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  • Another British Great!!!

    This show is brilliant!! As they would say in the UK. The cast is a quirky ensemble whose chemistry never stops igniting. If you want to check out complete and utter comedy watch the episode where Jen goes to the theater with a man who she thinks is gay. The schematics that Roy and Moss get into will make to you laugh until your stomach hurts. I have heard that they are making an American version of this I've seen the cast right here on IMDb and it pains me to say it. The American cast appear to be a clich and too cute to work in IT. That is one of the things I love about the show is Jen's natural beauty. Her individuality is what makes that character special. When you throw a 100 pound blonde hair blue eyed actress in my screen and start calling her Jen it just doesn't work.

  • Just Sorry I found it too late........ Hilarious!

    I'm a programmer so this really hits home.

    (although technologically it QUITE old).

    It's like a live action Dilbert strip with a marvelous Irish accent!
  • A half-decent show about two IT techs whose lives are disrupted by new tech Jenn, who just happens to know nothing about computers... except how to email.

    All the promos made this look like the next big thing, in fact they were more hilarious than the actual show itself. The first and second episodes (run as a double bill on C4) were quite decent but nowhere near as good as it was made out to be. I'm still with the show, though, so it can't be that bad.
    I find myself continually wondering whether the actors are being intentionally unfunny, or just happen to lack any decent acting abilities. I am being unfair I know, but I cannot help it - they just are not all that talented. Yet. The potential is there, and the fact that the show has rather decent writers (or writer) has kept it in my personal planner, where it will remain until it finishes up its run. I'll be mildly surprised if this gets as a second series, but we will see.

    Hmm. I am mildly surprised. C4 has commisioned a second series to air later in the year. Hopefully it'll come back with some confidence and better storylines and writers.
  • From the man behind Father Ted and Black Books comes a show not as good as either. This show is still highly watchable however, and if you haven't seen either of it's predecessors, you'll just love it.

    Written by Irish genius Graham Lineham who's past credits include Father Ted & Black Books, The IT Crowd is a story of two geeks and a girl. But wait, come back, it's not a rom-com!

    Roy and Moss are two employees of Reynholm Industries, a place of high towers, young go-getters and executive meetings. But there's one thing: that's not them at all, and single handedly being the IT Department they're located down in the basement, away from all the beautiful people and the light. In the first episode we're introduced to Jen, who for the rest of the season (and beyond?) will be their supervisor, albeit, one that doesn't know anything at all about computers.

    Jokes are silly, violence is random and the whole experience is counter-productive, but believe me, that's some of the best things about this quick-fire 20 minute show. The past credits of the writer show frequently, and unfortunately the show isn't as good as either of the above mentioned, but regardless this is easy, fun, lighthearted viewing, that's perfect for a Friday night!
  • The first episode of series two was amazing...

    The first episode of series two was amazing but the series really went downhill from then. Although it remained funny, well midly funny, the first episode set such a high standard that the rest of the series felt so bland. I was really glad to see Matt Berry, a man who can make any series hilarious and he nearly managed it. There was nothing wrong with the show, Moss was brilliant although Ayoade is better in Boosh and Darkplace but the first episode was too good and I had such high expectations. If the first episode had been the last I think the series would have been brilliant however. But the best point of the series was seeing Noel Fielding as a main character I can't resist anything with him in!
  • Infectious like trojans.

    Probably one of the best, if not the best comedy sitcom i've ever watched. Chars are bloody wicked showing two sides of the coin -- the standard nerds and the standard IT illiterates (I can't just find the right word). You can actually relate with the IT department, whether you're a geek or another noob out there, well it doesn't really matter, you can either be Moss or Jen, Roy if you want too, or even Richmond! Recommended watching and is very infectious like a trojan worm devouring your C:/Windows folder. Oh common' just watch it. Hehehe. (I dunno wots teh problem wit tis review me can't post it)
  • One of the best sitcoms of the 21st Century

    This wonderful sitcom is based in the IT department, based in the basement of Reynholm Industries. Here are the workers Roy, a kind-hearted Irish technician, who is always asking people when their computers break "Have you tried turning it off and on again?". There is also Moss, a socially awkward person who is very faint hearted and the true geek of the IT deparment. On the other end of the spectrum is Jen, the boss of Moss and Roy who ironically knows nothing about computers, and in one classic episode she says at a meeting "If you type Google into Google, you will break the Internet. So don't do it, even as a joke".

