The Jack Benny Program

CBS (ended 1965)




Episode Guide

    • Lucille Ball Show
      Lucille Ball Show
      Season 15 - Episode 2
      Jack is dressed in a white tuxedo to introduce his guest Lucille Ball; she comes out dressed as a hillbilly. Jack praises Lucy's skills as a businesswoman, leading to the sketch about a famous woman from history.
      In this version of Paul Revere's famous ride. Jack as Revere tries to explain to his jealous wife, Rachel (Lucy), why he's riding all over the countryside. Singing "Hello Dolly" in honor of Dolly Madison doesn't help matters. She's convinced he's seeing another woman and not even George Washington (Don Wilson) can convince her otherwise. After accidentally knocking Paul out, Rachel has to make the famous "midnight ride."moreless
    • Jack Takes Beavers To The Fair
      Jack Takes Beavers To The Fair
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      In this color episode, Jack loans each of the Beverly Hills Beavers fifty cents when he takes them to the fair. Things start badly when Jack has to be shot down after holding too many balloons. He also gets knocked out on the merry-go-round. He impresses everyone when he swings the mallet and knocks the bell off the top of the meter; it didn't hurt that one of the Beaver sticks him in the butt with a pin. Mr. Kitzel, who's manning the hot dog concession, tells Jack he's a utility player who fills in wherever needed at the fair. They run into him later dressed in a gorilla suit, and introducing the Sportsmen who masquerade as trapeze act the Five flying Finnegans. Jack steps into a cage with a lion, thinking the lion is Mr. Kitzel in another costume. It isn't. On the way out, they pass a hula girl show. The boys want to go in and watch, but Jack says no--until he learns the dancing girl is Mr. Kitzel.moreless
    • Bedroom Burglar
      Bedroom Burglar
      Season 5 - Episode 8
      Jack comes home for dinner after a long rehearsal. Polly the parrot, who Rochester had sucked into the vacuum cleaner earlier, squeals on the butler for having eaten one of Jack's bananas. Don drops by with the Sportsmen to audition their commercial for the next show. After quieting a drippy bathroom faucet, Rochester rocks Jack to sleep in his combination bed/cradle. Once he's snoozing, two burglars come in through Jack's bedroom window to rob him. They aren't expecting the room to be booby-trapped. After being squirted with seltzer and punched in the face, they're ready to leave, but it costs them money to open the coin-operated window.moreless
    • Smothers Brothers Show
      Smothers Brothers Show
      Season 15 - Episode 28
      The Smothers Brothers introduce the show trying to sing "Love in Bloom." Later, they perform "Boil That Cabbage Down," "I Don't Care," and "I Never Will Marry." The sketch is set after a 1944 air raid in London when Jack was entertaining troops at the Palladium. He's trapped under an unexploded bomb, and discovered by the Brothers, a demolition team. Rather than defusing the bomb, they make him listen to their audition.moreless
    • Wayne Newton/Louis Nye Show
      Wayne Newton/Louis Nye Show
      Season 15 - Episode 11
      Jack's guests are comedian Louis Nye and singer Wayne Newton. The sketch is a flashback to when Jack discovered Newton. Benny is performing at a posh garden benefit to send "underprivileged" children of Beverly Hills to camp on the French Riviera. Needing an opening act, Jack gives a waiter a chance to sing, thus giving Wayne his big showbiz break. Louis Nye emcees the charity event. Newton performs "Falling In Love," "You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You," and "When the Saints Go Marching In."moreless
    • Christmas Show
      Christmas Show
      Season 8 - Episode 7
      This is the TV debut of Jack's traditional Christmas shopping radio show. Jack and Rochester go looking for gifts at a department store. Jack harasses clerk Mel Blanc, repeatedly have him re-wrap the wallet he bought for Don because he wants to change the card inside. After changing it one too many times, Blanc, now a wreck, loads a pistol and shoots himself. Jack has several arguments with surly floorwalker Frank Nelson, especially after smashing a new "unvreakable" watch with a hammer. He buys lingerie from a clerk too unnerved by nighties to touch them with his bare hands.moreless
    • Twilight Zone Sketch
      Twilight Zone Sketch
      Season 13 - Episode 16
      Jack hires Rod Serling to work with his two writers to improve the quality of the show. Rod decides he can't write comedy since it doesn't make any sense to him. Jack argues that Twilight Zone does? This leads to the sketch where Jack wanders through the fog until he sees the signpost up ahead informing him he's in Twilight Zone, Population: Unlimited. Jack spots his house and goes in, but Rochester doesn't recognize him. Neither does the home's owner and town's mayor, Mr. Twlight Zone, who thinks he's nuts. He calls over a psychologist, Dennis, who also refuses to believe he's some TV star named Jack Benny.moreless
    • Ed Sullivan/Genevieve Show
      Ed Sullivan/Genevieve Show
      Season 9 - Episode 15
      Jack discusses being back in New York in his monologue. Genevieve sings a French song about Paris.
      The sketch is a courtroom drama with Jack playing the prosecutor and Ed as defense attorney Gentleman Jim Sullivan. Ed represents a beautiful French girl, Genevieve, accused of murdering her husband. Sullivan reverts back to his usual self and picks out celebrities in the courtroom to stand for applause. Don Wilson is the courtroom commentator.moreless
    • Income Tax Show
      Income Tax Show
      Season 15 - Episode 4
      IRS agents can't believe that Jack Benny could have earned $375,000, yet only spent $19 on entertainment. On his taxes he claims $3.90 for taking Jimmy and Gloria Stewart to dinner. The agents question the Stewarts and discover that Jack saw them at their favorite restaurant and forced them sit at his table with him and his girlfriend. Benny told them he would pay, but at the end of the meal, he let the Stewarts pick up the tab so they could enjoy the meal as a tax deduction. The $3.90 is what it cost Jack to have his suit cleaned after Gloria dumped a salad on his head.moreless
    • Jack And Gisele Mackenzie's Violin Duet
      Jack chats with Gisele MacKenzie who sings "Mr. Sandman." Jack rushes backstage to his dressing room to find his missing violin; Rochester has hidden it in the air vent. Benny's attempt to tell a joke is interrupted by Don Wilson who's leading a CBS tour across the stage. One man mistakes Benny for Ann Sothern. After showing she can play the violin, Gisele is challenged to do a duet with Jack. The two perform "Getting to Know You" and a reprise of "Mr. Sandman."moreless
    • Phil Harris Show
      Phil Harris Show
      Season 9 - Episode 2
      Jack discusses the World Series and read some reviews of his season premiere program. Benny is reunited with his old radio band leader, "hep cat" Phil Harris, who leads the band while singing "That's What I Like About the South." Benny interrupts the song, demanding that Harris make sense of the goofy lyrics. Since Jack has ordered Phil not to sing the foolish tune, he sings "Poker Club" instead.moreless
    • Jack Drives To Palm Springs
      Jack Drives To Palm Springs
      Season 6 - Episode 13
      Jack, Rochester and Polly the parrot are driving to Palm Springs in Benny's prehistoric Maxwell, planning to meet Mary and Don there. Stopping at a gas station, attendant Mel Blanc ridicules their ancient vehicle.
      Upon arrival, Jack is so eager for a dip in the pool that he leaps from the diving board without noticing that it's drained for cleaning. Jack is stuck bed with injuries for the duration of his vacation. The hotel's doctor, Frank Nelson, tells Mary to keep Jack's blood pressure up by showing him the bill every hour. The rest of Benny's trip is made more miserable by snide comments from Mary, Rochester, and Don.moreless
    • Crazy Airport
      Crazy Airport
      Season 12 - Episode 22
      Dennis takes over the show because Jack hasn't arrived at the studio. He's running late because of his penny-pinching; he flew in on a cut-rate airline that lands its planes in a pasture instead of at an airport. Jack has nothing but trouble with the nutty pilot, a baggage handler and a farmer. Don and Dennis sing the State Farm commercial to the tune of "Side By Side."moreless
    • Edgar Bergen Show
      Edgar Bergen Show
      Season 9 - Episode 14
      Don opens by giving Jack a ridiculously pompous introduction. This leads to an argument because it made Jack sound ancient. Jack goes to Edgar Bergen's home to discuss his appearance on Benny's show. While waiting for Edgar to arrive, wife Frances sings "Them There Eyes." Jack's goes into shock when he learns the incredible truth about Bergen's dummies: they're alive. Charlie McCarthy walks into the room, followed soon by Mortimer Snerd, and Jack can only stare slack-jawed. Edgar Bergen doesn't arrive until afterward and has Jack sit on his knee to discuss the show.moreless
    • Jack Referees a Wrestling Match
      Jack Referees a Wrestling Match
      Season 13 - Episode 11
      A charity event is being planned by the wives of several Hollywood stars and Jack is disappointed because he hasn't been asked to participate. When he drops by Milton Berle's house, the ladies (Evelyn (Phil) Silvers, Ruth (Milton) Berle, Eden (Groucho) Marx, Ann (Kirk) Douglas) hide all evidence because they don't want him playing his lousy violin in their show. Refusing to take "No" for an answer, Benny jumps at the chance to replace the canceling Burt Lancaster--as a wrestling referee. Knowing nothing about the sport, Jack takes a beating when he's caught between burly wrestlers Count Billy Varga and Gene Le Bell. After they've tossed him out of the ring, he gets angry.moreless
    • Peter Lorre/Joanie Sommers Show
      Peter Lorre/Joanie Sommers Show
      Season 13 - Episode 17
      Jack introduces creepy and villainous Peter Lorre. Lorre claims he's nothing like his movie image, all the while waving a switchblade around. To prove he's adorable, he sings, "I Want a Girl, Just Like the Girl, Who Murdered Dear Old Dad". Joanie Sommers follows with "I'll Never Stop Loving You." Jack says he's been so nervous with Lorre around, he's had nightmares. In his dream, Jack's in a doctor's office when escaped murderer Lorre comes in and demands the doc give him a new face. When the bandages are unwrapped, he look's like Jack! (It's Benny with padding and Lorre's voice dubbed in.) He shoots Jack, planning to take over his identity. The fake "Jack" walks on stage, gets no laughs, and proceeds to shoot crew members and Don Wilson.moreless
    • Jack And The Crying Cab Driver
      Jack And The Crying Cab Driver
      Season 13 - Episode 12
      Jack encounters nothing but headaches trying to make a flight to New York. He catches a taxi from his home and contends with an emotional cabbie who cries uncontrollably because he always hates saying goodbye at the airport. Once inside, he encounters the Mexican Sy (the one with a sister named Sue who sews), a painter who can't spell the sponsor's name correctly, outrageous announcements on the P.A. system, and the always-sarcastic Frank Nelson behind a counter.moreless
    • Julie London Show
      Julie London Show
      Season 12 - Episode 19
      Supposedly in response to many fan letters, Jack intends to play a complete song on his violin. He starts the tune, only to be interrupted by a 12-year-old girl, Toni Marcus, who wants his autograph. As Jack signs her book, she grabs the violin and beautifully plays the song he was massacring. Julie London performs "Daddy, You Ought to Get the Best For Me", then chats and flirts shamelessly with Jack. She serenades him with "You're Sweet That Way" as he melts like butter. The young girl returns and wants to perform "Getting to Know You" like Jack had famously done with Gisele MacKenzie. The two close the show with a violin duet of the number.moreless
    • You Bet Your Life
      You Bet Your Life
      Season 5 - Episode 14
      Jack is dressed as Little Boy Blue to attend Darryl Zanuck's costume party, to which he wasn't invited. When he reads that Groucho Marx is giving away $3000 on You Bet Your Life, he forgets the party and sets his sites on winning the jackpot. Disguised in a wavy wig and mustache, Jack appears on Groucho's show claiming to be musician Ronald (and sometimes Rodney) Forsythe. In an effort to say the "secret word" (something found in the home) Jack ignores Groucho's questions to name everything he can think of in his house. Thanks to a smart partner, Benny and his teammate are only one question away the jackpot. The question, however, makes "Ronald" squirm: Just how old is that lying bum Jack Benny?moreless
    • Jack Rents His House
      Jack Rents His House
      Season 13 - Episode 18
      Jack's is discussing his shows in New York and Toronto when the Larsons interrupt to get a picture with Jack. They keep inviting relatives to be in the shot until Jack is stuck behind the camera for a family photo.
