The Invisible Man

Season 2 Episode 18

The Invisible Woman

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 04, 2002 on Syfy

Episode Recap

While playing pool, Darien is contacted by an "invisible woman". Catching up to her, she identifies herself as a disfigured Chinese scientist, Mai-Lin, associated with the program that tried to lure Darien into the hands of the Chinese (in the episode "Cat & Mouse). She has developed a backpack-like device that lets her use recycled quicksilver to turn invisible mechanically, but she is running out of the little they got from Darien previously and now needs his help. She wants to defect, and stay invisible because of her face. Darien decides to help her, and they're chased by Chinese agents. After she hides, Darien returns to base to find the Agency is working with the Chinese secret service, who claim Mai-Lin is a terrorist. Darien decides not to say anything, and he and Hobbes team up with agent Chen to track her down. Darien eventually become convinced she is not a terrorist and helps her to escape Chen and Hobbes. Darien and Mai-Lin become intimate, then he takes her to a nuclear power plant to get the uranium she needs to build the improved device. Hobbes and Chen track her there, and it turns out Chen is her fiancee, who wants to be with her even though she believes he hates her because of her face. He doesn't, and the agents help the lovebirds escape and start a new life in America.
(Copyright 2002 Steve Crow)
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