The Jack Benny Program

CBS (ended 1965)




Episode Guide

  • Season 15
    • Smothers Brothers Show
      The Smothers Brothers introduce the show trying to sing "Love in Bloom." Later, they perform "Boil That Cabbage Down," "I Don't Care," and "I Never Will Marry." The sketch is set after a 1944 air raid in London when Jack was entertaining troops at the Palladium. He's trapped under an unexploded bomb, and discovered by the Brothers, a demolition team. Rather than defusing the bomb, they make him listen to their audition.moreless
    • Jack Has Dog Trouble
      Benny wears his new expensive, Beverly Hills tailor-made suit to his sponsor's home for dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis have a huge dog, Henrietta, that they treat as a spoiled child. She takes to Jack and destroys his new suit. When Mr. Lewis says they're going on vacation, Jack regrets having said he loved their dog.moreless
    • Jack Appears on a Panel Show
      Jack is upset because his publicity man isn't getting him dignified press; he has Jack's posing for a photo with pancakes on his head. When there's a cancellation on the intellectual discussion show Impromptu, Jack jumps at the chance. Dennis thinks he's found a ruby he lost from his ring, but its a One-a-Day Brand Vitamin, leading to Don's commercial. On the show, panelists Angie Dickinson, Dr. Joyce Brothers, and Vincent Price make him look like he has an empty head. But when the topic of the American dollar comes up, Jack can't say enough. Jack is still talking about money after the show's end credits have rolled, and the cameras have been turned off.moreless
    • Dennis Opens a Bank Account
      Jack's publicity agent has him posing for ridiculous photos, as a Beatle (for a youthful image), a frogman and as a surfer (to show him as a man of action). Dennis sings "There'll Be Music" with Don on the piano. The photographer poses Don, leading into the State Farm Insurance commercial. Jack can't believe Dennis has never had a bank account, or even set foot inside of one. With piggy bank in hand, Benny takes him to the bank where they crack the pig open, count the change, and open an account.moreless
    • Jack's Navy Buddy Returns
      Jack's is reunited with his first vaudeville partner, old Navy buddy Stub Walker, who he hasn't seen in 40 years. Stub us retiring from the service and has come to take Jack up on his promise that they would work together again one day. Jack tries him out on the show (The two perform a medley of WWI hits.) but Stub can't deliver his lines, and his old routines are out of date.moreless
    • Jack Finds a Double
      At the show's rehearsal, Jack constantly makes mistakes. He complains of overwork. Network bigwigs have an idea to ease Jack's load: they've found a Benny look-alike (also played by Benny) who could fill in for the busy star. Before trying to pass the fake Jack off on the sponsor, it's decided the "double" must first past a test: he has to convince Rochester that he's the real man. Don does the State Farm commercial with a drum: you can't "beat" State Farm. The double moves into Benny's home, but Rochester is not fooled. He knows the real Jack isn't humble, kind, modest and generous with his cash.moreless
    • Jack Brings Ed Up From the Vault
      Jack goes down to his vault to get $10 out and brings up his aging guard, Ed, to see what modern life is like. It's his first time out in years and he's unprepared for the fast pace of the world. When Ed disappears, Jack calls the police, but it's unnecessary; Ed returns, wanting to go back to the peace and quiet of the vault.moreless
    • Rainy Day in Palm Springs
      In the monologue, Jack explains how he keeps fit. He also says the American Federation of Musicians has given him a one-way ticket to Australia. Rochester explains the rules to the house to their new housekeeper. Rule #1: you must must watch Benny's show. Dennis Day sings the State Farm Insurance jingle, and then "If Ever I Would Leave You" with running commentary from Rochester and the maid. Rochester fills her in on the time Jack fired Dennis Day. The story flashes back to their radio days; Dennis suggests they all drive to Palm Springs for the weekend and it rains the whole time.moreless
    • Jack Joins Acrobats
      Jack's monologue about TV ratings is interrupted by an audience member from Toledo who wants to take a picture of his family with Jack. Don does the One-A-Day Brand Vitamins commercial with a member of the family. Dennis performs "My Kind of Town (Chicago Is)." In the sketch, Jack plays a Sultan who visits one of his villages, expecting the natives to award him his weight in treasure; he's in for a disappointment. Sultan Jack is supposed to ride on a "flying carpet", but the crew can't get it to work. To cover, a troop of acrobats, The Tangiers, begin performing. Hating to be upstaged, Jack tries to stop them, but becomes part of their act.moreless
    • The Stradivarius Story
      Jack introduces cameraman Charlie Summers and his new wife; she asks Jack why Charlie has never received a raise. During their "feud", Fred Allen presented a 10-year-old violinist on his radio show, Stuart Canin, who played violin better than Jack. He's now a 38-year-old professor of violin at Oberlin. He plays a selection from La vida breve by Manuel de Falla on a Stradivarius. Don Wilson introduces a man with a rocket pack and radar wants to be a State Farm agent. In the sketch, Jack plays the violin-maker Antonio Stradivari, lavishing great care on each instrument. His brother-in-law says customers only care about his signature on them. His wife whines that he could make a lot more money if he cranked out the violins mass production-style. Benny and Canin duet on "The Bee".moreless
    • Jack Visits House of Monkeys
      The various audience members in line discuss how they got their tickets to the show. Jack's monologue is about his trip to Australia. He introduces Australian singer Lorrae Desmond who performs "Wouldn't It Be Lovely." Don asks Lorrae if you gain or lose a day when you cross the International Date Line because he doesn't want to miss a One-a-Day Vitamin. In the sketch, Jack recalls his first meeting with the Marquis Chimps after seeing them perform in Las Vegas. He goes to the monkey's home to meet their owner, Gene Getroy, and discuss having the act on his TV show. Jack ends up negotiating with the chimps themselves.moreless
    • Kingston Trio Show
      Kingston Trio Show
      Episode 17
      The Kingston Trio performs "I'm Going Home" and "Tijuana Jail." In the sketch, Jack shares a cell with the Trio in a Tijuana jail. Things become quite crowded when Jack's orchestra is also tossed into the hoosegow, along with the Mexican police captain and his two assistants.
