The IT Crowd

Season 1 Episode 2

Calamity Jen

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2006 on Channel 4
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Denholm declares war on stress and threatens to fire anyone who is under stress by the end of the day. To help the company win the "war", Denholm hires a stress expert.

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  • Really funny episode where they go to stress class and set the office on fire.

    This was an excellent episode. The writing was brilliantly funny and the acting was superb. So many of the gags were laugh out loud moments. I loved the whole thing with the emergency services number, the fire extinguisher on fire, the obsessing over the stress machine, Jen buying shoes that were far too small just because she was attracted to them and many, many more. There was so much humour packed into such a short space of time it was just unbelievable. This brilliant episode bodes so well for the rest of the series as a whole. Well done guys!moreless
  • I pissed myself.

    I can watch this episodes two years later and I still laugh at it. I would pick Moss to be my favorite character, yet Roy always tops a Moss gag. The deadpan deliverance of the character Moss is a key factor of why this show work so well. Roy and his spastic actions accents Moss' character. These are the IT guy you deal with every day. I truly wish I had talent to write things like this. I wish America would embrace this type of humor and stop with the inane friendship shows. Put the word out and let your friends watch these episodes.moreless
  • Absolutely hilarious! 0118 999 881 999 119 725... 3.

    I heard good things about this show, and this episode confirmed everything. This is one of the BEST episodes of television I have ever seen. I have watched this 10 times now and counting, and it is still funny. All my friends love The IT Crowd now thanks to this episode.

    There is just joke after joke with no dull moments, and Moss is freaking classic in this episode. There are so many good quotes to take from this episode, I just spontaneously bust out laughing during the day because of them. It had me in tears the first time I watched it. You -must- watch this episode, even if you have never seen this show or have no interest in IT whatsoever.moreless
  • One of the funniest episodes ever seen on TV...

    Oh My God!

    This episode is SOOOOOO funny!

    After watching the first IT Crowd episode, I told myself, "yeah, well, the show's probably worth watching". Well, I never knew how right I was until tuning in to watch the second chapter.


    The characters are so madly special, the episode is written great, and, er, moss is awesome.

    I've become a HUGE IT Crowd fan after this episode. It's a shame there's only six episodes this season. I think they should double or triple the amount next season, because this show is going places and this episode is a fine example where!

  • I became a fan of "The IT Crowd" after the first show, however, it was THIS episode that made me a RABID fan.

    Sharp, witty, well written and funny as hell. I can't find enough adjectives for this episode, "Calamity Jen". From start to finish, I found myself laughing uncontrollably. Not since "Seinfeld" have I seen situation comedy tie every character together, each with their own plot line and arch. I mean who would have thought that a woman wearing a pair of shoes that are too small and a stress machine could drive an entire episode, much less resolve everything so succulently.

    Jen is "shoe mad" and can't resist buying a pair of shoes, even though they are at least two sizes too small. Denholm declares war on stress and in his usual crazy manner, decides that the best way to win the war is to send everyone to a seminar at lunch to learn how to remove stress from their lives - or else they'll be fired at the end of the day. Add to the mix that Moss and Roy just want to play with the "Stress Machine" and it would appear that you have three completely separate story lines and plot points.

    Well, in actuality you do, but somehow Graham Linehan (writer/director) is able to pull it all together and make the show hum like a well oiled machine. Typically this doesn't happen until a series is well into their first or second season, the fact that "The IT Crowd" is able to pull it off by the second episode is nothing short of miraculous.

    Each of the lead actors, clearly have a firm grip on their characters. Each is unique and yet together they create a wonderful blend that makes the show even stronger. Jen lies, Moss is too geeky for his own good and Roy is a bumbler and a troublemaker. Normally, I'd provide a small highlight to illustrate these points, but there are just too many gems in this episode to go into them all. Do I bring up the e-mail to the fire department? The fire itself, complete with a burning fire extinguisher? Or maybe Jen's feet and her cussing tirade? What about Roy's ability to stress out the "Stress-igest", or even the small things like the "Profanity Buzzer?"

    Like I said, there are just too many gems to even go into them all. This is a must-watch episode for anyone who enjoys farce and good solid comedic timing. If any episode solidifies the need for a second season, it's this one.moreless
Rachel Bavidge

Rachel Bavidge

Stressed Woman

Guest Star

Togo Igawa

Togo Igawa

Japanese Boss

Guest Star

Toby Longworth

Toby Longworth

Dr. Julian Holmes

Guest Star

Chris Morris

Chris Morris


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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Roy's Shirt: Space Invaders

    • In the scene where Moss is waiting for the Emergency Services to arrive and put out the fire, he is playing a PC based video game. The game he is playing is called F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon), released by Monolith in 2005.

    • Goof: In the scene where Denholm is declaring war on stress, he throws the bike pump into something that smashes, walks over to the table and pours some water. In the next shot he leaps towards Roy with the bike pump in his hand.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Denholm: (pointing at the monitor that is on fire) Nice screensaver.

    • Roy: Moss? Did you use a soldering iron to make that stress machine?
      Moss: Yes.
      Roy: You turned it off?
      Moss: Oh I'm fairly sure I did.
      Roy: Because, you remember what happened last time, right?
      Moss: Yes. That was very funny.
      Roy: Well no. It was very dangerous and someone nearly died.
      Moss: Right. No. I was thinking of a different incident. The one on the golf course.
      Roy: What? I'm talking about the fire.
      Moss: Oh yeah, fire, sorry. I always get mixed up between golf and fire.