    If you want to see flammable bras, an awkward dinner party or Roy being mistaken by a window cleaner by his high flying best friend, then this series is for you!
  • Liked Father Ted? Liked Black Books? You'll like this too!

    If you liked Father Ted or Black Books, then check this out, because it's much in the same vein (not surprising seeings as they were all created by Graham Linehan). I loved the first two, so when I saw a new Linehan comedy was coming on I figured I should check it out, and it definately didn't disappoint. Although I had never heard of any of the actors in The I.T. Crowd before, they are all pretty fantastic, especially Richard A. as Moss. No wonder they can't someone else for that role in America. I think that perhaps the mention of I.T. stuff can alienate the non-techy, for instance my mum hasn't watched it. I should try it on her and see what she thinks. I'm quite well versed in i.t. so I tend to get those jokes, although like most GL comedy, it's more about socially inept characters trying to deal with 'normal' social situations, and generally failing, which is what makes it funny. My favourite episodes are the one where they went to see Gay the musical and the one where Moss creates that bra, because I sympathise with the pain Jen felt from her old one. I now own series 1 to 3 on DVD such is my love for this.
  • I must admit that it was with shocking surprise that I hadn't heard about what is the best show I've seen this year. I laughed with joy seeing "The IT crowd" as "The Office" seen from the IT support point of view.

    It is on rare occasions I come by these kind of TV-shows. Last time was Coupling. This show; a mix of the dry humour from "The Office" and the the stupid perverse humour of "Coupling" is a wonderful coctail that most people working in an office environment will recognize. The support side of the IT support team is take IT support on the grain and you will grin and laugh as you recognize many similar responses in ordinary office environments.

    The two nerds, one that knows that people really are stupider than you would ever dream of is standardly answering the phone "Have you tried turning it on and off" and the other geek that has no clue about how stupid people really are goes into deep technical answers that is way beyond mortal mens capacity to understand, gets a new female boss that has no clues about computers what so ever. This leads to one hillarious incident after the other.

    This is a MUST SEE for everyone that works in an office!!!
  • Why can't American TV be this amazing?

    I don't have the luck to view this show at all, so I have to deal with the fact that I get to see episodes on my friend's computer or when he buys the season 1 dvd. A show like this reminds me very much of shows like the Office and the comic strip Dilbert. I love the idea of a comedy based on the everyday problems of the IT support staff.

    I personally have never had to deal with the absurdity of working in IT, but have had the pleasure of hearing horror stories from multiple friends, and my mother who used to work for IBM's IT staff.

    Like most British sitcoms some jokes I don't understand but the brilliance of this show surpasses so much of what is on American tv now. With the great writing and characters in this show, I wouldn't be suprised if it were to gain the popularity that the Office had and be brought over to America for an American version. Hopefully this show will have a longer life than other British shows I have fallen in love with.
  • Not bad.

    This time, he's dealing with technology. The IT Crowd, with it's old-skool computer game style opening credits, immediately catches the attention.

    Roy and Moss are two IT staff working for a big company. But despite the size of the company, the two seem banished to the basement of the building. However, they seem to enjoy their locked-away existence, occasionally being tortured by moronic staff asking why their computer won't work, which is usually answered with, "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" The characters are likable, and the script is a joy. Further proof that Mr. Linehan has a good eye for great actors and actresses, and that his writing skills have not waned with time. After all of his previous successes (including Father Ted, Black Books and material for Harry Enfield And Chums, The Fast Show, Big Train, Coogan's Run, Brass Eye and Jam) The IT Crowd is another triumph.
  • Never much of a fan of British comedy shows until I discovered this DVD set on sale and for whatever reason decided to go ahead and purchase series 1-3. The series is absolutely fabulous!

