The Invisible Man

Season 2 Episode 21

Enemy of My Enemy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2002 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Arnaud contacts Darien and Agency and lures Darien to a vineyard that is a Chrysalis front. Chrysalis successfully extracted the gland from Arnaud, restoring him to visibility. They then cloned the gland and put it in cows to "milk" them for Quicksilver. They need Arnaud's adrenaline to trigger the glands in the cows, and Arnaud wants rescuing. Darien does so, putting a bullet in Arnaud's leg to keep him from running away. Back at the Agency, Arnaud makes a bargain with the Keeper: she'll give him his laptop and he'll access his files to find a cure for Darien (against the Official's orders). He provides her with the cure, but it's a ruse to get at the explosives in his computer. He makes his escape, while Darien and Hobbes attack the vineyard. Chrysalis blows up the cows and escapes with the stockpiled Quicksilver. Meanwhile, the Official confronts the Keeper and tells her in no uncertain terms she is not to tell Darien she has a cure for him. If it comes to losing control of the gland once Darien is cured, the Official will have him killed. A distraught Keeper is not happy with the situation, but goes along with her orders rather than endanger Darien...even though he is descending ever faster into permanent Quicksilver madness.

(Copyright 2002 Steve Crow)