    • Roy: I don't know why they just couldn't keep it as it was. How hard is it to remember 911?
      Moss: You mean 999.
      Roy: I mean 999!
      Moss: That's the American one, you berk.

    • Denholm: In the time I've been speaking, over eighty million people have died of stress!
      (waits a moment)
      (snaps his fingers)
      Denholm: There's another one!

    • Moss: Well that's easy to remember. 0118 999 881 999 119 725... 3.

    • Roy: Denholm's called a general.
      Jen: Oh God, another one?!?
      Roy: Yep.
      Moss: I bet he declares war on something. He loves declaring war.
      Denholm: I'm declaring war!

    • Denholm: What am I declaring war on? Stress! Stress is a disease, people, and I am the cure. I'm a doctor with a cure. No I'm not. I'm a general and it's still a war. A war on disease. Stress! (everyone is startled and jumps)

    • Denholm: Say I hate stress!
      Roy: (mumbling) I hate stress
      Denholm: No! You didn't let me finish. Say I hate stress. I want to limit its influence in my life. What can I do about it?

    • Denholm: A bath!?! Get a bike. I cycle to work every day 70 miles. (pointing to the inside of this thighs) Both here and here are as red as a fire engine.

    • Denholm: Oh, by the way, anyone still experiencing stress by the end of the day... will be fired!

    • Dr. Julian Holmes: So, let's move on.
      Roy: Woah! Ahhh, I actually haven't had a proper go yet [on the stress meter] and I don't think that should count, what's happened there.
      Moss: (raising his hand in the air) Actually I don't think that's fair. I would like a go and I think Roy should be punished for nearly killing that lady (pointing to the lady).

    • Jen: (noticing Roy and Moss staring at how weird she is walking in her new shoes) The shoes-ah!
      Moss: What was all that about?
      Roy: Well, like all women, she's shoe mad.
      Moss: It's a bit sexist isn't it?
      Roy: Do you know one woman who isn't obsessed with shoes?
      Moss: No, but I only know one woman. And she just left the room shouting "The shoes-ah!"

    • Moss: (after attempting to dial the new emergency services number) Hello. Is this the Emergency Services? (pause) Then which country am I speaking to?

    • (There is a fire in the office and Moss decides to send an e-mail to Emergency Services)
      Moss: "Subject: Fire. Dear Sir stroke Madam: I'm writing to inform you of a fire which has broken out at the premises of..." no, that's too formal.
      (Moss deletes what he typed)
      Moss: "Dear Sir stroke Madam: Fire. Exclamation mark. Fire. Exclamation mark. Help me. Exclamation mark. 123 Clarandon Road. Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best, Maurice Moss."

    • Denholm: (to the Japanese translator) Please thank Yamamoto san for this fine ceremonial sword. It is a magnificent symbol of our new merger. (He pauses for the translator to translate) I am sorry that my gift, a huge pair of Doc Martins with extremely thick and heavy soles, is so paltry in comparison.

    • Jen: (after having screamed profanity at Mr Yamamoto) I am so sorry Denholm.
      Denholm: That was quite a tirade Jen. It would have been even worse had Paul not been so quick on the "Profanity Buzzer."

    • Denholm: Shouting at Japs, mad feet, both classic signs of stress. And you know how I feel about stress.

    • Jen: Oh I'm in real trouble. I'm in real trouble. Help me get my shoes on. I've got to get my shoes on. Help me get my shoes on before Denholm comes.
      Roy: Denholm's coming?!?
      Jen: Yeah and he's going to fire (finally noticing the fire in the office) fire, FIRE!

    • Jen: I hate to remind everyone, but I just destroyed a merger that probably took hundreds of years to set up, the office is on fire and Denholm is furious, so can we please, please concentrate on what's important. And help me on with my shoes!

    • Moss: I can't go to prison, Roy, they'll rape the flip out of me!

    • Roy: (referring to Denholm) You stall him by the door.
      Jen: How?
      Roy: I don't know! Use your womanly ways.
      (Jen positions herself in the doorway)
      Roy: Okay Moss, pass me that monitor, the broken one.
      Denholm: (pointing at Jen) There you are!
      Jen: (in a deeper voice) Hello there.
      Denholm: It's no use being womanly with me Jen. You're in big trouble (as he pushes right past her).

    • Denholm: (talking to Jen) You understand that this is your last chance. If the needle goes beyond here (motions to the stress meter) you will be fired. Does that make you feel stressed? Jen! Does it? No? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure?

    • Denholm: (holding a yellow balloon) See this balloon Jen? I'm going to burst it. But I'm not going to tell you when. Do you feel stressed Jen? Jen? Jen? Look at that! (turns the balloon to display the words "JEN'S PEACE OF MIND") That's your peace of mind and it's going to go bang. Do you feel stressed now!? Jen!? Jen!? Jen!? Jen!? Jen!? Jen!? Do you!? (he looks at the stress meter) Evidently not. Well done Jen. You're not being fired by me at this precise moment.

    • Roy: I don't know if it's the loss of blood, or the melting plastic from the monitor, but I feel great.

    • Fireman: Did somebody e-mail us about a fire?

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