       As Jack and Rochester pack for the trip, Don and Lois interrupt with a domestic tiff over Jell-O. The president and veep of Jack's Pasadena fan club bring a going away gift: long underwear autographed by the members. Then, travel agent Frank Nelson brings the airline tickets. The Bensons, who are renting Jack's house, almost back out because Jack's had the gas and water turned off and electricity only after dark. A swarm of their relatives barge in: it's the Larson family from the monologue.moreless
    • Phil Silvers Show
      Phil Silvers Show
      Season 13 - Episode 3
      In the dressing room before the show, Jack calls for a barber, who turns out to be a nut and a Phil Silvers fan. Silvers swipes Jack's pants and opens the show, going through Jack's pants pockets on stage. Jack finally makes it out wearing Don's huge pants.
      In the sketch, Jack recalls when he first met Phil. Silvers shows up at Jack's house with a note pinned on him from Jack's Aunt Sudie. She asks Jack to help the young man get a break show business. He proceeds to mooch off Jack, play the clarinet at 4AM, and sell Jack's violin for poker money. When Aunt Sudie comes by and doesn't recognize Silvers, Jack tosses the freeloader out.moreless
    • Road to Nairobi
      Road to Nairobi
      Season 4 - Episode 13
      One minute before airtime and Jack can't find his pants. Bob Hope opens with a monologue while holding Jack's slacks. He goes through his wallet, but his birthday has been erased from his driver's license. Jack storms on wearing Don's huge pants. They exchange jokes before Jack orders Don to come out; he's wearing Jack's tiny pants.
      The Sportsmen Quartet, in native costume, open the jungle sketch. Jack and Bob play African explorers who are attacked by cannibals and thrown into a huge stew pot. After much ad-libbing by Hope and breaking up by Benny, the natives are unable to start the fire. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis run in with a match.moreless
    • The Final LeBlanc Sketch
      The Final LeBlanc Sketch
      Season 14 - Episode 20
      Jack receives a call from a psychiatrist, Dr. Johnson, asking him to identify a man who keeps repeating Benny's name. The delirious man is Jack's violin teacher, Professor Le Blanc. In flashbacks, we witness the crash and burn of Professor Le Blanc as Benny's heinous violin fiddling eventually drives him insane. Jack decides the only way to cure the man is to play his instrument, and, for the first time, he plays beautifully. Realizing he's not a failure, Le Blanc regains his memory. Jack orders Dr. Johnson not to tell anyone that he's a good violinist; he makes much more money being a bad one.moreless
    • Honeymooners Show
      Honeymooners Show
      Season 8 - Episode 10
      Jack introduces Dennis Day, who's pouting because he hasn't been on the show in five months. After claiming his loyalty, and insulting Jack in the process, he sings "The Twelfth of Never." In the sketch, Jack plays Ralph Kramden in a parody of The Honeymooners, with guest Audrey Meadows as Alice and Dennis as Ed Norton. Ralph accuses Alice of stealing his bowling ball money to buy dresses while bellowing, waving his arms, and pacing a la Gleason. Fuming, he says he'll get his own dinner. He and Norton eat what they think is tuna salad; Alice doesn't tell them it's cat food. When the bowling ball she bought for him arrives, Ralph has to tell her, "Baby, you're the greatest!" In the epilogue, Audrey compares the hotel Jack put her in to the Kramden's rundown apartment.moreless
    • How Jack Found Mary
      How Jack Found Mary
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      A writer visits Jack at home and hears the story of how Jack found Mary Livingstone in the fall of 1932. In the flashback, a brash, young Jack goes into the May Company department store to buy a shirt when hosiery counter clerk Mary catches his eye. He flirts shamelessly with Mary while she and her co-worker, Sally, give him a hard time. Finally, she agrees to meet Jack that evening for dinner and the rest is history. While Jack is posing for photos with the writer, Don and the Sportsmen Quartet drop by. Rochester joins them for a song and dance number.moreless
    • Burns And Allen Show
      Burns And Allen Show
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      It's ten minutes before airtime and Gracie Allen is nowhere to be found. George Burns talks Jack into dressing in drag and passing himself off as Gracie. Makeup man Frank Nelson quickly works on Jack and Don Wilson contributes one of his girdles. The Sportsmen also crowd into the dressing room to do the Lucky commercial to the tune of "Black Ball Ferry Line".
      A fetching Jack performs with George in one of their standard stand-up routines. Easily-confused Gracie finally arrives, doesn't realize George's partner was Jack, and thinks her husband's been fooling around with another woman--namely Tallulah Bankhead. Benny decides he's pretty good looking as a gal.moreless
    • Tall Cowboy Sketch
      Tall Cowboy Sketch
      Season 14 - Episode 4
      Jack talks about writing his autobiography in the monologue. He brings out guest Clint Walker and they compare what they have in common: both were born in Illinois, were in the Navy, and have blue eyes. To check, Jack climbs up onto Walker to look into his eyes. Clint sings "Navajo Trail" and mentions they're casting for his twin brother in a new film Don wheels out a table to demonstrate how he can eat a meal and still have room for Jell-o. In elevator shoes and western outfit, Jack shows up at the audition for the role of Walker's brother. After watching another applicant play the scene, a barroom brawl where he gets roughed up and beaten, Benny decides the part's not for him.moreless
    • Kingston Trio Show
      Kingston Trio Show
      Season 15 - Episode 17
      The Kingston Trio performs "I'm Going Home" and "Tijuana Jail." In the sketch, Jack shares a cell with the Trio in a Tijuana jail. Things become quite crowded when Jack's orchestra is also tossed into the hoosegow, along with the Mexican police captain and his two assistants.
    • Jack Goes Christmas Shopping
      Jack Goes Christmas Shopping
      Season 11 - Episode 9
      Jack and Rochester go Christmas shopping in a department store. Jack harasses clerk Mel Blanc, repeatedly have him re-wrap the gift he bought for Don because he wants to change the card inside. Dennis Day sings "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer". Don, dressed as a kid, sits on Santa's lap to do the State Farm commercial. Jack has several arguments with surly floorwalker Frank Nelson, especially after smashing a new watch with a hammer. He buys lingerie from a clerk too unnerved by nighties to touch them with his bare hands. After going back to make changes on Don's gift one too many times, Blanc, now a wreck, loads a pistol and shoots himself.moreless
    • The Story of the New Talent Show
      The Story of the New Talent Show
      Season 13 - Episode 13
      Benny conducts another of his new talent shows. Mel Blanc appears as Frenchman Franque Finque who does animal impressions. Don Wilson does his impression of Ted Lewis by performing "Me and My Shadow" with his "son" Harlow. The Renaudi Brothers, one a sharpshooter and the other, who claims to be the fastest man in the world, do their amazing act. The "fastest man" dodges three bullets fired by his brother-- before being killed by the last five. Also performing are the Sentimental Sweethearts, an orchestra made up of the little old ladies of the Jack Benny Fan Club, Pasadena chapter.moreless
    • Jack Goes To a Nightclub
      Jack Goes To a Nightclub
      Season 9 - Episode 11
      Jack is nervous because it's contract renewal time and the sponsor walks out of his show. He believes it's because of the cut-rate talent he's hired: a hillbilly who barely plays the violin. To schmooze the sponsor rep, Jack takes him out to dinner at a nightclub. Determined not to be outshone, Benny picks a place where the talent is no stronger than a puppet show. Instead, he ends up at a club where Danny Thomas is performing. While Danny's nightclub act goes over big with the sponsor, Jack squirms and frets.moreless
    • George Jessel/Amateur Show
      George Jessel/Amateur Show
      Season 14 - Episode 12
      Jack hosts another of his amateur talent contests. Contestants this round include a barefoot tap dancer, a dog act, a drunk acrobat, and a Mexican musical group, Tijuana Troubadours, led by Mel Blanc. George Jessel accompanies his nephew who's supposedly a great tuba player. The kid gives Jack and George grief all throughout the show.moreless
    • Nat King Cole Show
      Nat King Cole Show
      Season 14 - Episode 16
      Nat "King" Cole opens the show singing "Day In, Day Out." He exchanges some ribbing with Jack and performs "When I Fall in Love." Jack invites a few musicians from the orchestra to join him in his office to rehearse "Sweet Sue", a number they're going to perform with Cole. A fight between the musicians leaves the drummer out of commission, so Nat promises to have his cousin fill in. On the show, the "cousin" is a five-year-old who can drum louder than Jack's violin solo.moreless
    • Riverboat Sketch
      Riverboat Sketch
      Season 14 - Episode 3
      Don, Carol and Jack make their entrance jumping through large doorways covered with paper; Jack can't break through and Carol has to do it for him. Jack and Carol talk about her desire to become a director, and she makes some suggestions about his show. She sings "Sweet Georgia Brown." In the sketch, Jack, Don, and Carol play riverboat card sharks out to cheat each other.moreless
    • Isaac Stern Boosts Jack's Morale
      Isaac Stern Boosts Jack's Morale
      Season 6 - Episode 4
      Jack's latest violin lesson ends badly when Professor LeBlanc attacks him, slits his own wrists and jumps out of the window. Finally realizing he'll never be a good violinist, Jack goes into a funk. To boost his confidence, Rochester pretends to record Benny playing a tune so he can hear how he sounds to listeners. Instead of playback, Isaac Stern, who's hidden in the closet, plays the same song. Delighted with how wonderful he sounds, Jack races to a recording studio to cut a record. The equipment begins smoking and Jack blames the lousy engineer. Benny discovers what Rochester has been doing and thanks him for the effort. For an encore, Stern is joined onstage by pianist Alexander Zakin for Polonaise No. 1 in D Major by Wieniawski.moreless
    • Jack Goes to Las Vegas
      Jack Goes to Las Vegas
      Season 11 - Episode 22
      Cheapskate Jack hires only two of the Mills Brothers for his show. The other two come out (for free) and all perform "Opus One" and "Up the Lazy River". They sing for Don's Lipton Tea commercial.
      Jack tries to make a reservation in Las Vegas. The hotel clerk tells him they're full because he remembers Jack's previous visit years earlier.
