The Irresponsible Captain Tylor

(ended 1994)


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  • This series has an incredible storyline and very fun characters. Very worth looking into.

    This is the story of a 20-year old man named Justi Ueki Tylor, who could very well be considered the luckiest man in the world. In fact, if it wasn't for his pure dumb luck, his idiocy and sloth would have cost him his life several times over in the course of the series. Sure, the United Planets Space Force gave him a ship. But they gave him the worst ship in the fleet, The Soyokaze, along with the worst bunch of misfits in the UPSF to fill the roster of crew members. He was made captain because he seemed like the right fool to put into just such a position to destroy, all at once, every single troublesome soldier in the UPSF. Tylor's crew begin by hating one another, but above all, they hate taking orders. Yet by his mere inaction, he is able to get the soldiers to work together in order to save their own asses. This show takes the concept of "luck" to a new level in the way that Tylor is able to dig himself so deep into a grave only to miraculously pull himself out again every time. And every time he saves his bacon, he does it by doing what, to most, would seem the stupidest possible thing to do at the time. Before long, he and his crew gain the reputation of being "The Undefeated Soyokaze". Of course, there's a whole lot more to the story, but I wouldn't like to reveal too much. This show is definitely worth a look at, if you can find it.
  • The Irresponsible Captain Tylor is a decent anime taking place in space that blends in comedy and action.

    Great anime the early 90's. Unlike other anime this one is remarkably not full on violence or blood though there is action. Instead this anime relies a lot on comedy and character development.

    Justy Tylor is a recluse who joins the military on the whim that he wants an "easy wife". The recruiting station thinks he is a joke but like the military decides to take on anybody that applies.

    During the adventure, we are treated to a lot of comical situations which Tylor survives and looks like a genuis.

    When Tylor ends up being a decent captain (albeit very lax with the rules), the UPSF tries to find ways to sabotage him.

    That's part of the story and there's lots more to it. Even though it's supposed to be a comedy there is a lot of stereotypes about the military which are true and others which are clearly not. However, I found the whole setting and characters to be realistic especially the ones that are clearly so jealous of Tylor's success, it burns them alive.

    The style of the animation is decent too. This isn't crappy animation there's a lot of detail in every episode. The episodes are entertaining too.

    It's too bad they haven't aired this on CN or something like that but it's worth checking out if your sick of the crap on that network.