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  • From the man behind Father Ted and Black Books comes a show not as good as either. This show is still highly watchable however, and if you haven't seen either of it's predecessors, you'll just love it.

    Written by Irish genius Graham Lineham who's past credits include Father Ted & Black Books, The IT Crowd is a story of two geeks and a girl. But wait, come back, it's not a rom-com!

    Roy and Moss are two employees of Reynholm Industries, a place of high towers, young go-getters and executive meetings. But there's one thing: that's not them at all, and single handedly being the IT Department they're located down in the basement, away from all the beautiful people and the light. In the first episode we're introduced to Jen, who for the rest of the season (and beyond?) will be their supervisor, albeit, one that doesn't know anything at all about computers.

    Jokes are silly, violence is random and the whole experience is counter-productive, but believe me, that's some of the best things about this quick-fire 20 minute show. The past credits of the writer show frequently, and unfortunately the show isn't as good as either of the above mentioned, but regardless this is easy, fun, lighthearted viewing, that's perfect for a Friday night!
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