      When Jack arrives at the hotel, Don tells him he cleaned up at the tables--the buffet tables. Benny balks at paying $28 dollars a night, objecting that $28 a week is too much. The hotel's manager agrees to rent him Room 13, underground, for $4 a night. Unable to resist temptation, Jack puts a nickle for a slot machine and wins the super jackpot. With his pockets full of nickles, he claims not to have any change for the bellhop.moreless
    • Rochester Sleeps Through Jack's Show
      Rochester sits down to watch Jack's show, but falls asleep. Jack expects Rochester, his toughest critic, to give him an honest evaluation of the program, but Rochester gives him nothing but evasive answers. Discovering that he slept through the show, an angry Jack sends him to his room without supper. Reconsidering, Benny goes to apologize and finds Rochester packing his clothes, not knowing that he's simply getting ready for a camping trip. Horrified that Rochester is leaving him, Jack offers him more days off--even Labor Day--and makes him a steak dinner. Rochester milks the situation for all it's worth.
      Mary Livingstone and Rob Crosby sing "How About You."moreless
    • Jack on Trial For Murder
      Jack on Trial For Murder
      Season 12 - Episode 3
      Jack receives a court summons because his rooster is bothering the neighbors. He consults a loopy lawyer, Frank Nelson, who says he learned law by watching Perry Mason. His advice to Jack is to plead insanity. Jack returns home and finds Don and a Hawaiian woman doing the hula for the State Farm commercial. Jack dozes off and dreams he's on trial for the cold-blooded murder of the rooster. His lawyer is Raymond Burr as Perry Mason. Mason blames his lousy job of defending Jack on the Benny's writers, saying his are much better. Jack has the usual courtroom breakdown scene and confesses to being the bird murderer.moreless
    • Jack Locked In The Tower of London
      In the first of four episodes filmed on location in Europe, Jack and Mary visit London. Jack has a major reaction to the monetary exchange rate. The twosome take a tour of the Tower of London. Jack is so entranced by the collection of Crown Jewels on display that he's left behind by the group and locked in the Tower for the night. Benny dreams he's back in the 16th century and a vengeful Henry VIII has mistaken him for a musician named Smeaton who's Ann Boleyn's lover. Believing Jack is that cad, the king plans to get his revenge on Jack in his elaborate torture chamber. Benny rallies to the occasion and single-handedly defeats a group of guards and wins a sword fight.moreless
    • Jack Writes a Song
      Jack Writes a Song
      Season 12 - Episode 9
      Jack wrote a song titled "When You Say I Beg Your Pardon, Then I'll Come Back To You." It's so putrid, whenever he sings it, windows automatically fly open. He asks film composer Dimitri Tiomkin to come over, hoping to convince the famous writer to arrange the tune for him. Don drops by to do his State Farm commercial and insult Jack's musical masterpiece. Locksmiths also show up to try to open his vault, the entrance to which is hidden behind a revolving bookcase. Jack sings the song for Tiomkin, who thinks it's lousy. As Jack picks up the violin to play the lilting melody for him, the locksmiths begin blasting, the windows fly open, plaster begins falling and Dimitri makes a dash for the door.moreless
    • Modern Prison Sketch
      Modern Prison Sketch
      Season 12 - Episode 25
      Mickey Rooney is the guest because Jack gave him tickets to the show and then tricks him into performing. In the sketch, Jack and Mickey portray a couple of spoiled inmates in a modern prison (of 1985). The facilities are so cushy and luxurious, it's more like a vacation resort. Not surprisingly, no one wants to be discharged.moreless
    • Jack Plays Golf
      Jack Plays Golf
      Season 12 - Episode 6
      No one at Hillcrest wants to play golf with Jack because he's such a cheat. Members, including Don, now golf at sunrise to avoid him. He manages to make up a foursome with golf pro Eric Monti and two unsuspecting out-of-towners. Jack talks them into a high-stakes wager: ten cents for the game. Don does the Lipton Tea commercial in the locker-room. On the course, Jack cheats repeatedly, irritating the visitors to the point that they quit. Monti arranges to get an "important call" to get out of playing. When it's just Jack and the caddy, he hits a hole in one. He's delighted until he remembers that it's tradition to buy free drinks for everyone in the clubhouse.moreless
    • Jack Goes To A Concert
      Jack Goes To A Concert
      Season 11 - Episode 8
      Jack takes his girlfriend Mildred to a black-tie violin recital though she'd rather go to the fights. He gives an orchid that arrived by a mistake. (It was meant for the Jimmy Stewarts, who have a similar address.) At the concert, he spies Jimmy and Gloria below and tries to get their attention by pelting them with peanuts. The Stuarts, hoping to avoid Jack, flee. A bored Mildred turns on her transistor radio to listen to the fight which clears out the rest of the theater.moreless
    • Jack Casting For Television Special
      Jack Casting For Television Special
      Season 11 - Episode 11
      Jack has written his fascinating life story, all typed by Rochester, and goes about the task of auditioning actors to play the parts. He casts a gorgeous young woman to play his first love, with his real first girlfriend playing the role of his mother. The tough part is finding just the right youth to play him as a child. He passes on one young man, instead hiring the pushy, demanding boy who's acting as the kid's agent.moreless
    • Message and Date With Gertrude
      Message and Date With Gertrude
      Season 6 - Episode 2
      After a show, Jack awaits a relaxing massage, but masseuse Frank Nelson gives him nothing but aggravation. Jack throws him out after discovering he's being rubbed down with chicken fat from a butcher shop. Jack takes his date Gertrude to a dumpy French restaurant that's crowded with sewer workers from Paris. The Sportsmen Quartet perform a number as the restaurant's entertainment. Jack and Gertrude are seated at a tiny table where they're accosted by a pair of violent Apache dancers. Benny literally get pulled into their act by the female who tosses him across the room. The owner, Michel, crams another guest at their table; the Frenchman tells Jack he smells like chicken fat.moreless
    • Don Invites Gang To Dinner
      Don Invites Gang To Dinner
      Season 6 - Episode 9
      A livid Benny blames his nasty cold on Don Wilson and wants to fire him. Don had invited Jack, Mary, Bob, and Dennis over for dinner after rehearsal, but ignored Jack's repeated advice to phone ahead and notify his wife. Once at the Wilson house, Don reconsiders and asks the gang to wait outside while he tells her some people might drop by. Jack is the last one left waiting outside when it begins to rain. Then, a robber comes at him with a gun and demands "Your money or your life!" After going over Don's contract with a lawyer, Jack decides to keep Don; Benny feels guilty over how little he's paying him. Dennis Day sings "Almost Like Being in Love."moreless
    • Talent Show
      Talent Show
      Season 7 - Episode 8
      During Jack's monologue about his Christmas gifts, Don interrupts with a purse found by an usher. Jayne Mansfield comes out of the audience to claim it, saying the usher grabbed it from her when she was walking past. Jayne says it's a sneaky way to get a guest star.
      The Sportsmen Quartet sing and Rochester dances to "New Years in Trinidad" leading into the musical Lucky Strike ad.
      Jack conducts a talent contest. First is Mel Blanc as Stanley Gropff (Jack sprays on him every time he says the man's name) who performs animal impressions. Next is phony "The Landrews Sisters" trio (one regular, one sour, one fat) who sing and dance to "Did You Ever See a Dream Walking." Lastly, Leon Salvadore, a judo champ chosen by Jack. He's immediately beaten unconscious by the six big men.moreless
    • Jack Falls Into a Canal In Venice
      Jack Falls Into a Canal In Venice
      Season 7 - Episode 13
      Putting photos into an album with Rochester, Jack recalls his trip with Mary to Milan and Venice. In the episode filmed on location, Jack gets to play a Stradivarius in a violin shop; his off-key screeching causes its value to immediately drop. He and Mary join a tour group on one of Venice's famed gondolas. Jack constantly disrupts the gondola guide's lecture with his typical rude Benny behavior and his unexpected plunges into the canals. He even tosses another American in the water for good measure.moreless
    • Ghost Town Western
      Ghost Town Western
      Season 12 - Episode 17
      Jack and Gisele take a shortcut while driving from Phoenix to L.A., get lost, and stop in a diner in a ghost town for directions. The cafe owner tells them a story about bad guy Tombstone Harry and Cactus Kid (Benny) who have a gunfight over saloon singer Tess. Gisele sings "Buttons and Bows" for the cowboys. The Cactus Kid, unfortunately, can't shoot straight. Don Wilson, Gisele and the Sportsmen Quartet do the State Farm commercial to the tune of "I'm an Old Cowhand From the Rio Grande."moreless
    • My Gang Comedy
      My Gang Comedy
      Season 13 - Episode 6
      Jack welcomes his guest Darla Hood, best known from the Our Gang/Little Rascals comedies. She sings "It's a Most Unusual Day" and tells Jack that his cast reminds her of her old co-stars. The sketch is a takeoff on her old films with "youngster" Jack as Alfie, Rochester as Oatmeal, Dennis as rich kid Rodney, Don as Spunky, and Darla as herself. Rodney says he's entering Fifi in a dog show, so Alfie naturally wants to enter their mascot, Spot. Since the contest is only for French poodles, Alfie decides to glue the fur from his mother's new coat onto their dog.moreless
    • Goldie, Fields And Glide
      Goldie, Fields And Glide
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      Jack is lounging in his back yard in a rocking hammock being powered by Rochester, who's peddling a modified sewing machine, and churning butter, and fanning, and cranking an ice cream maker.
      Jack tells Don he wants George Burns and Bing Crosby to recreate their old vaudeville routines on his show. As a song and dance act (Goldie, Fields and Glide), they entertained Scranton, Pennsylvania with flat vocals and out-of-synch choreography.
      Burns drops by with Crosby, who sings "Gypsy in My Soul". Bing says he'll do the show, but his $10,000 fee is more than Jack can handle. Bing gets thrown into in a tree where he finds Bob Hope, another star who made the mistake of asking for too much money.moreless
    • Alexander Hamilton Show
      Alexander Hamilton Show
      Season 12 - Episode 20
      The cast has gathered at Jack's house to read through the show's script. While their waiting for it to arrive, Dennis sings "April Showers". When it arrives, the memograph office has mistakenly sent an episode of The Lone Ranger. After sending the cast home, Jack reads from a history book about Alexander Hamilton and dreams he's the famous man. Hamilton has happy feet; everytime he hears a minuet from Dolly Madison's party across the street, he breaks into dance with whomever's around. Ben Franklin drops by because his kite's stuck on the roof, as does Aaron Burr, who challenges him to a duel. Burr's first shot sends Hamilton's powdered wig flying into the air.moreless
    • Johnny Carson Show
      Johnny Carson Show
      Season 14 - Episode 5
      Jack tells guest Johnny Carson he should be more versatile on The Tonight Show, so Johnny does card tricks, plays the drums, sings, and dances to Ballin' the Jack. They do a mock version of the Tonight Show where we can hear Carson's thoughts about the guest he's interviewing (Benny).
      Don Wilson does a man-on-the-street interview for the commercial, encountering a guy who thinks he's on Candid Camera and wants to sing.
