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The Invaders

ABC (ended 1968)


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The Invaders Fan Reviews (7)

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  • When searching through the list of great television sci-fi series, The Invaders must be listed near the top, if not the very top.

    This is a great example of storytelling the way it ought to be. Magnificent guest casts and spot on acting by Roy Thinness make this show a delight. As a vehicle to examine the human condition, no show has ever surpassed it. One might expect that of a Quinn Martin production, of course. We can see ourselves, we can spot familiar character types, and we can pretty much predict how we would react in the same situation. The key to this is the portrayal of David Vincent by Roy Thinness. He was a subtle actor in his day, when many were somewhat over the top--like William Shatner in Star Trek. Thinness' measured performance make the show even more spellbinding than the storyline might otherwise be with a lesser actor.

    There are copies of this great show out there, you just need to know where to look.
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