The Invisible Man

Season 1 Episode 8

Liberty & Larceny

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 28, 2000 on Syfy
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Liberty & Larceny
Darien is contacted by his former mentor and partner, Liz, who wants his help. She wants him to return to his thieving ways and help her steal some FBI files on a mobster who has hired her. Initially reluctant, Darien eventually grows aggravated with the Agency's treatment of him and links up with her. Covertly using his powers of invisibility, Darien manages to get hold of the files, only to realize that the mobster plans to use them to kill a government witness against him. Darien tries to thwart the mobster and keep Liz safe, and manages to do so. The two of them part on relatively friendly terms.moreless

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    Vincent Ventresca

    Vincent Ventresca

    Darien Fawkes

    Eddie Jones

    Eddie Jones

    The Official/Charles Bowden

    Paul Ben-Victor

    Paul Ben-Victor

    Robert "Bobby" Hobbes

    Shannon Kenny

    Shannon Kenny

    The Keeper/Claire Keeply

    Michael McCafferty

    Michael McCafferty

    Albert Eberts

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      • Darien: Liz's motto for goodbye was always, "Faster is better." Kind of like tearing off a Band-Aid. Of course, if the wound beneath isn't healed yet, nothing helps except time. And time leaves a big, nasty scar we call the past.

      • Bobby: You're not a crook anymore, Fawkes. You work for the government.
        Darien: Yeah, you know, sometimes I actually get the feeling you believe in what you're saying. It scares me.
        Bobby: Well, I happen to have that effect on people occasionally.

      • Liz: You went up for life on a third strike rap. It was in all the papers. How'd you get out?
        Darien: Well, if you must know. I was pardoned by a secret intelligence agency who surgically implanted a gland in my brain to turn me into a super-agent.
        Liz: You don't wanna talk about it. It's cool.

      • Keeper: When you go invisible the only person, who can truly watch you, is yourself.
        Darien: Wow... could you print that out and put it on a key chain for me.

      • The Official: Invisibility - responsibility. Love it or lose it.

      • Darien: There's a little known law of the universe: when someone who own a mansion hires you to steal something, it can never end well.

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      • Liz: What do they keep in there, The X-Files?
        The X-Files was a 90s show about two FBI Agents that investigated cases, known as "X-Files", that involved aliens and other paranormal activities.