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  • Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Soap, Spy, Sci-fi and more!

    New show on sci-fi, I hadn't laugh in a long time,..this was and is an amazing show. I watched it and started cracking up, the pilot was so well done and the actors/actresses did such a wonderfull job that i couldn't help but get stuck on it. The more I watched the more I was intrigued with Darien Fawkes & Freinds and the twists and turns, and laughed and grew on the show. Kinda like a puppy you find but not, it's the best show! If you haven't seen it yet, check it out!
  • this is literally one of the BEST shows of all time

    I find that this show deserves so many awards. And I am very sad that it was cancelled. This show was like no other it had seen. It had drama, action, humor, but most of all it had class. This show it had many wonderful twists to always keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. It also was like no other because even thought there was a main character (Vincent ventresca) it also focused on the other character’s (Paul Ben-victor, Shannon Kenny, Eddie Jones, Michael mcCafertty, Joel bissonnette) as well. Every Friday night, I looked forward to the one show that would help me forget about my worries and cares from the week leading to the Friday. The humor would make me smile. The action always mad me wish I could do that. And the drama, always kept me coming back for more. Over all this show is a absolute must see. You cant find many good shows like this one was.
  • A new spin on the venerable story of the Invisible Man; a funny and great version.

    Oh, man. I really dug this show. Vince Ventresca (Darien Fawkes) as a flippant con-man / cat burglar with an implanted invisibility gland – turned reluctant and very cynical government agent teamed with Paul Ben-Victor (Bobby Hobbes) as the 3rd rate real deal G-man provided lots of laughs, excitement, and tension as they tried to thwart crime. The show's pilot showed us that the gland (called Quicksilver) was implanted by Darien's government funded scientist/doctor brother, Kevin, with whom he shares not a little bit of sibling rivalry, as a last ditch effort to keep Darien from serving a life-term prison sentence. Downside: the gland is highly experimental, and the *known* side-effect is slipping into a violence driven madness. Yeah, 'cause no good deed goes unpunished. Dr. Fawkes is partnered with Dr. Arnaud another scientist who turns out to be quite mad himself, and is also a terrorist with a hidden agenda. Arnaud shoots Kevin, intends to kidnap Darien and steal the Quicksilver in order to use it for his own ends, but Darien is kidnapped by someone else! But Arnaud goes on to become the great nemesis/villain of the series. One more essential character: The Keeper. The Keeper (Shannon Kenney) works for the Agency, the group who actually kidnaps Darien and force him to work for them after his brother is killed; her function is to monitor the level of Quicksilver in Darien's system and inject a counteragent to keep him from going Quicksilver mad, and help develop the means of extracting the gland. All in all, this was a great show with one of my all-time favorite Frick & Frack teams. Get it on DVD and watch, and laugh.
  • By the way great show and all where can you buy it????

    Please if anyone knows where i can buy this fabolous series that would be great. Either on the internet or at a shop that would be fine i just neeed to find this show. Thanks it would be great to finally get the series.
    this is such a great, fabolous, exciting, funny show that is so hard to find it is like it is invisible to the naked eye. thanks from a long time fan of one of the all time best shows the invisible man just trying to see the series again with all the laughs it and i have had.
  • This was a GREAT SHOW, and needs to be back.

    I-Man was a great show. I think it was the best version of The Invisible Man.
    Each week the characters did some of the strangest cases, but it always seemed right. As there was a guy, Darien Faux, who could turn invisible due to a gland his brother put in his head. Bobby Hobbs, his agency partner, was such a one of a kind character, he always left you shaking your head. Not because he was stupid but because he was just such a funny guy, with some strange ideas. Clair "The Keeper", was such a good character. She always left you tring to firgure out who's side was she on; Darien's or The Official's. Eberts, what is there to say about Eberts except "Shut up, Eberts", was said to him more than once per each ep.
    I don't think there was ever an episode that let me down by way of the plot; from Darien's constant need for revenge of his brother's murder, Crysolis' plans to take over the world, stolen babies, and many one episode plots. Just when the show really hit their stride, Darien was given the cure for Quick Silver Madness, they were cancled, a big mistake.
    It really, really, really needs to be back on the air; the sooner the better.
  • Darien Fawkes is given the choice to undergo surgery or stay in prison. He choses surgery which involves a "quicksilver" gland which will turn him invisible. Terrorists kill the scientists and Fawkes is left with the gland inside his head.

