The IT Crowd

Season 1 Episode 4

The Red Door

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2006 on Channel 4
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Jen wonders what is behind the "red door"; however Roy and Moss refuse to let her see for fear that Jen will upset the delicate ecobalance of the office.

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  • I can't really say that this episode was a "miss" per say, but it was a little shy off the mark. Still funny, but simply not up to par with the first three episodes.moreless

    I'm a huge fan of "The IT Crowd", so it's hard to rate an episode that falls a little bit below the mark, which this episode did. It was still funny, but most of the funny bits took a back seat to the introduction of a new character, Richmond (Noel Fielding). Maybe "goths" are more of a staple in the UK and thus more prone to humor when jokes are aimed at them, much like "rednecks" are in the US, but I simply didn't find the character of Richmond all that engaging. So much pipe had to be laid in order to explain how he got to his lot in life, that there wasn't much time to really do anything funny with him. Either that, or their simply isn't that much humor to be wrung from the goth lifestyle. What ever the case, I was left feeling a little under-whelmed by the whole story.

    The parts of this episode that WERE funny all dealt with the stars of the series that we've come to love. Moss' mug that has his picture on the bottom, Roy's use of a modified answering machine to field tech support calls and also becoming a "desk rabbit" are all gems and yield huge laughs, but it's simply not enough to save this episode from being more than just average.

    It's definitely still worth watching and there are plenty of lines that are quote worthy, but overall, the episode is just not the a-list material that we've come to expect.moreless
  • Jen discovers something behind the red door and Roy gets stuck under a desk.

    This was another funny episode of the IT Crowd, though perhaps not quite as hilarious as Calamity Jen. It turns out that behind the door is a former employee who was banished there by Denholm when he turned into a goth. There were also some very funny scenes where Roy gets stuck under a woman's desk when he went to help get her computer started (of course it wasn't plugged in!) There was also a very funny moment when Roy tries to fool Jen into thinking the red door is to a store room for snibbets for the computer plange. Priceless!moreless
  • Among my favourite episodes of any show, EVER!

    The reason I love this episode SO much, is because it guest stars Noel Fielding from The Mighty Boosh, One of my favourite shows EVER.

    He is outstanding in this episode. He plays a goth, obsessed with Cradle of Filth, who are actually my favourite band.

    The whole episode is fact, the whole SHOW is flawless. Never, ever boring, and a 10/10 for entertainment.
  • I really like this episode. It's cleverly written and extremely funny...

    I really like this episode. It's cleverly written and extremely funny. The only episode that is better than it is Calamity Jen (0118 999 881 999 119 725 3 was REALLY funny). I disagree with the other review. Yes, the characters are not always very believable, but I can imagine the clothes-obsessed woman, the geeky-lives-at-home guy and the never-has-any-luck with women guy! Richmond was a clever addition, although I'm still not quite sure exactly what he was doing behind The Red Door, but it was VERY funny when Jen discovered him! No, so, I think the only thing that's wrong with this episode is the ending. Richmond should have got his job back. Or did he? I'm not very clear about this. This review might not make much sense, but, hey, it's my first time.moreless
  • Jen decides the office needs some more light and more space, but notices a red door before she can convince anyone to change the delicate ecosystem balance. Roy's well-tuned troubleshooting is thwarted, and he has to actually go upstairs, but gets trappedmoreless

    Some bright moments, but the series is still to take off. The classic 'Did-you-turn-it-off-and-on-again?' is still the funniest joke, but will surely run thin in due course. The three main characters are trying very, very hard to make it gel, but it just doesn't quite work.

    The introduction of Noel Fielding was a pleasant surprise, but his characters tend to be either very good or very dull, and so far Richmond appears to lean towards the dull side, which just adds another not-quite-there personality to the team. His blonde, bubbly alter ego proved way funnier, even as a silent flashback. Let's hope we see more of that side of Fielding later on.