    • Jack Adopts a Son
      Jack Adopts a Son
      Episode 16
      In his monologue, Jack demonstrates why his Stradivarius is worth $30,000. He introduces Milton Berle and they exchange insults. Don introduces Miss Carmelita Montoya, a dancer from Madrid who uses One-a-Day Brand Vitamins for castanets. In the sketch, Jack plays Jonathan Goodheart, a rich do-gooder who believes there is no such thing as a bad boy. As he "auditions" several young boys to adopt, he encounters one real stinker who makes him rethink his position: Milton, a brat who only wants to inherit Jack's money.moreless
    • Guest Groucho
      Guest Groucho
      Episode 15
    • Jack Jones Show
      Jack Jones Show
      Episode 15
      Guest Jack Jones sings "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" and "I Need a Girl." In the sketch, Benny is the principal of Benedict Arnold High School. Because of the lousy salary he pays his teacher, Mr. Jones works four other jobs to pay the bills, Phys Ed teacher Wilson drives a cab and Miss Collins moonlights as a burlesque dancer. Cops show up to arrest Principal Benny for running a bookie operation out of his office.moreless
    • One Man Show
      One Man Show
      Episode 14
      In the holiday show, Jack chats informally with the audience. He shows a baby picture of himself at six months of age. The baby has clenched fists; Jack says he's holding a dime in each. Going out into the audience, Jack finds Gisele MacKenzie in the crowd. She's there with an aunt from Toronto who requests Jack translate his jokes into French. He drags MacKenzie onto the stage to do a reprise of their famed violin duet, "Getting to Know You."moreless
    • Amateur Night
      Amateur Night
      Episode 13
      Jack's conducts another of his salary-saving amateur talent shows. Dennis has been banned from the set, but is determined to get on by impersonating various celebrities; he masquerades as a Japanese man dressed like one of The Beatles singing "I Want To Hold Your Hand". Also performing are Otto Kessler, aka Mel Blanc, as a whiskey bottle-player; and The Guire Sisters who are proud of their "commercial" name.moreless
    • Jack Has a Sick Alligator
      Jack talks an unsuspecting veterinarian into making a house call. He leads the doctor through the dungeon underneath his house, past his ancient security guard, and to the surprise patient: a sick alligator that lives in the moat protecting his vault. The doctor surprises even himself by diagnosing the creature's problem.moreless
    • Wayne Newton/Louis Nye Show
      Jack's guests are comedian Louis Nye and singer Wayne Newton. The sketch is a flashback to when Jack discovered Newton. Benny is performing at a posh garden benefit to send "underprivileged" children of Beverly Hills to camp on the French Riviera. Needing an opening act, Jack gives a waiter a chance to sing, thus giving Wayne his big showbiz break. Louis Nye emcees the charity event. Newton performs "Falling In Love," "You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You," and "When the Saints Go Marching In."moreless
    • Jack Hires a Cook
      Jack Hires a Cook
      Episode 10
      After twenty years, Rochester has finally talked Jack into giving him a week's vacation. He's relaxing with his friend Roy at the Palm Valley Inn when he reads a newspaper ad Jack has placed for a household domestic. Thinking he's being replaced, a panicked Rochester phones Don and Dennis and asks for their help. The pair scheme to get rid of the housekeeper by scaring her off. Jack explains to the guys that it's all a misunderstanding and that Miss Dooley was hired to help Rochester, not replace him.moreless
    • The Cat Burglar
      The Cat Burglar
      Episode 9
      At the poker game at Jack's house with band members Frank and Sammy, and Don and Dennis, cheapskate Benny refuses to open a new deck, forcing the guys to make do with an improvised deck. Much is made of the cat burglar that's been breaking into the homes of Beverly Hills celebrities. Jack warns everyone to lock their doors and stay off the street. The State Farm commercial is heard on Dennis' radio. Two criminals are hypnotizing a poor dupe into putting on a cat costume and breaking into the homes of snoozing residents to steal their valuables. The surprise appearance of Joey Bishop allows Jack and Rochester to identify the cat burglar.moreless
    • Jack Loses a Raffle