      Johnny can't believe how Jack never seems to age. Back his the dressing room, he finds out Jack's secret. The Jack Benny "replacement" dummy makes another appearance.moreless
    • Jack And Mary In Rome
      Jack And Mary In Rome
      Season 7 - Episode 9
      In an episode filmed in Rome, Jack is upset when the rush of adoring fans isn't for him but for opera singer Vittorio Rizetti. At the hotel, Jack can't sleep because Rizetti is singing opera next door. After a day sightseeing with Mary, he hears a different man singing more opera. Thinking he'll make a million off that undiscovered vocalist, Benny signs the wine seller next door to tour the U.S., not realizing that the man was simply listening to a record.moreless
    • Jack Plays Tarzan
      Jack Plays Tarzan
      Season 13 - Episode 7
      Jack scraps his usual monologue, he claims, to get his money's worth out of expensive guest Carol Burnett. He chats with Carol who, in a running joke, does a "bump and grind" dance whenever "The Stripper" is played. Burnett sings "The Trolley Song".
      The two discuss a jungle film they both saw, which leads into a Tarzan spoof. Carol plays Jane, "Harlow" is their son, and Jack is the ape man, dressed in leopard skin and phony muscles. After 20 years of marriage, Jane is fed up with jungle housekeeping and her shy husband who always jumps when she does her "Tarzan yell." Tarzan gets even by playing his violin which drives the jungle animals insane.moreless
    • Gisele Mackenzie
      Gisele Mackenzie
      Season 11 - Episode 4
      Jack goes to Andre's Barber Shop but no barber, manicurist, or shoe shine man wants to work on him. They all grouse about how he's stiffed them on tips in the past. On stage, Jack brags about the suit he's wearing: it only cost $12 in Hong Kong. He introduces Gisele who plays piano and sings "Smile." Jack asks her out to dinner after the show, but she passes because she's throwing a party--one Jack wasn't invited to. Finally, the violins come out and they duet on "Fascination/Puttin' On the Ritz." As they perform a classical number, Jack's cheap suit begins to disintegrate into rags.moreless
    • Mary's May Company Reunion
      Mary's May Company Reunion
      Season 7 - Episode 15
      Mary hosts a luncheon reunion of her old May Company co-workers. Jack refuses to go because of what happened last year. In the flashback, Jack has dropped by to see Rochester, who's helping serve, and says hi to the gals. Afterward, he eavesdrops from the kitchen as one of the women asks Mary if Jack ever proposed. In another flashback to the 1930s, Mary and Jack have been dating for only six weeks when he took her shopping for a ring. He suddenly backs down after learning how much it costs. When the gals hear how cheap Benny was, they punish him by really tossing their salads.moreless
    • Air Force Sketch
      Air Force Sketch
      Season 13 - Episode 4
      Guest Raymond Burr confesses his desire to become a comedian and demonstrates his new zany baggy-pants routine on Jack. Benny tells him that most any drama can be turned into a comedy with a few changes, and he demonstrates by reworking a dramatic scene from one of Burr's old movies.
    • Lawrence Welk Show
      Lawrence Welk Show
      Season 13 - Episode 5
      The show opens with Lawrence Welk and his orchestra performing "Row, Row, Row". In their chat, Jack says that conducting is just a "racket" and that anyone can do it. To prove his point, Benny tries out the baton and the music is a cacophony of noise. Jack confesses his real reason for having Lawrence on is to get his band to play the sappy song he composed: "When You Say I Beg Your Pardon, Then I'll Come Back To You". Jack throws out a violinist and joins the orchestra for their rendition of his tune. Welk thinks it's lousy, so to save the song, he turns it into a polka. Couples come onstage to dance, including the President and Secretary of Jack's Pasadena Fan Club.moreless
    • Jack and Bob Hope In Vaudeville
      Jack and Bob Hope In Vaudeville
      Season 13 - Episode 10
      Bob Hope interrupts Jack's monologue to trade insults and discuss their careers. This leads into a sketch about the two of them having been a team in vaudeville (though Hope ad libs he didn't know they were a team until rehearsal today). The Sportsmen sing "I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl That Married Dear Old Dad." Vaudevillians Benny and Hope try to get an audition with a talent agent. Once they get into Mr. Weber's office, they're interrupted by a teenager who sounds an awful like a young Jimmy Durante. Benny plays "Tea for Two" while Hope does some bad soft shoe and they exchange corny jokes. Weber offers them a job in Akron working for nothing with a talking chicken; they take the gig.moreless
    • Spanish Sketch
      Spanish Sketch
      Season 13 - Episode 19
      Jack welcomes brand new Oscar winner Rita Moreno and tells her West Side Story has too much singing. She performs "Heart Hearted Hanna."
      Don does the State Farm commercial with the trumpeter from Hollywood Park.
      In the sketch, a hot-blooded young woman (Rita), daughter of a cafe owner (Don), is ready to dump her toreador fiance (Dennis) the second she eyes the world's greatest Flamenco dancer, Jose Zecco (Jack). There is much Latin dancing, including a tango between Moreno and Jack, who looks like a bored Rudolph Valentino. Mel Blanc and Jack re-stage their famous "Si/Sy/Sue" routine.moreless
    • Jack Makes a Comedy Record
      Jack Makes a Comedy Record
      Season 15 - Episode 5
      Jack has his writers working to churn out a script he and Bob Hope can use on a comedy album the pair are doing together. When they go into the recording studio, the two begin to ad-lib instead and Jack tries to bury him in jokes. It quickly becomes a "can you top this" match between the two comedians.moreless
    • Harlow Gets a Date
      Harlow Gets a Date
      Season 14 - Episode 27
      Don has arranged for Harlow to take the sponsor's daughter on a date. That gives Jack and Don just three days to change his clod of a son into a suave man of the world. Harlow puts his newly-found charms to work for the wrong purposes.
    • Jack Goes To An Allergy Doctor
      Jack Goes To An Allergy Doctor
      Season 14 - Episode 26
      Jack hold a meeting in his dressing room to grouse at the cast and crew about a sloppy show. He begins to itch and, thinking he's having a reaction to something, goes to see a doctor where the patients scratch and sneeze in unison. Hating needles, Benny marches out mid-exam in search of another specialist. He settles on an odd one who performs some goofy and very unscientific tests on the itching patient. The source of Jack's irritation turns out not to be a "what", but a "who": Dennis Day.moreless
    • Robert Goulet Show
      Robert Goulet Show
      Season 14 - Episode 2
      Jack makes his entrance from the opposite side of the stage, and stands with his back to the audience out of force of habit. Don rolls out a carpet, and Goulet comes out vacuuming it—he had failed to read the fine print on his contract. Goulet tells about growing up in Canada, tells a Nelson Eddy joke, discusses playing nightclubs with Jack, and sings, This is all I ask. Jack questions Goulet's reputation as a ladies' man, leading into the sketch: in flashback, Jack sees Goulet and his girl at a Hollywood nightclub; his girl makes a pass at Jack. Later we learn that in fact Jack's girl made a pass at Goulet.moreless
    • Peter, Paul and Mary Show
      Peter, Paul and Mary Show
      Season 14 - Episode 15
      Peter, Paul and Mary sing Blowin' in the Wind. To show that a folk song can be written from any bit of folklore, they perform "Waukegan", a song they wrote based around Jack's age, cheapness, and other faults.
      Jack invites the group to his home to try and talk them into recording the dreadful tune he wrote, "If You Say 'I Beg Your Pardon', Then I'll Come Back to You." When his his accompanist Ned arrives, he has PP&M sing his composition. As with every previous performer, they want nothing to do with the crummy song. Ned tells Jack it would have been a hit if they'd recorded it. Jack says not to worry; he had a tape recorder hidden in the piano.moreless
    • Connie Francis Show
      Connie Francis Show
      Season 13 - Episode 20
      Jack has some fun with a radio sound effects man. Connie Francis sings "Follow the Boys." Don does the Jell-o commercial without using the sponsor's name. In the sketch, Stephen Foster is a lousy hack songwriter. His wife talks about her old folks at home who live way down along the Swanee River. Meanwhile, he's wasting time with a song that begins "apples are red." She gets an idea on how to inspire him when the butcher comes by to collect on an unpaid bill. It involves a shotgun.moreless
    • Jack Is Kidnapped
      Jack Is Kidnapped
      Season 13 - Episode 23
      Jack is kidnapped when he attempts to help an attractive woman feigning car trouble outside of his house. The woman and two thugs hold him for a $10,000 ransom. When his phone calls to a confused Don and sleepy Dennis fail to raise the money, the kidnappers take Jack to the bank to make a withdrawl. The bank employees are in shock, having never seen Jack Benny take money out of a bank before. He sees George Burns come in and, desperate for his help, begins singing "I Need Your Help"; Burns just thinks Benny's crooning a lousy song. Back at the kidnapper's hideout, they're planning to knock off their abductee since he can identify them to authorities. Police arrive in the nick of time to save Jack.moreless
    • Jack Directs a Film
      Jack Directs a Film
      Season 14 - Episode 6
      Jack hears Jimmy and Gloria Stewart say some nice things about him on a TV talk show and decides to thank them in person. Visiting the couple on the set of the movie they're making, Jack can't help but offer advice on how the couple should play the scene and how the director should film it. Soon, the production is in shambles.moreless
    • Humphrey Bogart Show
      Humphrey Bogart Show
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      Jack's monologue is interrupted by Bob Crosby, who's upset that his song was cut from the show, and by Don, who's angry that he's not a part of this week's commercial. In the sketch, officers haul "Baby Face" Bogart into the police station. He tells Detective Benny he knows nothing about the murder of Blinky Mason. Benny tries to get rough but Bogart keeps slapping him back. During the interrogation, "Baby Face" launches into the Lucky Strike commercial and sings their jingle. He pulls a gun on Detective Benny, who runs fleeing from the building. In the epilogue, Jack thanks Humphrey Bogart and plugs his new picture, Beat the Devil.moreless
    • Jack Hunts For Uranium
      Jack Hunts For Uranium
      Season 6 - Episode 6
      Jack hears about the big money being made from uranium found in the desert and wants his share. After renting camping equipment from surly salesman Frank Nelson, Jack takes Mary and Rochester mineral hunting. They give water to thirsty Mexican Mel Blanc, then decide to set up camp. Eavesdropping, Jack overhears a group of men with a big map say they were digging at that exact spot in the morning. Believing they're talking about uranium, Jack gets up early and commences digging before they arrive. He's dug a hole six feet deep before he learns they're just repairing a gas pipeline.moreless
    • Don's 27th Anniversary With Jack
      Don's 27th Anniversary With Jack
      Season 11 - Episode 13
      Don Wilson is saluted on his 27th anniversary of working with Jack. Benny gives him a cape, a crown, and a throne, which collapses under Don's weight. The Sportsmen sing "Down Yonder".
      In flashbacks, Jack shows how the two met: Jack's radio sponsor, the Universal Corset Co., holds auditions for an announcer for Jack's program. Don is awful--he's only there to complain about a corset he bought--but he's the only one who laughs at Jack's stale jokes.
      Jack sends Don to elocution lessons and a dance where he becomes a ballerina.
      John Daly presents Don with a plaque for his achievements in broadcasting and congratulates him on saving the Benny show when it was "down". Don agrees the show was a flop without him. An insulted Jack breaks the plaque over Don's head.moreless
    • Johnny Ray Show
      Johnny Ray Show
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      Rochester lounges around in a smoking jacket on his day day off so Jack attempts to cook an omelet for lunch. Don arrives and Rochester sings the Lucky commercial (to the tune of "The Sunny Side of the Street") as the two do a soft-shoe. Johnnie Ray's contract to appear on Benny's TV show arrives and Jack is horrified by his $10,000 fee. He storms over to Ray's home and offers him $250 instead. Johnny sings "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone," and "Cry" for Jack and performance is so devastating, Jack is turned into a helpless bowl of jelly. Jack pays him $15,000.
