The Invisible Man

Syfy (ended 2002)





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  • This was a GREAT SHOW, and needs to be back.

    I-Man was a great show. I think it was the best version of The Invisible Man.
    Each week the characters did some of the strangest cases, but it always seemed right. As there was a guy, Darien Faux, who could turn invisible due to a gland his brother put in his head. Bobby Hobbs, his agency partner, was such a one of a kind character, he always left you shaking your head. Not because he was stupid but because he was just such a funny guy, with some strange ideas. Clair "The Keeper", was such a good character. She always left you tring to firgure out who's side was she on; Darien's or The Official's. Eberts, what is there to say about Eberts except "Shut up, Eberts", was said to him more than once per each ep.
    I don't think there was ever an episode that let me down by way of the plot; from Darien's constant need for revenge of his brother's murder, Crysolis' plans to take over the world, stolen babies, and many one episode plots. Just when the show really hit their stride, Darien was given the cure for Quick Silver Madness, they were cancled, a big mistake.
    It really, really, really needs to be back on the air; the sooner the better.
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