The Inspector

Season 2 Episode 9

That's No Lady -- That's Notre Dame

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1966 on MGM

Episode Recap

The Inspector notes that purse snatchers were operating in the spring in Paris and the Commissioner was looking to catch the one operating in the Hotel D'Hote that had victimized his wife.

The Inspector debates how to catch the purse snatcher and Deux-Deux suggests the Inspector dress as a woman and catch the thief when he tries to seal his purse. The Inspector agrees but after disguising himself, the Inspector sees his reflection in a mirror, changes his mind and orders Deux-Deux to dress as a woman to catch the purse snatcher. However, before the Inspector can take his disguise off, the Commissioner bursts in and mistakes him for the Inspector's sister.

The Commissioner takes the Inspector to the Hotel D'Hote and they wait in the dining room as the Commissioner pages the Inspector. The Commissioner spots his wife and tries to leave with the disguised in a nearby elevator. However, the Inspector's skirt is ripped away by the closing elevator doors and the Commissioner takes him to his room for a replacement.

In the room, the Inspector tries to get rid of his outfit while the Commissioner and his wife fight with the latter thinking the Commissioner is fooling around. The Inspector tries sneaking out several times only to be caught by both parts of the fighting couple. At one point, the Commissioner telephones the Surete to determine where the Inspector once and for all and the Inspector launches himself with the the aid of a stretched corset into the sky, through a window at the Surete and answers the call just in time.

Later, at the Surete, Deux-Deux, disguised as a woman, tells the Commissioner that he has captured the purse snatcher though he identifies himself as his sister. Just as Deux-Deux enters the Commissioner's office, the Commissioner's wife enters and Deux-Deux quickly leaves and closes the door behind him as the wife starts beating up her husband.