    This show has the potential (and the manpower) to hit the mark as a scathing satire of corporate London, just as Morris' other shows have done, but the tendency to slapstick is weak, and whereas every single character in Nathan Barley can be found on the streets of Shoreditch, these guys just aren't that believable. Yet.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Roy's Shirt: Pac-Man (level 256)

    • Goof: At the funeral when Richmond gives Denholm's mother a Cradle of Filth CD, he tells her to listen to track 4 and says that it is called "Coffin Fodder". In fact "Coffin Fodder" is track 9 on the album Nymphetamine.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • (Denholm is looking at his cup and is laughing at it)
      Jen: Mr. Reynolm?
      Denholm: Oh, hello, Jen. I am just enjoying this cup of tea.

    • Jen: I've always wanted to know, yeah, why do you never see any cockney goths?
      Richmond: They're too cheerful. Spoils it for the rest of us.

    • Jen: So what happened?
      Richmond: It's quite a long story, actually.
      Jen: Really? Don't worry about it then.

    • Moss: (looking at his mobile phone) Roy's stuck under a desk.
      Jen: Stuck under a desk?
      Moss: Yes. It is an unusual text isn't it? It's not just me.

    • Jen: What are you laughing at?
      Moss: This flipping circuitboard, Jen. Some chump has run the data lines right through the power supply. Amateur hour! I've got tears in my eyes.

    • Roy: (to Jen) I know that the place looks like a bit of a mess, but it's actually a very delicate eco-system.

    • Jen: Tell me. What's behind that red door?
      (Big crash outside the office then Moss walks in.)
      Moss and Roy: (together) Nothing!
      Jen: Well there must be something behind it.
      Moss: There's nothing behind the red door, Jen.
      Jen: Well then I can just go in-
      Roy: No, Jen, it's just a boring old store room. That's all. It's just a store room where we keep the snibbets.
      Jen: What's a snibbet?
      Roy: It's a kind of plange.
      Jen: A plange for the computers?
      Roy: Yes, computer plange.
      Jen: Well if it's a store room, we can store some of this stuff in there.
      Roy: No! Jen, Jen. I know you want to make your mark down here, and that's really sweet, but, um, you can't just go messing around with the snibbet store room, willy nilly. You can't upset the whole hartmony of the place.

    • Moss: Would I blow everyone's mind if I atr dessert first?

    • Roy: What's that?
      Jen: Goats' cheese salad.
      Roy: Oh, Oh!
      Jen: You don't like goats' cheese?
      Roy: I don't like goats' anything. I don't like goats being involved in any stage of the food production process.

    • Moss: Roy is stuck underneath a lady's desk.
      Jen: What? Still?
      Moss: Look, I know that normally this would be very funny but he's been under there too long for reasonable explanation. If that woman looks down she's going to assume he's a desk rabbit.
      Jen: What's a desk rabbit?
      Moss: I just made that up. But that's probably going to be what they start to call people like Roy. But Roy's not a desk rabbit, he's my best friend.

    • Jen: How come you never see goths driving cars?
      Richmond: Oh we drive cars. We're just like you really, except we listen to Cradle of Filth.
      Jen: I assume Cradle Of Filth is a band, and it's not just an actual cradle of filth.
      Richmond: Ooh, no! That would be horrible!

    • Roy: (singing) We don't need no education.
      Moss: Yes you do. You've just used a double negative.

    • Roy: At last things are back to normal. As long as no one goes through that door! (pointing to an old, creepy, menacing green door)

    • Moss: Hello, Richmond. How are things?
      Richmond: Well, you know, not brilliant.

    • Moss: You've got to help Roy! (sees Richmond standing there) Richmond is out of his roo- he's supposed to be in his roo- why is he not in his room?!

    • Richmond: You mean I've got to stay down here?
      Denholm: Yes, now stay away from me, you goblin!

    • (Roy answers the phone)
      Roy: Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again? Have you made sure it's plugged in? Okay, I'll be up in a moment.
      (Roy sits down and starts to read a comic book)

    • Jen: Receptionist, third floor, have you seen her baby?
      Roy: I didn't even know she was pregnant.
      Moss: She was out to here! (gestures how fat she was)
      Roy: Yes, I thought she was stealing office equipment! That's how I got that monitor.

    • Jen: How can you two live like this?
      Moss: (typing) How can you two live like this?
      Roy: Don't Google the question, Moss!

    • Jen: Goths are people too!

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