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  • A half-decent show about two IT techs whose lives are disrupted by new tech Jenn, who just happens to know nothing about computers... except how to email.

    All the promos made this look like the next big thing, in fact they were more hilarious than the actual show itself. The first and second episodes (run as a double bill on C4) were quite decent but nowhere near as good as it was made out to be. I'm still with the show, though, so it can't be that bad.
    I find myself continually wondering whether the actors are being intentionally unfunny, or just happen to lack any decent acting abilities. I am being unfair I know, but I cannot help it - they just are not all that talented. Yet. The potential is there, and the fact that the show has rather decent writers (or writer) has kept it in my personal planner, where it will remain until it finishes up its run. I'll be mildly surprised if this gets as a second series, but we will see.

    Hmm. I am mildly surprised. C4 has commisioned a second series to air later in the year. Hopefully it'll come back with some confidence and better storylines and writers.
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