The Invaders

ABC (ended 1968)





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  • Credit it for inspiring other, better shows, but not all that impressive by itself.

    Despite a good pedigree, Quinn Martin's "The Invaders" ranks as one of the producer's lesser efforts. In the end, this series may be better remembered for what it inspired instead of what it provided in terms of entertainment. Its strong paranoia vibe certainly helped to influence 90s shows like "The X-Files," and its out-there aliens among us plot definitely inspired sci-fi over the next decades.

    Roy Thinnes does a good job as ARCHITECT David Vincent (the way they emphasize his profession in the credits, you'd think it would come into play in the series). He's a nice contrast to other TV heroes of the era. Vincent is a hard-ass. He kills aliens without hesitation and isn't above slapping around humans who get in his way. The problem is that the character is largely a cypher. He's a plot device rather than a person. We never connect with Thinnes the way we do with other TV protagonists like David Janssen's Richard Kimble, or even the mostly anonymous players on "Mission: Impossible." The Kimble comparison is appropriate. Frequently on "The Invaders", a plot involves Vincent arriving in a new town, stumbling on to an alien plot and helping someone out along the way. It makes the series a hodgepodge, a little too much like QM's "The Fugitive." Maybe with more sci-fi writers, the series could have churned out better plots, but producer Alan Armer and his writers were dramatic TV writers thrown into a strange new genre. Often, their efforts weren't that impressive. Because of this sidetrack into domestic drama, the sci-fi/alien invasion trappings never really take off. Poor production values don't help other shows and movies, you can look past the goofy sets and special effects if the story is solid. Unfortunately, we don't have that with "The Invaders."

    So Vincent roams, seemingly without direction (how DOES he find out about these alien plots?) and his extra-terrestrial foes are just as misguided. It's as if the Invaders have no concrete plan - they send small parties out to pull off small sabotage jobs here and there. It's not all bad - like other Quinn Martin shows, the guest actors are terrific. It's just too bad they weren't given better scripts to work with.