      At the end of the show, Danny Thomas makes a guest appearance to plug his show Make Room for Daddy.moreless
    • Jack Goes To a Gym
      Jack Goes To a Gym
      Season 11 - Episode 16
      To impress an attractive receptionist at the studio, Jack decides he needs some muscles. He joins a gym and, to keep from paying full price for membership, he talks Don into joining with him.
      After getting a look at Jack's lousy physique and bird legs, the gym operators aren't sure they can do anything to help him. While Jack struggles hopelessly with the various weight devices, Don sits on a machine that beats his bottom and munches on a big sandwich.
      Jack's ultimate solution: football shoulder pads under his jacket.moreless
    • Jack At The Races
      Jack At The Races
      Season 8 - Episode 11
      Mary comes over to go with Jack to the racetrack. Dennis shows up to tag along and inform Jack that he's suing him for calling him stupid. Dennis sings "If I Loved You."
      Jack and Mary try to grab lunch at the racetrack restaurant, but Jack irritates the waiter with his demands. Racetrack tout Sheldon Leonard tells Jack which table to eat at. Dennis explains his insane system for betting, but Jack intends to bet his big $5 on Speedy Girl. Benny runs into his sponsor, Mr. Lewis, and convinces him to bet on Speedy Girl as well. In the meantime, Jack changes his bet to Mr. Lewis' original horse. Lewis loses $100; Jack proves such an insufferable winner that Mary knocks him out with one quick punch.moreless
    • Hal March Show
      Hal March Show
      Season 8 - Episode 3
      The President and Secretary of the Jack Benny Fan Club, Pasadena Chapter, interrupt Jack's monologue to get better seats. The club President pulls Benny's hair to prove to the other member's it's real. Don Wilson and his dopey son Harlow do a soft shoe to "Me and My Shadow" for the Lucky commercial. The host of The $64,000 Question, Hal March, comes on to answer questions, in payback for Jack's recent appearance on his show. Since Jack is personally putting up the money, he asks Hal impossible questions and places him in a spinnng isolation booth that makes him queasy.moreless
    • The Life of Jack Benny
      The Life of Jack Benny
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      Rochester is typing up the script for next week's show: Jack Benny's life story. The Sportsmen Quartet sing "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby." Jack begins auditioning actors for the various parts in his saga. He hires a gorgeous young woman to play his first love, and his real first girlfriend to be his mother. He passes on the first young man who's auditioning to play himself as a child, instead casting the pushy little boy who is acting as the kid's agent.moreless
    • Jack Gives Johnny Carson Advice
      Jack Gives Johnny Carson Advice
      Season 6 - Episode 5
      Jack and Johnny Carson exchange compliments with each other. Johnny says that Jack is his idol, but he has some constructive criticism. He tells Jack his delivery is too slow and accuses him of stealing all of his mannerisms. Jack is insulted! As Johnny begins a monologue, Don interrupts and does a Lucky Strike commercial. In the sketch, a frightened Jack runs home and turns off the lights, telling Rochester he's being followed by a man in a trench coat. A couple of rocks come through the window with notes attached telling him to leave town. The police capture the stalker; it's Dennis Day, angry because he wasn't on the show this week. In the epilogue, Dennis sings "Love and Marriage" with a new verse called "Jack and Money". Jack has one line in the song, forgets it, and starts laughing.moreless
    • Jack Goes To Dennis' House
      Jack Goes To Dennis' House
      Season 6 - Episode 1

      Jack introduces Dennis Day, who proceeds to irritate him before singing "Yellow Rose of Texas." Jack flashes back to yesterday; he's relaxed about starting another television season until everybody begins badgering him with suggestions. Don Wilson's wife demands Jack stop making fat jokes at her husband's expense. More headaches await when Jack drops by Dennis Day's home do discuss his song for the show. The young man's mother believes Benny isn't giving her golden boy the treatment and exposure he deserves.

    • Jam Session At Jack's
      Jam Session At Jack's
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      In Jack's monologue, he reads critics' reviews of his first show of the season; he skips those who hated him. Don balks at Jack's idea for the commercial but does it anyway: singing while skipping rope. Jack hurries home for the weekly jam session at his house. His pals filter in: Tony Martin (clarinet), Fred MacMurray (saxophone), Dick Powell (trumpet), Dan Dailey (drums), and Kirk Douglas (banjo). They avail themselves of the coin-operated vending machines hidden throughout Jack's living room. The group plays a ragged version of "Basin Street" while Kirk keeps breaking into "Bye Bye Blues", the only song he knows. In the epilogue, Jack has the audience applaud for its favorite musician. The winner gets $5 of Jack's own cash. Jack keeps his five.moreless
    • Jack Goes To The Cafeteria
      Jack Goes To The Cafeteria
      Season 12 - Episode 8
      Taking the bus to the studio, Jack asks the man beside him to help him rehearse a scene from the show. The two attract unwanted attention playing an arguing husband and wife. While waiting for Jack to arrive, Jane Morgan sings "The Second Time Around." When he finally gets to work, Jack flirts with Jane, and invites her to lunch at a cafeteria. After arguing with every employee working the food line, he and Jane rehearse the "arguing couple" sketch. The others in the cafeteria think they're actually fighting and begin to take sides. Soon, a full-fledged brawl breaks out.moreless
    • Bobby Darin Show
      Bobby Darin Show
      Season 14 - Episode 17
      After a huge compliment from Bobby Darrin, Jack is convinced he's the perfect man to play him in the movie of his life. Jack invites him to move in for a few days to get to know the "real" Benny. (Bobby learns that Jack takes in dry cleaning, has a recording studio in his living room, and isn't 39.) By the time they're ready to sign the contract, Bobby has turned into an exact copy of Jack--including the greediness.moreless
    • Jack Jones Show
      Jack Jones Show
      Season 15 - Episode 15
      Guest Jack Jones sings "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" and "I Need a Girl." In the sketch, Benny is the principal of Benedict Arnold High School. Because of the lousy salary he pays his teacher, Mr. Jones works four other jobs to pay the bills, Phys Ed teacher Wilson drives a cab and Miss Collins moonlights as a burlesque dancer. Cops show up to arrest Principal Benny for running a bookie operation out of his office.moreless
    • New Year's Day Show
      New Year's Day Show
      Season 6 - Episode 8
      Jack reads phony telegrams wishing him a Happy New Year, then chats with the coaches from tomorrow's Rose Bowl game, Red Sanders of UCLA and Duffy Daugherty of Michigan State.
      The Sportsmen Quartet sing a football fight song with a verse about Lucky cigarettes.
      For the last 12 years on radio, the Benny show has done a sentimental, patriotic piece about the New Year year called The New Tenent; they restage it for the camera as a radio performance. Sitting with the cast is a grumpy man Jack doesn't recognize from rehearsal; he's part of the audience but couldn't find a seat. In the radio sketch, Benny plays the Old Timer, 1955, turning 1956 over to a new young kid.moreless
    • Jack Is Arrested
      Jack Is Arrested
      Season 10 - Episode 11
      Lights throughout the neighborhood pop on as Jack plays his violin at 2 AM. He's arrested for disturbing the peace and he's hauled off to the Los Angeles jail--you need an appointment to get thrown in the Beverly Hills hoosegow. In jail, he's badgered by a drunk and a pair of criminals who think he has the beautiful hands of a safe cracker. Rochester brings a lawyer he found sitting behind a desk on the street corner: Frank Nelson. Jack promptly fires him. When it's Benny's turn in court, the judge is very cranky because he was kept up all night by some jerk playing the violin. Frightened to tell the truth, Jack confesses to cracking a safe.moreless
    • Jack In Paris
      Jack In Paris
      Season 7 - Episode 14
      Jack and Mary visit Paris. At the hotel, Jack makes the waiter give him free French lessons. To get his revenge on cheapskate, the waiter teaches him to say, "I am Jack Benny. I drive a garbage truck." Jack and Mary visit the Eiffel Tower, then run into Maurice Chevalier invites him to join him for an evening on the town. In his usual clueless manner, Jack succeeds in embarrassing Mary and Maruice at a fancy restaurant. At the club, the bandleader asks Chevalier to sing; he complies and performs, with straw hat in hand, "Happy." Jack and Mary catch a ride back to their hotels on a garbage truck.moreless
    • Jack Becomes a Surgeon
      Jack Becomes a Surgeon
      Season 11 - Episode 19
      Jack and Rochester are cleaning Jack's attic, but Jack keeps finding excuses to keep everything. Don arrives, and finds an abstract painting in which he claims to see a man in a car who is happy because he has State Farm Insurance. Rochester finds a box of papers that contains Jack's application to medical school. Rochester daydreams about what Benny would have been like as a surgeon. Dr. Von Struneheimer comes from Vienna to watch the great Dr. Benny perform an appendectomy. After numerous mix-ups, the imminent surgeon gets to work.moreless
    • Ed Sullivan Show
      Ed Sullivan Show
      Season 14 - Episode 7
      The sketch is a French courtroom drama with Jack playing the prosecutor and Ed Sullivan as Gentleman Jim Sullivan, the defense attorney. Sullivan does much emoting as he represents a beautiful French girl accused of murdering her husband. Don Wilson is the commentator.
    • Honolulu Trip
      Honolulu Trip
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      Jack tells the audience about the trip he took with Rochester to Hawaii when a travelogue announcer takes over the story. On the return cruise home, Jack encounters "Dr. Masters" (of sex study fame) and Mr. Kitzel. Falling asleep in a deck chair, Jack dreams the heavyset woman beside him is Marilyn Monroe and that she finds him irresistible. He proposes but she's concerned about their age difference. She coos the song "Bye Bye, Baby" to Jack and agrees to meet him for dinner. He chases after her, being awakened by a huge kiss from the chubby woman.
      In the epilogue, Jack thanks Marilyn for making her TV debut with him, and plugs her new movie How to Marry a Millionaire. Jack mentions his infamous film, The Horn Blows at Midnight.moreless
    • Dorothy Shay
      Dorothy Shay
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      The guest stars are singer Dorothy Shay, the "Park Avenue Hillbilly" and musician Frank Remley. Bob Crosby walks on stage in the middle of one of Jack's monologue jokes and proceeds to sing "I'm Sending You a Big Bouquet of Roses". Then, Don Wilson interrupts to apologize for being late. Mel Blanc, the taxi driver who brought Wilson to the studio, brings in the briefcase he left behind. Jack is shocked when Don tips him a five! Dorothy Shay sings "Beverly Hills".
      Shay introduces, from the Ozarks, Zeke Benny and His Mad Mountain Boys. Jack, in bibbed overalls, leads the ragged bunch of hillbilly musicians in performing "You Are My Sunshine" and "Fascinating Rhythm". Zeke introduces the band members, including the young pre-teen girl vocalist as "my wife".moreless
    • Jack At The Supermarket
      Jack At The Supermarket
      Season 11 - Episode 14

      Rochester is out golfing while Jack does the housework, thanks to a crooked game of gin rummy. Jack plays with Don and sticks him with the chores. Dennis drops by and sings "Let There Be Love" before Don cheats him into cleaning. Jack goes to the supermarket and has numerous run-ins with sarcastic clerk Frank Nelson, fruit seller Benny Rubin, and Herb Vigran at the meat counter. A woman is handing out samples of cake; when she leaves the display unattended, Jack sees the "FREE" sign, takes all the cakes and the tablecloth it sits on. Finally tired of Jack's pestering, Nelson shoves Jack into a cart and takes him to checkout.

