The IT Crowd

Season 2 Episode 6

Men Without Women

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2007 on Channel 4
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Episode Summary

Douglas hires Jen as his new PA, which gives Moss and Roy free reign in the office.

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  • Very funny episode where Jen becomes Douglas's PA and Moss and Roy do all the things they weren't allowed to do when Jen was in the office.

    This was another great episode, it's a shame it's the last of the season - much too short at only 6 episodes. Douglas had a much greater role to play in this than he has done in many of the other episodes. He offers Jen the job as his PA so that he can entice her into having a relationship with him and puts rohypnol in her tea to ensure success. This backfires when Moss recognises what it is by it's scent and Jen makes Douglas drink the tea. She's cross with Moss and Roy for replacing her with an answering machine so she locks the 3 of them in the room. Hilarious show, so glad they made a 3rd season.moreless
  • Jen gets promoted to PA.

    With the ending of The Office and Extras the UK television scene needed a new top comedy and they found one in The IT Crowd. The witty and fresh mixture of The Big Bang Theory and Flight of the Conchords is just incredibly funny and gives you nonstop laughs from start to finish.

    Here we saw Jen get offered the position of PA and take it leading to sexual advances from her new boss. Meanwhile Roy and Moss enjoy the time without Jen relaxing in their boxers and making prank phone calls, but ultimately miss their former coworker.

    In a great final scene we see the boss's sexual potion backfire when he is forced to drink it and ends up advancing on Roy and Moss.

    I'm sure the new American version will ruin this but until that airs let's just enjoy one of the best comedies of the 2000's.moreless

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    • Moss: How many more things have we got left on the list?
      Roy: I think we've done nearly all of them. Yeah. Okay. We've had a little sleep. We're walking round in our pants. The only thing left to do is a prank phone call.

    • Roy: You remember the woman from last night?
      Moss: She was a delight.
      Roy: Yeah. We get outside. There's a group of tramps, two of whom she knows by name. She starts screaming at them, "You owe me money. You owe me money". She thinks that the tramps owe her money. Next thing I know, it all kicks off and I'm running for my life. It was a horrible evening, Moss, a real horrible evening. She's a really horrible woman.
      Moss: Right. But you slept with her?
      Roy: Yeah.

    • Moss: (to Roy) Wait till I tell you what's just happened to me. I bought this muffin from the canteen, and I'll be jolly rogered if there's not hypracyte in it. (He sniffs the muffin). Curium. Ebrium. And unless I'm going crazy, that's Selenium. It's definaitely hypracyte and it's not even listed in the table of contents.

    • Roy: Douglas again?
      Jen: Yeah. Yeah, he keeps bringing me up on the most flimsy pretexts. The other day it was to show me a dead fly.

    • (Jen and Roy are playing Guitar Hero in the office.)
      Jen: Oh my God. That was perfect.
      Roy: Oh I rock.
      Jen: I didn't miss a single note. I am wasting my life. I am wasting my life.
      Roy: Oh, well how?
      Jen: Oh I am so good at this. Why am I so good at this? What, am I going to put this on my CV?

    • Old Man: Tell me a tale.
      Douglas: It is a woman.
      Old Man: Hah! It is always a woman.
      Douglas: Her sweet voice wakes a mighty tiger behind my fly. Yet she is proud and will not have me. Her name is Jane or Jan or something similar.

    • Douglas: That damn wizard! Twenty gold pieces and I'm wankered on Rohypnol!

    • Douglas: You've got spunk and balls. I like that in a woman.

    • Douglas: I have come from a far away place to seek a great sorcerer.
      Old Man: I am whom you seek.
      Douglas: You? Why you are nothing but an old man, in a tent, sitting in rags, playing hoop-a-loo with the wind.
      Old Man: You wish for proof?
      Douglas: Aye.
      Old Man: Pick a card. Don't show me. Put it back in the pack. Is this your card?
      Douglas: No but damn close. You are the man I seek.

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