    Each episode well written, performances by Katharine Parkinson (Jen), Chris O'Dowd (Roy), and Richard Ayoade (Moss) are all extremely well executed; makes one want to find more of what they all have to offer. It is unfortunate that british comedies only have 6 episodes per series, I suppose it's quality over quantity.

    If you are hesitant on watching this show please don't be and please do so now. I am really not much of a TV critique (this being my first review) but this is one show I find to be extremely well thought out and deserving of the credit it needs.
  • If you like comedy and have not seen this, the you are really missing something great.

    This is the absolute best British Comedy I have ever seen. Being an IT worker, I have a heart-felt love for the topic. However, you do not have to be a geek to enjoy this show. My wife, who hates almost all UK TV loves the IT Crowd as well. The writing is masterful and the comedy acting is superb. Chris O. reminds me of John Ritter in the role of "Jack Tripper" in "Three's Company." (Similar style in the physical comedy.) Richard A. is spot on as the brilliant super-geek and Katherine P. is a wonderful actress. The supporting cast and writing are simply wonderful in choice and execution. And the Geek-Shirt theme has generated its own cult following across the internet. Well done to all involved!
  • Really funny show, especially if you have ever worked for or with a company IT department!

    I recently stumbled across this little gem of a show and am now hooked. It is absolutely hilarious with lots of really well-drawn characters. The IT nerds, Moss and Roy are so like IT nerds I have worked with in the past that it is uncanny. I loved the weird boss, Denholm and Jen was fun too, when it was obvious she knew nothing about computers. The jokes came fast and furious but I never felt the humour was at all forced, it just appealed to my sense of humour. A great show, worth keeping on with and watching to the end of the series.
  • A group of IT specialist so to speak at the bottom of a company. We all know them we all tend to hate them, but do we know why they hate us? This show follows the IT department Roy, Moss and there so called boss Jen and all there miss adventures.

    I personally love this series mainly because it reminds me of my friends, and occasionally me though not as bad. Whenever i ask my friends for help with my computer there first response is did you turn it off and on, and when I get asked I do the same thing. The jokes are just great in the show and I will say this now there not for everyone. The jokes focus obviously on gamer jokes and really computer related jokes so if you have no interest or really don't get some of them don't bother. Though some of the jokes are known to those who have any access to the internet. Like when they convince Jen the internet is a black box with a light on it that's wireless and is put on top of Big Ben for the best reception. Also faking being a cripple, but i will say this there are jokes for the other side against the IT department. This is a TV show where you need to like British comedy bottom line is you either love it or hate it, or relate to it. I suggest if your not from England then watch a episode online of the UK version since there is a second version witch is americium witch i believe while i am writing this is not out yet.
  • Brie...liant series!!!

    A fantastic comedy show. Three of the best actors and actresses to be put together in an IT environment. The one liners are so funny. Fantastic series that will keep you coming back for more. Has the three of the most bizarre characters, Jen who lies on her CV to get the job only to know absolutely nothing about computers, Moss who is a very insular person who is afraid of change and Roy who does anything for his stomach and an easy life. There is also a whole host of other characters that will keep you laughing for hours
  • Great Show... I want more, and I want it now!

    This show is a great laugh. Moss (played by Richard Ayoade) is my favourite character who is extremely funny. A lot of the crew are involved in other comedy projects, such as The Might Boosh. I'ts an exagerated funny look at office IT support. I guess it depicts the views of IT support. What an IT tech's picture of office PC users is and what Office workers see IT workers being. As you can imagine they get extremely stereotypical which is sometime scarly similar to the real world. The first thing IT support ever ask is "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" I've never heard an IT Support person ask this but it's one of the first thoughts I have when someone has problems with there PC. I actually used it the other day and it fixed the prob :o) Anywho, I've rambled enough to meet the 100 word requirement. Basically, it's funny, a must watch. If u like Brit comedy (how could you not) you'll love this.
  • One of the greatest shows out there.