    • Fred Allen Show
      Fred Allen Show
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      After Jack's monologue rehearsal (lots of jokes about Fred Allen), Rochester rides out on Benny's hot dog cart and sells sandwiches to the crew. He serenades them with "Side by Side" so he can collect a cover charge. Jack is in the lobby of his sponsor's office to renew his contract option. Meanwhile inside Mr. Lewis' office, Fred Allen is trying to convince him to put Jack "out to pasture" and and hire him for the show. Allen hides in a closet as Jack enters. When Mr. Lewis says he wants a few days to think it over, Jack smells a louse. Leaving, Benny opens the wrong door, finds Allen and hits the roof. After the pair have reconciled, Eddie Cantor pops out of another closet and pitches Mr. Lewis on making him the star of the show.
      The show concludes with Cantor, Allen, and Jack on stage in front of the curtain trading jabs.moreless
    • Irene Dunne Show
      Irene Dunne Show
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      While Benny is getting a haircut, he reads that director Gregory Ratoff is planning a new movie starring Irene Dunne and Vincent Price. Jack thinks he'd be perfect playing against Irene Dunne. He calls Ratoff, then Dunne, and tries to get them fire Price and give him the part. When that doesn't work, Jack invites himself to Dunne's house for the first rehearsal. Benny disrupts the proceedings by cracking walnuts and fluffing the tiny role they gave him read.moreless
    • Jack Gets Robbed
      Jack Gets Robbed
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      In the opening monologue, Jack is pestered for an autograph by a little girl claiming to be Margaret Truman from Washington, D.C. Bob Crosby sings "Peter Pan" with an assist from the child.
      At home, Jack tries to fall asleep but is awakened by a leaky bathroom faucet. Rochester comes and fixes it, then rocks Jack to sleep in his bed/crib. As he snoozes, two thieves come in the bedroom window and encounter booby traps in his dresser drawers and a live tiger in his safe.moreless
    • Liberace Show
      Liberace Show
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      After a show, Jack tries to return a call to Liberace but the two operators, Gertrude and Mabel, are too busy gossiping. Jack drops by Liberace's home and finds the place filled with candelabras and servants, all in tuxedos--even the gardener. Liberace asks Jack to fill in for his brother George in a concert he's giving that evening. In the theater lobby during intermission at the concert, Don Wilson does a Lucky Strike commercial. Liberace performs a solo, then the two play "September Song" with Jack on his violin.moreless
    • Jack Takes a Beaver To The Dentist
      Rochester does his impression of Louis Armstrong and sings "I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby." The den mother of the Beverly Hills Beavers, Mrs. Miller, asks Jack to take her two sons to the dentist. When one of the boys start to complain about having to have a tooth pulled, Jack gives a stern lecture on the importance of dental health. To show how painless going to the dentist is, Benny hops in the chair and has the doctor examine his teeth. When the doctor finds big problems in his mouth, Jack sings a whole different tune.moreless
    • Jack Goes To The Doctor
      Jack Goes To The Doctor
      Season 9 - Episode 6
      Jack is so agitated and irritable that guest Oscar Levant suggests he see his psychiatrist. While waiting for the doctor to finish with a patient, Oscar pinpoints the source of Jack's torment: Frank Nelson. Everywhere Jack goes, there Nelson is to give him grief. Before Benny hides under the carpet, he has visions of Nelson as a gas station attendant, a hot dog vendor, and a black hooded demon. Strangely, the psychiatrist's patient has the same problem--except it's Jack Benny who's tormenting him.moreless
    • Jack Opens Beverly Hills Office
      Jack Opens Beverly Hills Office
      Season 6 - Episode 14
      Jack opens a swanky business office in Beverly Hills, but does it on the cheap. To cut expenses, he shares the suite with an interior decorator and hires a surly drug store waitress as receptionist. Dore Shary, the head of MGM, comes by to talk with Jack about a film role, but Benny's less than thrilled about the part and the money. The decorator takes a look at Jack's office and trashes the place, leading to an offer for him from Schary.moreless
    • Jack is a Violin Teacher
      Jack is a Violin Teacher
      Season 12 - Episode 24
      Dennis Day performs "On the First Warm Day." Following a magazine interview about his life, Jack dreams about what would have happened had he never left Waukegan and become a comedian. As a struggling violin teacher in his hometown, he fails to impress his students, all whom play better than he does. Even offering "bargain rates" on lessons fails to attract much business. With his furniture being repossessed, his shrill wife is threatening to leave him.moreless
    • Jack Goes Back Into Pictures
      Jack Goes Back Into Pictures
      Season 12 - Episode 23
      Rochester unsuccessfully tries to calm down his exuberant boss. Jack is giddy because he thinks director Billy Wilder wants him to star in his next picture.
    • Don Breaks His Leg
      Don Breaks His Leg
      Season 14 - Episode 18
      Don pretends to break his leg so that his doofus son Harlow can fill in for him on the show. Harlow reads his self-penned poem "Ode to California." When Jack finds out Don's a faker, he goes to the Wilson home to make him squirm. Jack's most successful talent find, Miss Beverly Hills, returns and sings "Only One Man". She then shocks Benny by launching into a striptease performance.moreless
    • The Lettermen Show
      The Lettermen Show
      Season 14 - Episode 25
      Jack's monologue is interrupted by Dennis Day who comes out with props, prepared to sing. He's angry to learn that The Lettermen would be doing the songs. The Lettermen perform "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing". As they begin their second number, Dennis picks them off one by one and finishes their song. Jack imagines what it would be like if he'd gone to college. His roommates are played by The Letterman; Jack is a freshmen who looks 39. In class, chemistry is taught by a nutty German professor who plays "Yankee Doodle" on his flasks. When he writes the chemical formula for a nuclear bomb on the chalk board, it explodes. Tired of Jack's money-making schemes, the roommates hope to catch him in the act of selling answers to tests. The buyer of the answers is Professor Von Krausmeyer.moreless
    • Jack Renews His Driver's License
      Jack Renews His Driver's License
      Season 14 - Episode 24

      Jack rehearses some Dixieland music with members of his band at the studio. He does a public service announcement for safe driving and finds out his driver's license has expired. On the way to the golf course, Jack and Don drop by the Department of Motor Vehicles to have it renewed.
      Renewing should be simple, but Jack's has trouble with everyone. A man who doesn't work there accepts his $3 fee and runs, a grumpy guard accuses him of cheating, and the man giving the eye exam can't see. Getting his photo taken is an ordeal as the photographer thinks he's Erich von Stroheim directing a film.

    • Andy Williams Show
      Andy Williams Show
      Season 15 - Episode 3
      Guest Andy Williams sings "On the Street Where You Live." for the little old ladies of Jack's fan club. On the premise it will be good for his career, Jack talks Andy into attending a gala grand opening with him. He doesn't tell Andy it's at a meat market. Embarrassed to be at such an affair, he's talked into singing "Moon River". On the up side, he wins a free turkey.moreless
    • Jack's Life Story
      Jack's Life Story
      Season 8 - Episode 6
      20th Century Fox wants to film Jack's life story and this news swells Benny's head more than usual. When Jack goes to the studio, he runs into the director of his flop The Horn Blows at Midnight; the man's now a parking lot attendant. Benny meets with Buddy Adler, head of production, ready to produce, direct and star in his epic story. Adler has something very different in mind that doesn't involve Jack. Benny hits the ceiling when he hears he won't even be starring; Van Johnson will. However, they do have a part for Jack: playing his own father.moreless
    • Variety Show
      Variety Show
      Season 11 - Episode 24
      Jack introduces newcomer Ann-Margret and George Burns walks out. Since Jack saw her in Burns' Vegas show, he wants to introduce her. She performs "I Ain't Got Nobody." Burns demands a park setting for her next number, so Jack brings out a park bench he found complete with a couple on it necking. She sings "Have a Good Time".
      Jack dresses as Ben Franklin to settle a bet for George.
      Don Wilson does the Lipton Tea commercial with the couple from the park bench getting into an argument.
      Juggler Francis Brunn performs and Jack, in a tight outfit, tries to join the act. Things don't go well and Benny exits on a stretcher.moreless
    • Jack Meets a Japanese Agent
      Jack Meets a Japanese Agent
      Season 13 - Episode 9
      Romi Yamada and Jack Soo from Flower Drum Song are the guests. Romi performs a song in Japanese and Jack wants to book her for more appearances--at a very cheap price. Her agent begs to differ. Jack Soo hosts a Japanese version of The Ed Sullivan Show. Guests include the Rocky Fellers playing "Long Tall Sally" with vocalist Jack in a wig and gold lame suit. Mel Blanc is the mike-boom operator who can't stay awake.moreless
    • Four O'Clock In The Morning Show
      Four O'Clock In The Morning Show
      Season 5 - Episode 10
      Jack is awakened by a 4 AM phone call from Hank, the all-night DJ, asking an inane trivia question. Unable to sleep, he goes for a walk and drops by Don Wilson's house, where the Sportsmen Quartet sing "When the Red Red Robin." Sleepy by the afternoon, Mary drags Jack off to a to buy a new suit at a clothing store managed by Frank Nelson. Benny falls asleep on his feet and is mistaken by store employees for a mannequin. When he wakes up, he's been redressed and is standing in the window display holding a fishing pole. Jack goes for Nelson's throat when he learns he advertises on Hank's all-night radio show.moreless
    • Jack's Maxwell Is Stolen
      Jack's Maxwell Is Stolen
      Season 7 - Episode 5
      Jack's monologue is interrupted by a phone call from Rochester informing him that his Maxwell has been stolen. Unable to call the Beverly Hills Police to report the crime (their number is unlisted), Jack hurries to the station. Don is left to introduce the Sportsmen. Caught off guard, they dress onstage while singing "Puttin' on My Top Hat" and a Lucky Strike commercial. The Beverly Hills Police station is incredibly ritzy: the receptionist asks Jack if he has an appointment, the "hounds" are French poodles, the dispatchers play pop records on the radio between announcements. When the "DJ" plays a Lawrence Welk tune, bubble machines turn on and everyone ballroom dances. One of the thieves is caught when he returns the car to Jack's house.moreless
    • Peggy King and Art Linkletter
      Peggy King and Art Linkletter
      Season 6 - Episode 3
      The monologue is interrupted by Don Wilson to show Jack that he's on the cover of the new "Look" magazine and to launch into a pitch for Lucky Strike. Jack's heckled by audience member Frank Fink (spelled "Franque Finque") who wants to win a refrigerator.
      Jack introduces Peggy King who insults Jack by saying George Gobel is funnier. She performs "When Love Walks Out, Brother."
