The IT Crowd

Season 2 Episode 2

Return of the Golden Child

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 31, 2007 on Channel 4
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Moss finds an Internet site that calculates when users will die, but when he tries it out on Roy they both get a nasty surprise. Reynholm Industries is rocked by the entrance of a new manager – Denholm's son, Douglas.

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  • Another very funny episode.

    It was nice to see a new character being introduced in the shape of Douglas, Denholm's son. Denholm commits suicide when he's caught over financial irregularities. The fyuneral scenes are very well done and really funny. Douglas is the new owner of the company. There was also some really funny momenmts when Derek comes down to the IT department and says how much he hates IT. Of course, he thought he was going to take over but Douglas turned up instead. Richmond also had a brief appearance too. So, all good fun, with the promise of a lot more to come.moreless
Silas Carson

Silas Carson


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Belinda Stewart-Wilson


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Matt Berry (II)


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    • (Douglas arrives to the funeral, knocks over his Father's casket and then starts to hit on Jen Barber)
      Douglas: Well, hello...(tries to charm her) Hi I'm Douglas, what's yours?
      Jen: Jen Barber.
      Douglas: That's a beautiful second name, tell me what are you doing after the Funeral?(the Vatican walks up to Douglas)
      Vatican: (holding DVD) Douglas!
      Douglas: (dramatically points at him) SPEAK PRIEST!
      Vatican: No, actually i'm a Vat...(shakes head) Mr. Reynholm left this second DVD in the event of your arrival.
      Douglas: I see! (confused) Actually I don't, why don't you pop it in?
      (the DVD is popped in and Denholm appears again)
      Denholm: (on DVD) Hello. If you're watching this it means that my son by my first marriage has shown up, caused a scene, and is currently chatting up some nearby Trollop.
      Jen: (offended) HEY!
      Douglas: Quiet Woman!

    • (A DVD of Denholm is shown at his Funeral after he jumped to his Death)
      Denholm: (on DVD) Hello. If your watching this it means i'm dead now, and it's thanks to these little things.
      (Holds up a cigarette.)
      Moss: (smug) HA! Wrong!
      Jen: SHUT UP!

    • (Roy who has learned he could die at 3:00 turns to see a Grandfather clock. Ticking closer to 3:00)
      Jen: (amazed) I've never seen a grandfather clock in a church before.
      Moss: Yes, or one with a second hand.

    • (Roy showing off his new Cellphone)
      Moss: (impressed) Nice.
      Roy: Isn't she a beauty?Moss: It's certainly a phone.
      Roy: 160 PPI screen, Wi-Fi enabled...
      Jen: Ask me what kind of phone I have.
      Roy: What kind of phone do you have? (Jen flips thru a magazine disinterested)
      Jen: It doesn't matter.
      Roy: (continues bragging) Voice recognition. So let's say I wanted to call my mum, all I'd have to do is say "Mum" and it calls her....
      Roy's Mom: (on phone) Hello? Hello?
      Roy: I don't have to do anything.
      (doesn't realize he called his Mom) It's the Dog's bollocks. Oh no... (talks into phone) Mum, Mum. I'm sorry. No Moss said that.
      (Moss looks up offended)

    • Douglas: Ah! The IT-department. Run by a dynamic go-getter, a genius and a man from Ireland.

    • Derek: It'll come as no surprise to you that I don't like this department, never have, never will. I see no need for an IT department. I would much rather use this basement for something important, like a big toilet.

    • Moss: (to Roy) I've totally pimped your phone, girlfriend!

    • Moss: Unbelievable, some brainiac disabled his firewall which means all of the computers on floor seven are teeming with viruses. Plus I've just had to walk all the way down the mother-fudging stairs because the lift is broken, again.
      Jen: (walks in) Oh my god.
      Roy: What?
      Jen: Oh my god.
      Roy: What? What is it?
      Jen: Denholm's dead.
      Moss: Oh yes, and Denholm's dead.

    • Moss: I go March 2nd 2079.
      Roy: Oh my god!
      Moss: That's right, baby, I've got 70 more years!

    • Moss: Question 39, when was the last time you exercised?
      Roy: Arr, the last time I exercised was never.
      Jen: I'm still reeling from your answer to question 12.
      Roy: What was question 12?
      Jen: You brush your teeth in the bath.
      Roy: So?
      Jen: That's where your balls are.
      Moss: Okay, question 40, do you get your five fruit and veg?
      Roy: Oh, I mean, I certainly try to, I would say I probably, probably do.
      Jen: A day?
      Roy: A what?

    • Roy: (On phone) Hello, IT, have you tried turning it off… You know, I'm sick of saying that.

    • Denholm: Today, I have a business empire the like of which, the world has never seen the like of which. Hope it doesn't sound arrogant, when I say that I am the greatest man in the world!

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    • The Sixth Sense

      Roy's T-shirt slogan "I see dumb people" is a reference to the famous line uttered by Haley Joel Osment in the movie The Sixth Sense: "I see dead people".