    If you enjoy comedy you will enjoy this show. It may take a little getting used to if you are from America but it is worth it. There are so many classic lines that you will find yourself saying over and over again to your friends. If you are a computer nerd work in the field (like me), or just enjoy comedy then this show is for you. The people who play Roy and Moss surpass any buddy team actors in history. The humor sometimes is a little geeky but if that is your thing then this show is for you.
  • funny, funny show

    The IT crowd is definitely a favourite British show. The actors and actresses in the show prove that nerds are funny too. I am a Graham Linehan fan and always enjoy his works. Set in a basement, the show is famous for the phrase "IT department,. Have tried turning it on and off again?" The show is a classic using one liners and no-liners for quick jokes, which are worth it. The characters in the show are interesting and not hate-able at all. Graham, the creator has made a cameo or two (which he usually does) and it makes me feel as if he'd rather spend money on writing a better script than hiring extras.
  • Great Show!

    I prefered series one because it stayed in the basement more but I still loved series two. My only problem with this show is how short the series are. I suppose its good in a way because its quality not quantity but surely adding another couple of episodes to a series won't make much of a difference?

    'Have you tried turning it off and on again?' That line just makes me laugh everytime. This show is so well written and it doesn't seem forced at all.

    Also I love Noel Fielding and I think he should be in it a little more.

    Hopefully there'll be another series soon... hint hint!
  • Hmmmmm I love this show!!!

    I really really liked this programme. It used be a great way to relax... I prefered the first series to the second but the first one really was difficult to live up to. None of my friends watched the show and when I said the words "Did you try turning it off and on again" they just didn't underdsatnd at all it was quite disappointing. I absolutley loved Moss in the show. The episode with the fire had to be the best ever i just loved it. I don't normally laugh so much watching a T.V. show but this just made me laugh so much I thought I was going to start crying.
  • The sweet geekness, The IT Crowd

    Just seen this British series, always seeking for something like The Office, but I guess you only see something like that in a life time, what was I talking about?, oh the series The IT Crowd... In a short review I can say that it's passed in an IT department and it takes out and juices the sweet side of geekness (yup, there is one). Don't expect a television version of xkcd! That (I guess) wouldn't be very popular in a large audience. But you can expect a nice friendly series, here's a joke I've liked.

    Jen: What are you laughing at?
    Moss: This flipping circuit board,Jen,
    Moss: Some chump has run the data line right through the power supply.
    Moss: Amateur hour! Moss: I've got tears in my eyes.

    If my short review didn't startled your appetite's give it a taste at youtube's

    PS: I really hate recorded laughs in comedy, that was the major turn down

    Adeus! (bye in Portuguese)

    originally posted @
  • this is such a great show!!! so, this is wat its about:

    Moss lives with his mum, who dresses him,styles his hair & buys his clothes. He"s highly intelligent,scared of spiders & has the social skills of a serial killer. The closest he"s got to a woman is Lara Croft,& he struggles to communicate with anything that doesn"t have a keyboard. The smiling face of the I.T. Department, Roy"s spiky personality ensures he"ll always be kept away from normal people as long as possible. He"s king of the basement,indulging his love of comic books,fast food,computer games and random arguments with his best friend,Moss. Jen knows nothing about IT,she only got the job because she said she had extensive experience of computers like using mices,clicking, double-clicking,& that thing that goes on the floor... the er hard-drive? As well as being their line manager,Jen is Roy and Moss" agony aunt,relationship coach & guru about life outside the basement. Not that her life is going particularly well, it"s just better than theirs.
  • God, I love this show.

