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This new NBC comedy, based on the British series of the same name, centers on two misfits, Roy (Joel McHale) and Moss (Richard Ayoade), who work in the IT department of a large corporation. The two techies are highly skilled at their job but are hardly recognized for their work, thanks to their boss, Denholm (Rocky Carroll), keeping them cooped up in the company basement. However, Jen, their new office manager, provides a beacon of hope for the two. With her social skills, Roy and Moss may finally get the respect they deserve. However, she just happens to also not know a thing about computers - she lied on her resume.

The IT Crowd is produced by FremantleMedia North America in association with Universal Media Studios and distributed by the NBC Television Network. The series has been given a 6 episode initial order.


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    • PIlot Here

      The pilot was leaked in 2012, and looks like it is here

    • The show is about a group of people working in the IT depratment. It tells about their "life" in the office and how they actually do their job. All the jokes and situations are making the series simply hilarious!moreless

      The first time i have whatched it was a pure accident just because of being bored not knowing what else to watch, so I have chosen a random series without reading any review on it. I am not a big fan of British series and therefore I was about to watch something elso; however, I was pleasantly surprised after I have watched the first 10 minutes and I simply fell in love with the IT Crowd! This show is about a group of people wrking in the IT department which is actually located in the basement of the office building; the group basically consists of two nerds and a newly hired woman who has no idea about computers, so during the show we become witnesses of the way they work and rather live together in their office. It is really funny and easy to watch, just to relax and have a great time. Of course it is not the brightest series in sence of intelience content, but it is perfect for sitting together with your friends and laugh and have great time together. Hence, I totally recomend everybody to watch it, and I am sure no one would regret! Just enjoy!moreless
    • Ouch!


      I'm a big fan of UK IT Crowd and I was curious about this remake, so I looked for the pilot at the internet. I still can't understand how they managed to turn a great show into a pile of nothingness.

      It even uses one of the actors from the original series and a funny guy like the guy from Community (can't remember his name now), and the original scripts but... ouch.

      Jen is supossed to be clumsy, hysterical, not a normal woman who just lied in her CV, Denholm a crazy person, not a scary black guy...

      To be brief, it sucks big time.moreless
    • Great british concept and original show but horrible remake. Why?

      I this is a great british sitcom that is extremely funny. What i believe makes it so funny is the british homour. I watched the pilot remake and it is exactly the smae but with more long winded jokes that just arn't funny anymore. American tv isn't horrible so why do they see a need to remake all these great british shows. If they think that the shows so good to remake, just show the british original on tv.

      I'm just sick of us remakes that are horrible and steal credit from the uk makers that actually come up with the ideas and concepts. Just stop it!!moreless
    • Enjoyed the unaired pilot. I thought it had great potential. Too bad it seems to have fallen through the cracks.

      I really enjoyed the unaired pilot. An American version of the IT Crowd would have been interesting though I would have preferred it to not exactly follow the plot of the UK show. I really liked Rocky Carroll as Denholm and Jessica St. Clair as Jen. It would have been better if they had been able to get someone a bit more like Chris O'Dowd to play Roy. A good half-hour spoof of the American IT scene could be successfull if done right. It really is unfortunate that the network seems to have dropped the idea. Perhaps some other network will pick it up.moreless
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