The Inspector

Season 4 Episode 7

Le Ball and Chain Gang

Aired Unknown Jul 24, 1968 on MGM

Episode Recap

With the Inspector in hot pursuit, a couple named Charlie and Edna drives into their driveway, runs inside their home and locks the door behind them. As the couples bickers over who did what to attract the Inspector's attention, Charlie orders Edna to get something heavy to bar the door. Edna shoves a fridge against the door with Charlie pinned so hard he emerges with an ice cube tray jammed in his mouth.

As the couple continues to argue, the Inspector tries to slip inside only for Charlie to slam a window on him without looking and stunning the Inspector.

As Charlie and Edna continue to quarrel and Charlie looks for medicine for his headache, the Inspector grabs a pole from a nearby laundry line and tries to vault in the window but misses and hits the wall behind the medicine cabinet Charlie was just in.

Seeing a cat meowing outside the couple's house, the Inspector disguises himself as a cat and starts meowing with the idea he'll be let inside. However, his meowing attracts a number of dogs instead and the Inspector is forced to run for his life.

As Charlie and Edna argue and Charlie mentions how much he hates Edna's mother and how he would like to punch her, the Inspector knock on the front door disguised as Edna's mother. Charlie punches the Inspector and he slams into a nearby tree. Moments later, the real mother lands next to him from a similar punch.

As the couple continues to quarrel, the Inspector tries getting inside the house by sliding down the chimney and pretending he is Santa Claus. Hearing this, Charlie pushes the chimney outside and over an open manhole with the Inspector dropping into it as a result.

With Charlie and Edna fighting, Edna goes to answer the door and finds a baby in a stroller, who is really the Inspector in disguise. Edna brings the stroller inside and Charlie realizes it is the Inspector and gets Edna to follow him. The Inspector chases after them and just as he catches up, Charlie blurts out that he's willing to testify against Edna. The Inspector serves Charlie a summons to be a jury member and leaves and an irate Edna, hearing what Charlie had just said, proceeds to beat on Charlie with a club.
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