    Oh my God I love this show soo much! It is so darn funny! I seriously cannot wait every week for it to start, because it is so great! It is a light comedy which has you laughing your head off every step of the way. The humour is just so wonderful. It is right up my alley. I am not always so keen on British shows, but this one definitely gets my vote! The IT Crowd and Top Gear are definitely two shows worth watching. Did I mention you should watch this show? lol.
    I could go on forever about how great this show is... but unfortunately I will stop here. *is sad*
    So if you want a really good laugh every week, and for it not to be American... I suggest you give the IT Crowd a shot!
  • bully the business

    This is one hell of a show. It is filled with all the things you hear about involving IT, but the humor here is done in such a way, that even IT staff themselves are slapping their thighs and laughing themselves to tears.

    I wanted to give you a summary, but i have no idea where to begin. In all honesty, not all of us are into the British humor thing, and often enough an expression or two will make you lose the plot, but that doesn't happen here. It is a combination of good writing, and even more important, excellent casting. Thee two Techies are just plain brilliant. Their new boss is like any IT Boss (completely ignorant of the technology she should be a master of) and that all just adds to it all.

    The seassons are too short, but the 6 episodes of season 1 are just plain perfect, and season 2 is actually better, something i did not consider possible.
  • Have you tried turning it off and on again? Are you sure it's plugged in?

    Everything about this show is hilarious. Normal comedy shows will usually have one big hilarious moment in an episode that will make you laugh really hard, and loads of little jokes too. The IT Crowd has about 10 of those hilarious moments each show, where you're laughing every second while it's on.
    The opening theme is catchy, and each character is funny in their own way. Roy is the one whose bored of their job and has an eye for the ladies, Moss is the nerdy one who never thinks before speaking, and Jen is the enthusiastic worker in a tired office. If you don't like the show, I just have 5 words for you. Noel Fielding plays a goth. This is the best show since 'Scrubs'.
  • Looking at other reviews, other people love the "IT Crowd" for the same reason as I do.

    This isn't your usual sitcom with weird and funny charaters, this is a sitcom with incredibly weird and terrificly funny charaters.

    When Channel four advertised the "IT Crowd" on TV, it looked positively entertaining, but thats just a short snippet from a commercial. Fortunately, the first episode aired and now the IT crowd is one of my favourite shows. My favourite charaters have to be Moss and Denholm. Moss fits the bill so perfectly and adds bonus comedy to the show. Denholm is a crazy spark of a boss who is paranoid on his colleagues working as a team. Jen and Roy are great charaters too, not to mention Richmond, the goth who has "clearly gone mad". Now for my favourite quote - "Have you tried turnig it off and on again?"
  • An outstanding series.

    I love this show, It is so funny. Why are British comedies SO much better than American comedies? I'll tell you why. Because British comedies are actually clever, and DON'T talk about dating non-stop!

    I don't know what more to say about The IT Crowd, except that I really recommend it to fans of Fawlty Towers and Blackadder. Why can't more American shows be more like this? Oh, no wait...that would be asking too much.
  • The it crowd is one of the greatist tv shows around, i dont really watch tv much. And im on just to wright a review of this show because its the only show that i want to watch, i come off my computer to watch it. How great is that?

    The it crowd is one of the greatist tv shows around, i dont really watch tv much. And im on just to wright a review of this show because its the only show that i want to watch, i come off my computer to watch it. How great is that?
    The kind of humor in the it croud is unique, and verry different that in any other show, which is what makes it so good. It is not funny just one off either, you can watch it over and over again and still find it good. i would recomend watching this to anyone, so watch it now!

    ps. emergancy servaces= 0800 999 88199 9119725 3 lol. You have to watch episode 2 to get that :P.
  • The IT crowd is a VERY funny show on channel four. It is mainly about Moss, Roy and Jen; the people of the IT department.

    The IT crowd is the best show ever! The best character is Moss played by Richard Ayoade. Hes sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! I got all my friends to start watching it and if you don\'t watch it, your life must be so boring! I even made my own website about him with my friend who is equally as mad on him as me!
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