      The women of the Beverly Hills Improvement Committee, spearheaded by the wives of David Janssen, Andy Williams, and Steve McQueen, are trying to rid their community of Jack's Maxwell. They sell him a ticket to a raffle that's rigged for him; the prize is a car to replace his old junk heap.moreless
    • Jungle Sketch
      Jungle Sketch
      Episode 7
      Don opens the program by announcing that the show must go on; Jack is brought out in traction in a hospital bed. Guest Abbe Lane sings "I Believe in You." Don needs his glasses to do the State Farm commercial. They come equipped with a funny nose and a State Farm sign. Jack plays an Albert Schweitzer-type scientist working deep in the jungle to develop a non-skid banana peel. His bombshell wife, Lane, is sick of the rain and bored with their marriage. His assistant, Lawrence of Africa, is there to sweep her off her feet.moreless
    • Hillbilly Sketch
      Hillbilly Sketch
      Episode 6
      In his monologue, Jack confesses that his producer has been using raffle tickets to get the audience members to stay in their seats through the end of the show. Jack and guest Connie Francis argue about whether it's harder to sing or to get laughs. Francis sings "I Was Born Too Late," and a medley of Al Jolson tunes ("Swanee," "Mammy," and "April Showers").
      Don does the Alka-Seltzer commercial as an endorsement by a safe-cracker.
      In the sketch, Jack heads the hillbilly Skinner family who live in a cabin in the Ozarks. His wife (Connie) agrees that they should explain the facts of life to their son, 28-year-old Clem (Dale). Cousin Shem (Don) is in agreement. They perform a parody of "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter."moreless
    • Jack Makes a Comedy Record
      Jack has his writers working to churn out a script he and Bob Hope can use on a comedy album the pair are doing together. When they go into the recording studio, the two begin to ad-lib instead and Jack tries to bury him in jokes. It quickly becomes a "can you top this" match between the two comedians.moreless
    • Income Tax Show
      Income Tax Show
      Episode 4
      IRS agents can't believe that Jack Benny could have earned $375,000, yet only spent $19 on entertainment. On his taxes he claims $3.90 for taking Jimmy and Gloria Stewart to dinner. The agents question the Stewarts and discover that Jack saw them at their favorite restaurant and forced them sit at his table with him and his girlfriend. Benny told them he would pay, but at the end of the meal, he let the Stewarts pick up the tab so they could enjoy the meal as a tax deduction. The $3.90 is what it cost Jack to have his suit cleaned after Gloria dumped a salad on his head.moreless
    • Andy Williams Show
      Guest Andy Williams sings "On the Street Where You Live." for the little old ladies of Jack's fan club. On the premise it will be good for his career, Jack talks Andy into attending a gala grand opening with him. He doesn't tell Andy it's at a meat market. Embarrassed to be at such an affair, he's talked into singing "Moon River". On the up side, he wins a free turkey.moreless
    • Lucille Ball Show
      Jack is dressed in a white tuxedo to introduce his guest Lucille Ball; she comes out dressed as a hillbilly. Jack praises Lucy's skills as a businesswoman, leading to the sketch about a famous woman from history.
      In this version of Paul Revere's famous ride. Jack as Revere tries to explain to his jealous wife, Rachel (Lucy), why he's riding all over the countryside. Singing "Hello Dolly" in honor of Dolly Madison doesn't help matters. She's convinced he's seeing another woman and not even George Washington (Don Wilson) can convince her otherwise. After accidentally knocking Paul out, Rachel has to make the famous "midnight ride."moreless
    • NBC Premiere
      NBC Premiere
      Episode 1
      The show opens with Chet Huntley and David Brinkley doing a newscast on Benny's return to NBC. In his monologue, Jack talks about the move and conducts a press conference with the Marquis Chimps as panelists. Dennis brings his wife and nine children on stage.
      Jack meets with NBC executives and finds that his new TV studio is a radio studio. Doug McClure and Roberta Shore from The Virginian make cameos. Jack Performs again with the Marquis Chimps, with the monkeys dressed as The Beatles. They sing "I Want to Hold Your Hand" with Jack.moreless
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