The Invisible Man

Season 1 Episode 12

The Other Invisible Man

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 25, 2000 on Syfy
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The Other Invisible Man
The Official is assault by an invisible man and Fawkes is suspected - Darien and Hobbes work to clear Darin and find the true assailant.

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  • I could just talk about how hilarious the Invisble Man Rap was...

    But it wouldn't do this episode proper justice. This is my favourite I-man episode because it just goes above and beyond the call of duty. Simply put, low budget sci fi series should not have plots this original or well developed. Of course, it seems a little far fetched that a bio syntethic gland could take hostage another gland and use and abuse it, but if you got the whole suspension of disbelief working, then you should have no problem with sitting back and enjoying the actor's performances.

    I believed till the last second that there was another Invisible Man, or at least the ghost of one. Darien's visions were not that scary, but they were creepy, as was the reading of the diary. Vincent Ventresca did a good job of amping up the crazy and really solidified his character this time around. oH, and he looks real good in a towel. :)

    The Keeper's explanations didn't really hold water, but it was nice to see her concern, as well as Bobby's. He really is a great friend.

    And now, let's see the I'man's rap one last time. I swear this cracks me up:

    "My name is Darien Fawkes,

    they call me Furious D

    and I’m the coolest secrete agent

    that you never did see!

    The Man turned me invisible,

    now I be miserable,

    you mess with my hair I’m bound to get physical!

    Now I was locked down and looking at life

    4 walls and a guy named Butch for a wife

    when my bother, undercover,

    said that we could help each other

    if his mother of a brother

    would go under the knife!

    A hole in my head, a gland in my brain,

    a needle in my vein or I go insane!

    That’s the curse of quicksilver,

    the stuff that bends light...

    I get closer to madness the more I *THUNK*"

    -Darien, being cut off by Hobbes.

    Now, i can believe the whole gland abducting another gland deal. But i can't believe anybody can just make thisn up and sing it so well... Maybe Darien started out as a rap artist. :Dmoreless
Vincent Ventresca

Vincent Ventresca

Darien Fawkes

Eddie Jones

Eddie Jones

The Official/Charles Bowden

Paul Ben-Victor

Paul Ben-Victor

Robert "Bobby" Hobbes

Shannon Kenny

Shannon Kenny

The Keeper/Claire Keeply

Michael McCafferty

Michael McCafferty

Albert Eberts

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    • Keeper: Did you really have to drop this on the ground, Darien?
      Darien: Hey, I'm on my way to grab a breakfast burrito, when I pull a rat skeleton out of my pocket, huh? What you want me to do, hug him, pet him, and call him George?

    • Eberts: Simon Cole was the only candidate to pass through the rigorous screening process, applied to top members of each intelligence agency.
      Bobby: I don't remember being asked.
      Keeper: He said top members.

    • Darien: Mark Twain once said, "Be good and you will be lonely." Now what he didn't say is that lonely and alone aren't exactly the same thing. You see, I've been lonely ever since I became the Invisible Man, but what I was about to find out in the worst way was that I was never alone.

    • Darien: I'm the coolest secret agent you never did see.

    • Darien: They say necessity is the mother of invention. And when necessity is survival; she can be one mean mother. Of course, it's her child, invention, that is the real dangerous one.

    • Hobbes: You never trust love, my friend, because love is blind.

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