The IT Crowd

Season 3 Episode 1

From Hell

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2008 on Channel 4
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Episode Summary

Roy claims to recognize Jen's handyman from Builders From Hell, Moss has to deal with bullies in the park.

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  • Great episode where Jen suspects her builder of peeing in the sink and spies on him with much hilarity when the feed is broadcast to a meeting.

    This was a great start to the new season, building on the previous 2 and getting in loads of laughs. The episode mainly revolved around Jen, trying to find out if her builder is the one caught on camera in Builders From Hell. She gets Roy to set up the video conferencing cameras and microphones in her house so she can spy on him from work. It all goes pear shaped when she accidentally broadcasts the live feed to a really important meeting. Reynholm shooting himself was also hilarious and so was Moss trying to deal with the bullies on his way to work. Top notch stuff!moreless
  • Jen thinks her builder may be pissing in the sink; Moss has to deal with bullies

    The wait for a new episode of The IT Crowd was too long. Without question Britain's best sitcom, and arguably the top one in the world the series 3 premiere lived up to the hype. We saw Douglas at his very best tonight shooting himself and throwing an iPod party with his accounts team (consisting entirely of women).

    Richard Ayoade continues to make Moss one of the most brilliant characters on television today. He takes a fresh spin on the geeky personality with the kinds of jokes you only get from comedic masterminds. It truly is a shame that most Americans are not aware of his greatness.

    The builder pissing in the sink was kind of weird, but I liked how everything tied together in the end, a signature of The IT Crowd. Just a well-written, very hilarious episode and let's hope the rest of the series is just as strong.moreless

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    • Douglas: I've a vital meeting to attend and I've just shot myself in the leg.
      Moss: Aha.
      Douglas: I want you to dial 999.
      Moss: No, it's a new number. 01189-
      Douglas: Whatever the new number is, get an ambulance and ask it to wait, and I'll be there in 2 hours, 3 hours, tops.

    • Jen: Thanks again for doing this, Roy.
      Roy: No problem, Jen. It's brilliantly easy to spy on people these days.

    • Moss: If someone called me a big ugly builder, I'd be furious. And not just because I'm actually an IT consultant.

    • Douglas: I can't seem to get it open.
      Roy: You want me to open it. that's why you called me all the way up here. To open your laptop?
      Douglas: I would be beholden to you.

    • Roy: Let's do some role play, okay. Do you think that would be a good idea?
      Moss: It certainly helped me learn how to buy sandwiches.

    • Jen: Why didn't you tell me this last night?
      Roy: You wouldn't let me.
      Jen: Builders from Hell?
      Roy: I'm pretty sure it was one of those programmes.
      Jen: Gary's a builder from Hell?
      Roy: I think so.
      Jen: Oh, so you're not sure.
      Roy: Jen, I'm 99 percent sure.
      Jen: What did he do?
      Roy: The work was fine. There was nothing wrong with the work. But then they caught him ... he pissed in the sink.
      Jen: Oh, oh! Which sink?
      Roy: All the sinks. Yeah, he basically went on a pee parade around the house.

    • Roy: Nice glasses.
      Moss: Not as nice as your momma's glasses.

    • Employee: Mr. Reynolm you do know that Japan have expressed concern?
      Douglas: What, the whole country?

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