The Invaders

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Jan 10, 1967 on ABC

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  • The begining

    This was an amazing television show that many following would take idead and stories from. Lone man witnesses space aliens landing on earth and nobody believes him. They then frame him for murder and put him on the run. Along the way some very sinister plots take place in interesting locations with great guest stars.

    Expertly written and acted, this show stands the test of time even with limited effects and budgets.

  • "The Invaders" starts with David Vincent coming to a closed diner and seeing a UFO land.

    This is the the type of sci-fi show that had limited special effects, however, the ideas introduced in the show (regeneration, body switching, government conspiracies) were ahead for the time.

    What carried the show was the acting. Since the effects were at times low and other times unconvincing a lot is relied on the actors to convince of us what's happening.

    Like for example a bulk of the episodes (I've seen all of the first season) we don't get those cool alien transformation scenes that we get nowadays. Instead, the aliens appear as people but acted strangely. The sets for the show were decent especially the way they set up the alien tubes.

    Anyways, David Vincent sees a UFO. He reports to the cops when he comes back to the scene he only sees a couple. The man tries to kill him and when Vince strikes back, the man hit begins to glow red. This would be the standard effect for the aliens being hurt.

    Later Vince's house is burned down and it seems that everyone he turns for help is an alien. This would also be a standard thing in the series. It really does set up the series as a one man on a crusade type of storyline. He can't count on anyone but himself to do the job.

    For a pilot, it's decent and introduces to a lot of ideas that the show would use.