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At the UK company Reynholm Industries, their corporate high-rise towers are full of beautiful happy people with one success story after another. Well, except for the employees that work in the basement - the IT department. While their colleagues work in fantastic surroundings, Jen, Roy and Moss must work below ground in the dark and horrible basement, struggling to make it into normal society. Jen (Katherine Parkinson) is a career person who is looking to climb the corporate ladder. Unfortunately, due to fibbing on her CV (resume), she finds herself the manager of the IT Department. The problem is, she knows nothing about technology! Roy (Chris O'Dowd) and Moss (Richard Ayoade) make up the IT Department and share a love of technology, science fiction and not having to work if at all possible. What they don't like is the idea of being supervised by someone who knows nothing about computers. Seeing that Roy and Moss may know a lot about computers, but very little about working with people, Jen takes on the role of "Relationship Manager" to help the guys and help herself in the process. The IT Crowd is a playful and somewhat surreal look at what it's really like to be the underof every company - the IT Department. In 2008, The IT Crowd won the Rose D'Or for Best Comedy.

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    • Another British Great!!!

      This show is brilliant!! As they would say in the UK. The cast is a quirky ensemble whose chemistry never stops igniting. If you want to check out complete and utter comedy watch the episode where Jen goes to the theater with a man who she thinks is gay. The schematics that Roy and Moss get into will make to you laugh until your stomach hurts. I have heard that they are making an American version of this I've seen the cast right here on IMDb and it pains me to say it. The American cast appear to be a clich and too cute to work in IT. That is one of the things I love about the show is Jen's natural beauty. Her individuality is what makes that character special. When you throw a 100 pound blonde hair blue eyed actress in my screen and start calling her Jen it just doesn't work.

    • Just Sorry I found it too late........ Hilarious!

      I'm a programmer so this really hits home.

      (although technologically it QUITE old).

      It's like a live action Dilbert strip with a marvelous Irish accent!
    • A half-decent show about two IT techs whose lives are disrupted by new tech Jenn, who just happens to know nothing about computers... except how to email.

      All the promos made this look like the next big thing, in fact they were more hilarious than the actual show itself. The first and second episodes (run as a double bill on C4) were quite decent but nowhere near as good as it was made out to be. I'm still with the show, though, so it can't be that bad.

      I find myself continually wondering whether the actors are being intentionally unfunny, or just happen to lack any decent acting abilities. I am being unfair I know, but I cannot help it - they just are not all that talented. Yet. The potential is there, and the fact that the show has rather decent writers (or writer) has kept it in my personal planner, where it will remain until it finishes up its run. I'll be mildly surprised if this gets as a second series, but we will see.

      Hmm. I am mildly surprised. C4 has commisioned a second series to air later in the year. Hopefully it'll come back with some confidence and better storylines and writers.moreless
    • From the man behind Father Ted and Black Books comes a show not as good as either. This show is still highly watchable however, and if you haven't seen either of it's predecessors, you'll just love it.moreless

      Written by Irish genius Graham Lineham who's past credits include Father Ted & Black Books, The IT Crowd is a story of two geeks and a girl. But wait, come back, it's not a rom-com!

      Roy and Moss are two employees of Reynholm Industries, a place of high towers, young go-getters and executive meetings. But there's one thing: that's not them at all, and single handedly being the IT Department they're located down in the basement, away from all the beautiful people and the light. In the first episode we're introduced to Jen, who for the rest of the season (and beyond?) will be their supervisor, albeit, one that doesn't know anything at all about computers.

      Jokes are silly, violence is random and the whole experience is counter-productive, but believe me, that's some of the best things about this quick-fire 20 minute show. The past credits of the writer show frequently, and unfortunately the show isn't as good as either of the above mentioned, but regardless this is easy, fun, lighthearted viewing, that's perfect for a Friday night!moreless
    • The first episode of series two was amazing...

      The first episode of series two was amazing but the series really went downhill from then. Although it remained funny, well midly funny, the first episode set such a high standard that the rest of the series felt so bland. I was really glad to see Matt Berry, a man who can make any series hilarious and he nearly managed it. There was nothing wrong with the show, Moss was brilliant although Ayoade is better in Boosh and Darkplace but the first episode was too good and I had such high expectations. If the first episode had been the last I think the series would have been brilliant however. But the best point of the series was seeing Noel Fielding as a main character I can't resist anything with him in!moreless

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