The Inspector

Season 3 Episode 6

Le Escape Goat

Aired Unknown Jun 29, 1967 on MGM

Episode Recap

A newspaper headline shows that Louie the Fink has escaped from prison swearing vengeance and the Inspector was subdued and tied up during the incident. In the Commissioner's office, the Inspector is blamed for the escape, suspended from the force and physically thrown out of the office. The Inspectors asks to be kept around to protect the Commissioner from Louie, who wants vengeance on the Commissioner for originally send him to prison but the Commissioner angrily declines.

The Inspector decides that the only way to get his job back is by recapturing Louie and that means shadowing the Commissioner. The Inspector follows the Commissioner down a sidewalk but is caught unaware when Louie sneaks up and hands the Commissioner a bomb disguised as a lighter. After it explodes, the Commissioner blames the Inspector and holds him momentarily but the Inspector slips away before he is put into custody.

With a newspaper headline showing that Louie and the Inspector are now both wanted men, the Inspector sees Louie is about to run down the Commissioner as he crosses the street and shoves him out of the way. However, the Inspector is unaware he shoved the Commissioner into an open manhole and covers it up just as the Commissioner is climbing back out.

In his office, the Commissioner transmits a bulletin to all Paris police to be on the lookout for the Inspector and Louie. Outside, the Inspector spots Louie on a ledge looking to stab the Commissioner by leaning through an open window. The Inspector foils Louie but the Commissioner thinks he is trying to kill him and starts shooting in the Inspector's direction. The Commissioner chases after the Inspector and the two wind up in a jail cell together. Louie closes the door behind them and throws a bomb into the cell. The Inspector throws it back out and the resulting explosion incapacitates Louie and he is arrested.

The Inspector is reinstated in front of the cell holding Louie and he is given back his gun. However, when the Commissioner turns his back for a few moments, Louie grabs the gun out of the Inspector's hand, shoots the Commissioner and replaces it back in the Inspector's hand once again. Angered, the Commissioner starts chasing the Inspector through the hallways once again shooting wildly as they go.