The Invisible Man

Syfy (ended 2002)





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  • A new spin on the venerable story of the Invisible Man; a funny and great version.

    Oh, man. I really dug this show. Vince Ventresca (Darien Fawkes) as a flippant con-man / cat burglar with an implanted invisibility gland – turned reluctant and very cynical government agent teamed with Paul Ben-Victor (Bobby Hobbes) as the 3rd rate real deal G-man provided lots of laughs, excitement, and tension as they tried to thwart crime. The show's pilot showed us that the gland (called Quicksilver) was implanted by Darien's government funded scientist/doctor brother, Kevin, with whom he shares not a little bit of sibling rivalry, as a last ditch effort to keep Darien from serving a life-term prison sentence. Downside: the gland is highly experimental, and the *known* side-effect is slipping into a violence driven madness. Yeah, 'cause no good deed goes unpunished. Dr. Fawkes is partnered with Dr. Arnaud another scientist who turns out to be quite mad himself, and is also a terrorist with a hidden agenda. Arnaud shoots Kevin, intends to kidnap Darien and steal the Quicksilver in order to use it for his own ends, but Darien is kidnapped by someone else! But Arnaud goes on to become the great nemesis/villain of the series. One more essential character: The Keeper. The Keeper (Shannon Kenney) works for the Agency, the group who actually kidnaps Darien and force him to work for them after his brother is killed; her function is to monitor the level of Quicksilver in Darien's system and inject a counteragent to keep him from going Quicksilver mad, and help develop the means of extracting the gland. All in all, this was a great show with one of my all-time favorite Frick & Frack teams. Get it on DVD and watch, and laugh.
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