The Invisible Man (1975)

Season 1 Episode 0

The Invisible Man

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 06, 1975 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Although Nick describes using contact lenses and teeth caps as part of the process to render Daniel "visible" again, there are no sign of them in the van. Daniel merely pulls off his mask, and the teeth and eyes disappear instantly as well.

    • Nicholas Maggio, plastic surgeon helped make Daniel "visible" again, by creating a realistic face mask made from a Derma-plex compound, which had the same feel and texture as realistic skin tissue. Nick refined every detail, with special contact lenses for the eyes, a hair piece, caps for the teeth, eyelashes. etc. He also used the same technique for the hands, by making a pair of "gloves" with the same compound.

  • Quotes

    • Daniel: In the beginning there had been only success. The excitement of discovery. And Kate.

    • Daniel: Walter Carlson was my boss. His way of handling people was about as warm as his corridors.

    • Walter: I'm having a terrible time justifying the price of Phase One. That gizmo costs a million and a half. I've got a budget that looks like ten pounds of fertilizer in a nine-pound bag.

    • Daniel: All right. I'm yours, for the rest of the evening. What would you like to do?
      Kate: Go home and improvise.
      Daniel: Is that a proposition?
      Kate: Very good, Dr. Westin. And you got it on the first try.

    • Nick: You know what I remember, Daniel?
      Daniel: No, what?
      Nick: I remember you always saying you wanted to accomplice something that no one else had. Well, my friend, congratulations.

    • Nick: If it isn't Halloween, you're in a lot of trouble.
      Daniel: Well, it isn't. And I am.

    • Daniel: You know, Richard, you really had me fooled. The last person in the world I thought would sell out.
      Rick: Everyone sells out. Carlson to the Pentagon, you to some outdated sense of morality. And me to money, the most honest sell out of all.

    • Walter: Why did you hit me?
      Daniel: Why did I hit you? Well, let's just call it my declaration of independence.

    • Kate: I've never spent the night with an invisible man before.
      Daniel: With the lights out, you'll never know the difference.

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