The Invisible Man

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2000 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • At 13:06 as Darien rolls over, Bobby's shoulder is visible next to him. Yet when the shot changes to Bobby, he is back at the gate, before he even sees Darien.

    • At 11:58 when the camera moves in for a close-up of Darien, the boom-mic pops up into the shot, at the lower left.

    • At 16:45 just as the shot goes from Darien and Claire to the door, there is a crew member visible at the left, running out of the shot.

    • Just after Darien explains about "Flushing the mark," the shot changes to Bobby looking at Darien. Darien's lips are moving, but there is no sound of him talking. It happens again moments later.

    • At 40:02 Darien knocks Claude out of his shooting position. Yet after the car explodes, Darien knocks him over again.

    • At 18:00 Darien trips over the chair and falls to the floor. Yet when the shot changes to the other three, his hand pops into the shot, and it is easy to tell he is suddenly standing just out of view.

  • Quotes

    • Keeper: If you had of turned your head a split second later, or if fear hadn't triggered the Quicksilver gland...
      Darien: What the hell has the gland go to do with anything?
      Keeper: All right, all right. Let me explain. Okay. Eye tissue absorbs energy from the laser. It converts it to heat. The temperature rises to the boiling point of water in a second, and pop goes your eyeball.
      Darien: Thanks for that image.

    • Darien: Hey, you remember that song, She Blinded Me With Science? Yeah, well, science blinded me. Then helped return my sight a month later. That song works on all new levels for me now.

    • Darien: An old Chinese proverb says: "It's better to light a candle, then curse the darkness." You know in other words, deal with your situation and troubles and gland in your brain. It's good advise. But after I met Leila, I keep wondering, what's wrong with the darkness.

    • Darien: One nation under God, invisible. See, that's how I learned the pledge as a kid. Now that I'm grown up and working for Uncle Sam, there's another saying that makes a little more sense, it's from the Bible, something about the "blind leading the blind".

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