The IT Crowd

Season 4 Episode 6

Reynholm vs Reynholm

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 30, 2010 on Channel 4
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Douglas puts his money at stake when his marriage goes wrong, so it's up to the Reynholm staff to get his out of his sticky situation.

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  • A so-so send off for a funny little troupe.

    Well it seems like they've hit the wall for comic ideas now so it's as well that the run is over. Partly due to my never finding the Douglas character to my liking and that the plot in this episode was a bit stitched together compared to the better ones, but this episode just seemed more stupid than comical. It's a razor edge to keep on the right side of manic comedy without just tipping over into a face-plant on the courtroom floor. Thanks to the team for four very good series overall.moreless
  • This show used to be great.

    Watching this episode makes me wonder why I have bothered with this most recent series. Sure there was a couple of good episodes: Jen The Fredo, The Final Countdown. And I suppose Italian For Beginners was okay. But all in all it makes me feel like the writers have actually forgot what makes their show funny in the first place, and here's a tip it's not silly courtroom scenes. Take this episode for example. It has next to no plot. Douglas' ex-wife has reappeared for some reason and for some reason she wants a divorce. Douglas, for reasons of pure plot convenience decides that Jen is ideally situated to act as his lawyer or something I don't know. Then there's an interminably long courtroom scene, including a callback to the very unfunny courtroom scene from Something Happened. And then the eventual outcome of the episode is the Douglas' ex-wife getting fed up of the courtroom scene as well and just giving up. This is not good writing, when characters are getting bored there's a good chance that your viewers are also.

    All in all this episode is just an excuse for Douglas to clown around and be an idiot, and that's not good enough. As much as I like Matt Berry from The Mighty Boosh and Garth Merenghi's Darkplace, I feel he has no place in this program. His character is incredibly unfunny and is far too often the centre of attention. I seem to remember that at one point this program was about Roy, Moss and Jen and that the program was so much better when this was the case.

    I get the feeling that this review will probably be unpopular, but I don't review the episode this harshly out of hate but instead disappointment. This series was once great (see the first two series) and I am sad that it has become so unfunny and pointless, and that all the main characters have been relegated to side characters while we endure more and more of Douglas' hijinks.moreless
  • Best of the best keep it up cant wait for next season funny episode please load full episodes so that ppl in USA and all over the world can get to know what IT crowd is aboutmoreless

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  • So funny with Moss getting scared in court due to being found "guilty" by mum in a mock court

    Very funny episode with Mr. Reynholm in court to divorce his 2nd wife. He claims the wife is not human and Moss also must be witness in court which makes him so scared that he was not able to find his way out of the dock after not answering a question stating his name. This episode was so funny and Channel 4 has some great extras online at featuring interview with some of the cast. Hope for more of the funny stuff next season starting in later this year. Richard's character rocks. Excellent comedy with brilliant punchlines and script writing.moreless
  • Your name is Maurice Moss is it not?

    I was worried that The IT Crowd would not be able to return to its Season 1 - Season 2 form this year, after such a long break and a fairly mediocre third season, but that was dispelled by an unbelievable season finale here tonight.

    The episode focused on Douglas, but featured great appearances by the other three stars who usually take precedent over him. There was also a surprise return that I will not spoil for those who have yet to see it.

    What was great about this episode is that nearly everything worked. The video that the returning star made, everything Douglas did, the edible restaurant, Graham Linehan outdid himself with this finale.

    If you did not laugh at this episode you are probably dead inside, that is the only possible explanation as this was 24 minutes of absolute comedy brilliance.moreless

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