The Inspector

Season 2 Episode 1

Reaux, Reaux, Reaux Your Boat

Aired Unknown Feb 01, 1966 on MGM

Episode Recap

Deux-Deux, driving a motorcycle with the Inspector riding in the side car, is heading down to the dock looking to apprehend Captain Clamity, a wanted smuggler. Deux-Deux stops but the sidecar breaks away and the Inspector plunges into the river.

On board their ship, Captain Clamity, a live clam, and his first mate Crab Louie, a crab, see the police have arrived and Clamity is so irritated that he starts spitting up large quantities of pearls. Crab Louie tells Clamity to calm down as the pearls is what they are trying to smuggle.

Deux-Deux and the Inspector row out to the smuggler's ship but Deux-Deux rows so hard that the boat smacks into the smuggler's ship. The Inspector's part of the boat sinks with him in it and Deux-Deux rows back to shore in his half.

Deux-Deux and the Inspector row out to the ship once again and the Inspector calls for a line so he can come aboard. The smugglers drop anchor instead and the Inspector and his half of the rowboat sinks moments after the impact.

The Inspector and Deux-Deux row out and the Inspector tries climbing up a rope into a porthole. However, a cannon blasts the Inspector and he drops into the water below with the rowboat wrecked once again.

Deux-Deux and the Inspector row out once again towards the ship. The smugglers spot them and a torpedo is launched at the rowboat that cuts it in half and the Inspector's half sinks again.

The Inspector tries sneaking aboard the smuggler's ship by climbing up the anchor chain. However, the chain is retracted without warning and the Inspector is tossed into the water moments later.

The Inspector sneaks aboard the smugglers ship and arrests Clamity and his crew. However, when Deux-Deux tries to tow the ship with the Inspector on board, the front half is torn away and the Inspector sinks with it into the sea.