    I thought this show was cancelled way before its time. From what I hear, there was some dispute about the next season but the execs decided to cancel the show. The show had plenty of one-liners which were used at the perfect of time and the action kept me wanting more. The actors were at their best and deserve more opportunity in the entertainment business. However, in the season finale where Darien is released from "The Agency", happened way too fast. They needed at least 1 or 2 more seasons before letting him go. But apart from that, the show was a one off.
  • Interesting and humoric show

    This show has been one of my favorite shows, it is not the best but I love it. I like the plot a lot and i like that the story is full of action and humor and special effects are very good too. I have seen every par of I-man and i am very sorry that they only made 2 seasons, I really hoped that it would have longer life. The show wos really funny and many houers went watching this show, I really loved Darriens part, and Vincent is great actor and the role of Darrien suited him perfectly. I really hope you will enjoy this show as muchs as i have.
  • I loved this show! It was interesting, funny and very entertaining, I really enjoyed watching it.

    When I first started watching The Invisible Man, I had no idea how good it really was. I really started to love it near the end of season 1 and the show was at its best in season 2.
    Now, I've watched the seasons many times and I think it was a truly great show. Season 1 was pretty serious with Kevin's death and everything, but Season 2 was really funny. I really started to love the characters then, especially Bobby Hobbes, the funniest character on the show.
    Even though season 2 was very funny, it doesn't mean there weren't serious episodes: ofcourse there were and they were amazing! Just when the show was at its best, it was cancelled and I was very disappointed. I wish there would have been season 3, because the finale didn't really end the series. I felt that a few important storylines were never ended and that's why I was sad.
    This show might be over, but I'll never forget it, because the characters on this show are fabulous! I still miss this show,I wish they could bring it back.
  • "There I was without a face... and it touched me" Pablo Neruda

    Yes, I loved this show.
    The acting was great for a sci-fi show. Vincent Ventresca, besides being a great looker, really put his heart into the character, and didn't overplay it, like many people would be tempted to do. Hobbes was just a great character because you didn't know what this guy was gonna do next. Obviously he had some issues, but he was just a great friend.
    The stories themselves were quite original. You look at a show, you say "Ah, Invisible Man. What could they possibly come up that could surprise me". I know I thought that way, and let me tell you, they did surprise me! Numerous times. That little gland was virtually a gold mine of fresh ideas, but at the same time there were some recurring ideas. I was so glad that Darien got to remember his brother from time to time because in most action shows whatever family member or girlfriend dies in the begining, is pretty much stuck in limbo. The dialogue was fresh, funny and plenty of techno babble to give it that authentic look.
    Now, let's get to the stuff that matters. Darien's wardrobe. I'm telling you, this guy dressed like a pro! I don't know who did the wardrobe for the show, but Darien lookes spotless every single time. If they got me to notice these things, which I never notice, then they trully did a fantabulous job. :)
    Yeah, there were some negatives (you could see the show had a low budget) but I won't go into them because overall, this show had heart. And that's why you should watch it.
  • There once was a story about a guy who could turn invisible, I thought it was just a story, until it happened to me....

    A good show in the first season. Sadly it bagan to fall short during the second season. I miss the show even though I can understand why it was cancelled. I really liked the quote at the beginning and end of each episode. If I ever see it out on DVD I will buy it in a second.
  • Just another example of the Sci-fi Channel’s stupidity

    This show was great yet the morons at Sci-fi channel cancelled it. And their other shows that preceded it didn’t even make to a second season. Plus, the Save The Invisible Man Campaign had the misfortune of thinking to send Kool-Aid packets to New York weeks before the whole anthrax mail scare causing the bunk of them to be confiscated before reaching the network executive’s desk. The final straw was the UPN was actually willing to buy the show from the Sci-fi Channel and give it a third season except the Sci-fi Channel wanted the show dead and refused to sell it.
  • Shut up, Eberts.

    Simply put, a fantastic mix of James Bond, comic book heros, buddy comedies and... well, a ton of other stuff that I can't think of.

    The Invisible Man had it all... a secretive government agency you couldn't possibly take seriously (Department of Fish & Game? Ha!), a wise-cracking hero, a half-crazy partner, great action sequences, a hot female sidekick (with a British accent! Double points!) and all kinds of intrigue.

    Arnaud was such an intriguing villain! You couldn't help but love him even as you hoped for his come-uppance.

    The Invisible Man was appointment TV for me every Friday night and I look forward to seeing some (or ALL!) of the episodes on DVD!
  • The Invisible Man was at its Core a Buddy Show. Darien Fawkes & Bobby Hobbes were Brothers from Other Mothers and would have done anything to Help the Other. The Show Gave a Good Message of Teamwork & Family. And it was just Plain Fu

    My Memory stays fresh of one Image from the Run of the Show and that would be That first time Darien Fawkes (The Shows Lead) First went Invisible.

    From that Moment I Had a Feeling this was going to be a Show to keep an eye on, It was Something new and a bit strange, Maybe that is what made me so drawn to it.