter covering a nearby window, Deux-Deux is blasted by a cannon behind it.

Deux-Deux and the Inspector follow more tracks to a pair of railway tracks leading into a tunnel. Hearing the approach of a running train, the Inspector orders Deux-Deux but Deux-Deux's going onto another track results in him being run over and subsequent attempts yield similar results.

The Inspector, following tracks yet again, sees they go into an open field and orders Deux-Deux to go first. Deux-Deux steps on a land mine moments later and is blackened and burned. Seeing this, the Inspector orders Deux-Deux to lead the way through the rest of the mine field. Deux-Deux does as requested and steps on land mines repeatedly though he lives.

Deux-Deux and the Inspector follow more of Muddy's footprints and a short distance away, it is revealed that the Commissioner has been laying fake tracks all along as part of a giant joke he is playing on the two.
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