      Art Linkletter hosts a segment from his daytime show House Party where he interviews children. After the first group of real kids, he brings out more kids: Wilson, King, Benny (with golden locks), and Rochester. The sketch ends when Franque Finque takes the stage demanding his refrigerator.moreless
    • William Holden/Frances Bergen Show
      William Holden/Frances Bergen Show
      Season 6 - Episode 11
      Jack introduces Dennis Day who aggravates him with stories of his dead uncle before singing. Benny introduces William Holden, director Mervyn LeRoy, and Frances Bergen in the audience. He invites Frances on stage and she discusses a film offer she's had. Jack wonders why he never gets drama roles; she tells him it's because he has zero sex appeal. To prove otherwise, he improvises a lame seductive love scene with her. It's so bad that William Holden comes onstage to show Jack how it's done. After a kiss from Holden, Bergen swoons and goes limp. Don presents his dufus son Harlow to do the the Lucky Strike commercial, and the young man botches it thoroughly.moreless
    • Jackie Gleason Show
      Jackie Gleason Show
      Season 5 - Episode 16
      Jack and Rochester are in New York, relaxing in the penthouse suite of the luxurious St. Regis Hotel. They're staying for free, masquerading as painters. Whenever the doorbell rings, they put on painters' caps and toss drop cloths around the room. Jack's awaiting Jackie Gleason for a business meeting. Before Gleason enters the room, the June Taylor Dancers prance in and give him an huge introduction. Gleason and Benny are forming a production company to make movies. Jack thinks the films will star him; Jackie has heard about The Horn Blows at Midnight and has different ideas. When the hotel manager calls to say he's coming up, Rochester starts throwing out the drop cloths and paint buckets. Benny puts a cap on Gleason and tells him he's the foreman.moreless
    • Ernie Kovacs Show
      Ernie Kovacs Show
      Season 9 - Episode 10
      In his monologue, Jack makes jokes about finally being able to show the Gaslight sketch on his show. Ernie shows Jack his mustache collection, and has Jack tries some of them on. They all look ridiculous. Don, dressed as a Beatnik, does the Lucky commercial as a musical production set in a coffeehouse. The sketch is set in a cushy Knob Hill prison in 1970, where criminals Killer Kovacs and Benny the Louse play golf and have the warden shine their clubs. Ernie is about to be released but doesn't want to leave behind the gourmet room service, hi fi, and cha cha lessons. The guards have to physically throw him out.moreless
    • Lunch Counter Murder
      Lunch Counter Murder
      Season 11 - Episode 7
      Jack's monologue concerns the previous night's bachelor party. Dennis refuses to sing because Duryea got the star dressing room; Dennis' mother throws Duryea out of the room. The "dramatic" sketch is entitled "Death Across the Lunch Counter, or He Died Sunny-Side Up". Jack plays Charleston T. Gundlefinger, a diner owner who's about to close. It is midnight and he's nervous because a man was recently murdered across the street. Three toughs (Duryea, Day and Nelson) come in and intimidate Jack. Benny shoots Duryea and Day and turns the gun on the third man. Number three isn't a thug; he's Charleston's interior decorator.moreless
    • Preparing For New York Trip
      Preparing For New York Trip
      Season 5 - Episode 15
      Jack and Rochester are driven to the train station by a crying cab driver who can't bear to say goodbye. He even follows Jack inside and buys him flowers and candy. Once in the station, Jack runs into Mr. Kitzel in a kilt, a young couple who won't stop kissing, and the racetrack tout who gives him tips on which train to take. Besides being interrupted by a PA announcer making ridiculous announcements, Jack has trouble at the ticket counter because Frank Nelson is working the window. In the epilogue, Jack brings out Mel Blanc and gives him his pay check. Mel starts crying again.moreless
    • How Jack Met George Burns
      How Jack Met George Burns
      Season 14 - Episode 14
      Old buddies Benny and Burns trade jokes and insults. George needles him about his pettiness in golfing before recalling their first meeting during the vaudeville days. In the flashback, they are each staying in a seedy boarding house when they decide to team up. Their act, full of awful jokes and ridiculous songs, is a flop. Jack, being Jack, demands a raise, even though they aren't making a dime. George claims their problem is Benny; anyone could do Jack's part better--even the landlord's daughter. That girl's name: Gracie Allen.moreless
    • Jack Meets Max Bygraves
      Jack Meets Max Bygraves
      Season 13 - Episode 15
      Jack introduces his guest, British comedian/singer Max Bygraves. The pair chat and Bygraves performs a monologue.
      In the sketch, Jack recalls his first contact with the comic eight years earlier. Jack was watching a British TV show Bygraves was performing and was stunned by what he saw: Max had stolen his entire act. The comic lied about his age and claimed to be a cheapskate. He had a fat announcer named Don Wilton, a singer named Dennis Knight, and a valet named Manchester.moreless
    • Frankie Avalon Show
      Frankie Avalon Show
      Season 13 - Episode 22
      In his monologue, Jack breaks his glasses in half to please both the people who thinks he looks best with his glasses and those who think without. He introduces Frankie Avalon who sings "Never Say Never Again". In a flashback to a few weeks earlier, Jack runs into Frankie at the studio and tries to get him to come of the show for free. Don Wilson passes through and comforts a crying girl by giving her several boxes of Jell-o in the integrated commercial. Jack goes to watch Frankie record "Embraceable You" and ruins take after take making various noises. The irritated producer is ready to throw Jack out until Benny accidentally comes up with their song "gimmick". The two duet on Jack's show: Frankie sings while Jack "plays" the water cooler.moreless
    • Dennis Day's Surprise Birthday Party
      Dennis Day's Surprise Birthday Party
      Season 12 - Episode 13
      Hiding in one of Benny's closets, Dennis overhears Jack's plans to throw a surprise costume birthday party for him. It's obvious it's not a secret when Dennis arrives at the party dressed as a leprechaun. Dennis' protective mother gives Jack the usual earful.
    • Railroad Station Show
      Railroad Station Show
      Season 8 - Episode 14
      Jack, Don and Rochester are heading to New York by train to meet with the show's sponsor. They can't go until Chuck the plumber finishes working on Jack's pipes, but Chuck keeps getting calls from his girlfriend making elopement plans. At Union Station, Jack runs into Mr. Kitzel who's heading to Chicago. Jack becomes irritated by the public address announcer and the clueless Information Desk clerk. Learning that there's already someone in his compartment, he goes to the ticket window and encounters surly Frank Nelson, who's given the compartment to his chubby daughter. Then Nelson hands Jack a live turkey he just won in the train station raffle. On the train, Nelson's daughter and boyfriend Chuck are married with Jack playing the violin and the turkey gobbling.moreless
    • Jack Dreams He's Married To Mary
      Jack Dreams He's Married To Mary
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      Rochester writes in his diary about the day's events: Mary rushes over to discuss something important and Jack thinks she's going to accept one of his numerous marriage proposals. Instead, she lectures him on being so cheap. Jack dozes on the couch and dreams about their wedding ceremony, with justice of the peace Don Wilson turning it into a Lucky commercial. Then it's on to their 21st anniversary; he's a failed radio actor/house husband and she's the breadwinner, still working at the May Company. Eventually, "dream Mary" also launches into him for being a cheapskate. In the epilogue, Jack brings out both Mary and Joanie for bows.moreless
    • Reminiscing About Last New Year's
      Reminiscing About Last New Year's
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      In the monologue, Jack talks about his Christmas. Recalling last New Year's Eve, Jack has a big night planned with his date, Gloria. The cast has gathered in Jack's dressing room where Bob Crosby and the Sportsmen perform "Let's Start the New Year Right." Gloria calls and cancels at the last minute. A lonesome Jack wanders the streets, stopping in for coffee at Nick's Cafe. The waitress is Gloria, who had to work. Jack heads home to find Rochester in formal attire, ready to go out and celebrate. Rochester won't leave Jack alone on New Year's Eve; he cancels his plans and stays with Jack. The two old friends drink champagne and ring in the New Year together.moreless
    • Death Row Sketch
      Death Row Sketch
      Season 11 - Episode 17
      Guest Mamie Van Doren charms Jack into letting her sing on the show; she and Dennis do "You Make Me Feel So Young."
      Don Wilson and Howard McNear do the State Farm commercial.
      Jack starts reading a book titledLife in the Death House, or My Last Meal Had No Appeal, leading to a dream where he's a condemned man telling his story to the warden. It seems he had a gorgeous wife (Mamie) who made him do all the housework and care for their idiot son (Dennis) while she lavished her attention on their boarder.moreless
    • Jack Goes To a Pasadena Fan Club Meeting
      In the monologue, Jack fires Don (again) for giving him a lousy introduction. Dennis tells Jack a ridiculous story about going fishing and sings "Sinner Man." The president and secretary of the Jack Benny Fan Club, Pasadena chapter, invite Jack to their meeting. He declines--until he learns they want him to play his violin.
      At the meeting of little old ladies, he sits in the rocking chair of honor. When he performs "Love in Bloom", the women swoon and faint from excitement. The gals have put together their own swingin' jazz band and join Benny in "Swanee River/When the Saints Come Marchin' In."moreless
    • New Year's Eve
      New Year's Eve
      Season 12 - Episode 11
      Jack explains to a reporter how he spent last New Year's Eve.
      In the flashback, several musicians are celebrating in Jack's dressing room prior to heading to Don's house for the big party. Dennis comes in dressed as baby New Year, then sings the State Farm commercial with Don accompanying on tuba. Jack, dressed in black tie and tails, informs the boys he'll miss the party because he has a big date on the town with his new gal Gloria.
      Gloria calls and cancels, leaving Jack with no plans. Dejectedly, he wanders the streets, stopping into a diner for a bowl of soup. The waitress, Gloria, apologizes for canceling because of work.
      Back at home, he finds Rochester, also dressed up, heading out to celebrate. Feeling sad that Jack's all alone, Rochester stays home and the two ring in the New Year over a bottle of champagne.moreless
    • Hillbilly Sketch
      Hillbilly Sketch
      Season 15 - Episode 6
      In his monologue, Jack confesses that his producer has been using raffle tickets to get the audience members to stay in their seats through the end of the show. Jack and guest Connie Francis argue about whether it's harder to sing or to get laughs. Francis sings "I Was Born Too Late," and a medley of Al Jolson tunes ("Swanee," "Mammy," and "April Showers").
      Don does the Alka-Seltzer commercial as an endorsement by a safe-cracker.
      In the sketch, Jack heads the hillbilly Skinner family who live in a cabin in the Ozarks. His wife (Connie) agrees that they should explain the facts of life to their son, 28-year-old Clem (Dale). Cousin Shem (Don) is in agreement. They perform a parody of "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter."moreless
    • Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
      Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
      Season 12 - Episode 5
      No one bothered to tell Jack that his guest, Tennessee Ernie Ford, would be appearing via live remote from his farm in Lakeport, CA. The two chat about farming and Ernie sings "John Henry" at his barn before the picture goes black. When the picture comes back, it's an attractive woman; Ernie says it's one of his "pea pickers." Ford also displays the square egg he's developed. The technology goes haywire when they attempt a split-screen fiddle duet of "Sweet Georgia Brown." Finally, things go berserk and Jack ending up in Ernie's barn and Ernie on Jack's studio stage. Don does the State Farm commercial with a man on a pogo stick.moreless
    • Jack Fires Don
      Jack Fires Don
      Season 13 - Episode 24
      After Jack and Don argue over who said "Don't give up the ship," Jack fires Don and holds auditions for a new announcer. Dennis does the JELL-O commercial as a series of imitations, including James Cagney and John F. Kennedy. Dennis rehearses a sentimental song for Jack, while Don walks back and forth across the set clearing out his office.moreless
    • How Jack Found Dennis
      How Jack Found Dennis
      Season 14 - Episode 19
      Jack explains how he manages to look so good on TV after all these years: long shots. In close-ups, he's nothing but wrinkles. Dennis brings out his own palm tree as scenery and performs "Cocktails for Two." Don's State Farm Insurance commercial features a yodeling Swiss chalet owner who Jack tries to muzzle.
