The Invisible Man (1975)

Season 1 Episode 11

Power Play

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 1976 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Power Play

An escaped mental patient holds Director Carlson hostage and demands that he be given the secret of Daniel's invisibility.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Walter brings up video of four of Daniel's missions. Later, Kate says that there was only video of missions that Walter was on. However, Walter wasn't on the third mission shown, "Man of Influence".

      • The video the Westins have is supposedly from cameras in the lab. However, they also have video of Maggio painting the dermaplex on Daniel. That took place at Maggio's home with neither cameras nor a cameraman present to record the video.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Daniel: Walter, did you ever stop to think what it would mean if I did find a way of making myself visible?
        Walter: I lie awake nights thinking about it.

      • Walter: I'm sorry but...
        Pike: Carlson. You'll be sorry and dead if you don't answer me now.

      • Daniel: I had hoped it might bend or refract as it passed through the field.
        Kate: Field. I wish you'd stop referring to your gorgeous body as a field.
        Daniel: Well, it has to go on the lab report. I can't put that a polarized laser shone through my tummy.

      • Pike: I don't believe it. How could a man become invisible?
        Walter: It's not easy.

      • Kate: I want my husband safe, Mr. Pike. I want all of us to live.
        Pike: All of us?
        Kate: You see, I disagree with your plans to control things by force. I see life in terms of cooperation, free will.
        Pike: You live in a dream world, Mrs. Westin. This laboratory is a million miles away from reality.
        Kate: Oh, no, Mr. Pike, we deal with reality.
        Pike: You play with reality. You... experiment. Hide and seek. Searching for the answers to scientific puzzles. You don't know the first thing about people. People don't want free will.
        Kate: They fight for their freedom.
        Pike: They fight to be top dog. They fight each other, pretending to be kind-hearted. But look close, Mrs. Westin. People have sharp teeth. Claws. They fight, cheat, steal like animals. That's what it's all about. Animals.
        Kate: I feel sorry for you, Mr. Pike.
        Pike: Don't preach to me about human kindness, love and understanding. The truth is out there in the prisons, Mrs. Westin, that's where you see the real thing. Crawling, howling. The only way to save the world is to power. Force people to cooperate. Fear, Mrs. Westin, that's what animals understand. Fear.

      • Pike: You see, I can't convince you, you can't convince me. So are we supposed to work out a compromise with starvation, death, and murder out of control? Huh? Cooperation, Mrs. Westin? You'll cooperate, so will they, or you will all die.

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