The Inspector

Season 2 Episode 10

Unsafe and Seine

Aired Unknown Nov 09, 1966 on MGM

Episode Recap

In the Commissioner's office, the Inspector is ordered to meet a secret agent at Rue Skid Row who has information that the Inspector's life is in in danger. Despite loudly protesting, the Inspector agrees to go to the meeting.

A disguised Inspector and Deux-Deux enter a dive called Le Slit Gullet where Deux-Deux falls for a femme fatale type nearby. However, the Inspector accidentally reveals that they are police officers and the two are forced to run for their lives from a steady stream of deadly weapons.

Receiving a message that the agent wants to meet in Switzerland, the Inspector and Deux-Deux are on a ski slope but the two wind up going off the edge of a cliff. The two slam into a rock face with the Inspector falling into a frozen lake far below.

The Inspector and Deux-Deux journey to London to meet with the agent in Picadilly Circus at two am but wind up being trampled by a pair of elephants instead.

Deux-Deux and the Inspector travel to Venice for a meeting under a bridge while they are boating. However, an unseen stranger drops a land mine in the water and the policemen's boat sinks moments later.

The Inspector and Deux-Deux journey to Australia and follow a trail of food while riding the back of an ostrich that swallows the food. However, the ostrich swallows a live grenade and the policemen are unable to get away before it explodes.

Finally, Deux-Deux and Inspector travel to Nairobi and meet the man who has been so elusive. They learn, though, that the agent is actually an insurance agent looking to get the Inspector to sign up for an insurance policy by arranging all the accidents. Enraged, the Inspector attacks the agent but when the Inspector winds up getting thoroughly thrashed by the agent, he looks to sign the policy.
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