      It's Dennis' 24th anniversary of working with Jack. Benny tells his version of how he discovered Day and hired him for his radio show. Jack hears Dennis' demo record and sets out to find him, following him through a parade of jobs (fish market, ice cream shop) from which he was fired. Jack finally locates him working in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant.moreless
    • Main Street Shelter
      Main Street Shelter
      Season 11 - Episode 25
      Jack waits for all the tardy channel switchers to tune in before he begins his monologue. In the sketch, Jack returns from a three day hike with the Beverly Hills Beavers to find that Rochester has given an old sports jacket of his to the Main Street Shelter. Jack rushes down to retrieve it since it has $200 sewn in the lining. In his camping clothes, and with a three-day beard, he is taken for a transient himself. When he finally gets his coat and $200 back, his "alter ego" makes him donate the cash to the shelter.moreless
    • Jack Adopts a Son
      Jack Adopts a Son
      Season 15 - Episode 16
      In his monologue, Jack demonstrates why his Stradivarius is worth $30,000. He introduces Milton Berle and they exchange insults. Don introduces Miss Carmelita Montoya, a dancer from Madrid who uses One-a-Day Brand Vitamins for castanets. In the sketch, Jack plays Jonathan Goodheart, a rich do-gooder who believes there is no such thing as a bad boy. As he "auditions" several young boys to adopt, he encounters one real stinker who makes him rethink his position: Milton, a brat who only wants to inherit Jack's money.moreless
    • Jack Hires a Cook
      Jack Hires a Cook
      Season 15 - Episode 10
      After twenty years, Rochester has finally talked Jack into giving him a week's vacation. He's relaxing with his friend Roy at the Palm Valley Inn when he reads a newspaper ad Jack has placed for a household domestic. Thinking he's being replaced, a panicked Rochester phones Don and Dennis and asks for their help. The pair scheme to get rid of the housekeeper by scaring her off. Jack explains to the guys that it's all a misunderstanding and that Miss Dooley was hired to help Rochester, not replace him.moreless
    • The Cat Burglar
      The Cat Burglar
      Season 15 - Episode 9
      At the poker game at Jack's house with band members Frank and Sammy, and Don and Dennis, cheapskate Benny refuses to open a new deck, forcing the guys to make do with an improvised deck. Much is made of the cat burglar that's been breaking into the homes of Beverly Hills celebrities. Jack warns everyone to lock their doors and stay off the street. The State Farm commercial is heard on Dennis' radio. Two criminals are hypnotizing a poor dupe into putting on a cat costume and breaking into the homes of snoozing residents to steal their valuables. The surprise appearance of Joey Bishop allows Jack and Rochester to identify the cat burglar.moreless
    • Jack Gives a Dinner Party
      Jack Gives a Dinner Party
      Season 13 - Episode 8
      Famous cheapskate Jack throws a lavish, black-tie party at his home, complete with hors d'oeuvres and a fine dining. This has his guests confused, including Jimmy and Gloria Stuart, who remember one party when bobbing for apples was the meal. They can't figure out what Jack is up to. Finally, one of the waiters lets the secret slip. Jimmy sings and plays "My Blue Heaven" on piano.moreless
    • Jack Is a Boxing Manager
      Jack Is a Boxing Manager
      Season 14 - Episode 23
      Jack visits a restaurant owned by an ex-boxer and begins daydreaming about being an old-time fight manager. His protege, Dennis "Kid Dynamite" Day, thinks "Doc" Benny is the best because he let's him fight twice a day. A gorgeous blond, however, stands in the way of Doc making some quick money.moreless
    • Jack Visits House of Monkeys
      Jack Visits House of Monkeys
      Season 15 - Episode 18
      The various audience members in line discuss how they got their tickets to the show. Jack's monologue is about his trip to Australia. He introduces Australian singer Lorrae Desmond who performs "Wouldn't It Be Lovely." Don asks Lorrae if you gain or lose a day when you cross the International Date Line because he doesn't want to miss a One-a-Day Vitamin. In the sketch, Jack recalls his first meeting with the Marquis Chimps after seeing them perform in Las Vegas. He goes to the monkey's home to meet their owner, Gene Getroy, and discuss having the act on his TV show. Jack ends up negotiating with the chimps themselves.moreless
    • Jack Redecorates His House
      Jack Redecorates His House
      Season 14 - Episode 22
      After taking abuse from his card game buddies about a hideous chair he's just had reupholstered, Jack hires a sexy home decorator to update his home. Her ideas involve zebra stripes.
    • Jack And Dennis Do Impersonations
      Jack And Dennis Do Impersonations
      Season 14 - Episode 21
      JAck fulfills viewers' requests. One asks for Dennis to sing "Love In Bloom," but he doesn't know it. Someone asks Jack to give Harlow a break, so Don's son impersonates Sophie Tucker in the State Farm commercial. A woman wants Jack to put her husband's animal on the show; he's promptly is eaten by his lion. One request is to have Jackie Gleason back on. Complete with (two) dancing girls, Jack plays Gleason in a take-off Gleason's variety show. Dennis impersonates Crazy Guggenheim. Benny's promise to impersonate Danny Kaye is interrupted by the real Kaye. The final request for Jack to play a classical number on his violin is stopped when the lion chases him from the stage.moreless
    • Jack Has Dog Trouble
      Jack Has Dog Trouble
      Season 15 - Episode 27
      Benny wears his new expensive, Beverly Hills tailor-made suit to his sponsor's home for dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis have a huge dog, Henrietta, that they treat as a spoiled child. She takes to Jack and destroys his new suit. When Mr. Lewis says they're going on vacation, Jack regrets having said he loved their dog.moreless
    • Jack Loses a Raffle
      Jack Loses a Raffle
      Season 15 - Episode 8
      The women of the Beverly Hills Improvement Committee, spearheaded by the wives of David Janssen, Andy Williams, and Steve McQueen, are trying to rid their community of Jack's Maxwell. They sell him a ticket to a raffle that's rigged for him; the prize is a car to replace his old junk heap.moreless
    • Frances and Edgar Bergen
      Frances and Edgar Bergen
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      The Sportsmen sing a tune composed by a couple of Benny's staffers, "That's How Santa Claus Will Look This Year." Don has spent $1000 on the supposedly great Enrico Scortichinni to perform with them. Jack is upset when Enrico's only contribution is an occasional "Ho, ho, ho."
      Jack goes to Edgar Bergen's home to discuss his appearance on the show. While waiting for Edgar to arrive, wife Frances sings a number. Jack's goes into shock when he learns the incredible truth about Bergen's dummies: they're alive! Charlie McCarthy walks into the room, followed soon by Mortimer Snerd, and Jack can only stare slack-jawed. Edgar Bergen doesn't arrive until afterward and has Jack sit on his knee to discuss the show.moreless
    • The Jack Benny Show 4 AM
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Jack Benny was a regular on his own radio program since 1932. He brought the program, with his underplayed humor, to TV along with his radio regulars. Jack, who remained 39-years-old, kept his money in his basement and drove his old Maxwell car just as he had done on the radio.moreless
    • Jungle Sketch
      Jungle Sketch
      Season 15 - Episode 7
      Don opens the program by announcing that the show must go on; Jack is brought out in traction in a hospital bed. Guest Abbe Lane sings "I Believe in You." Don needs his glasses to do the State Farm commercial. They come equipped with a funny nose and a State Farm sign. Jack plays an Albert Schweitzer-type scientist working deep in the jungle to develop a non-skid banana peel. His bombshell wife, Lane, is sick of the rain and bored with their marriage. His assistant, Lawrence of Africa, is there to sweep her off her feet.moreless
    • NBC Premiere
      NBC Premiere
      Season 15 - Episode 1
      The show opens with Chet Huntley and David Brinkley doing a newscast on Benny's return to NBC. In his monologue, Jack talks about the move and conducts a press conference with the Marquis Chimps as panelists. Dennis brings his wife and nine children on stage.
      Jack meets with NBC executives and finds that his new TV studio is a radio studio. Doug McClure and Roberta Shore from The Virginian make cameos. Jack Performs again with the Marquis Chimps, with the monkeys dressed as The Beatles. They sing "I Want to Hold Your Hand" with Jack.moreless
    • The Jack Benny Show Liberace
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Jack Benny was a regular on his own radio program since 1932. He brought the program, with his underplayed humor, to TV along with his radio regulars. Jack, who remained 39-years-old, kept his money in his basement and drove his old Maxwell car just as he had done on the radio.moreless
    • Frank Sinatra, Jr. Show
      Frank Sinatra, Jr. Show
      Season 13 - Episode 2
      Jack's guest, Frank Sinatra, Jr., makes his national TV debut and sings "My Kind of Girl." Don brings out his son Harlow to proudly announce it's the boy's 19th birthday. Jack and Harlow snipe at each other while Don does the Jell-O commercial. After seeing Don with his son, and Frank Jr. play the piano and sing, Jack imagines what it would be like if he had a boy. Playing his own imaginary son, Jack Benny Jr., he appears with Harlow and Frank Jr. as typical teenagers in a wild spoof of the "Twist" dance craze. The group performs the rock and roll tune "She Has a Wig, Contact Lenses, and a Nose Job."moreless
    • I Am The Fiddler
      I Am The Fiddler
      Season 14 - Episode 28
      In his final show for CBS, Jack reminisces about the old days of radio and it's ability to paint pictures in the mind. To assist, Mel Blanc demonstrates his various voices. In a take-off of the radio character "The Whister", Jack assumes the role of the black-caped mischief-maker "The Fiddler". Blanc and Dennis Day are his victims.moreless
    • Jack Has a Sick Alligator
      Jack Has a Sick Alligator
      Season 15 - Episode 12
      Jack talks an unsuspecting veterinarian into making a house call. He leads the doctor through the dungeon underneath his house, past his ancient security guard, and to the surprise patient: a sick alligator that lives in the moat protecting his vault. The doctor surprises even himself by diagnosing the creature's problem.moreless
    • Jack Appears on a Panel Show
      Jack Appears on a Panel Show
      Season 15 - Episode 26
      Jack is upset because his publicity man isn't getting him dignified press; he has Jack's posing for a photo with pancakes on his head. When there's a cancellation on the intellectual discussion show Impromptu, Jack jumps at the chance. Dennis thinks he's found a ruby he lost from his ring, but its a One-a-Day Brand Vitamin, leading to Don's commercial. On the show, panelists Angie Dickinson, Dr. Joyce Brothers, and Vincent Price make him look like he has an empty head. But when the topic of the American dollar comes up, Jack can't say enough. Jack is still talking about money after the show's end credits have rolled, and the cameras have been turned off.moreless
    • Billy Graham Show
      Billy Graham Show
      Season 14 - Episode 1
      Season opener. Don, Jack and Dennis do the commercial as Peter, Paul and Mary. At Billy Graham's request, the skit is redone according to a new formula in which there are no insults to anyone, and everyone is quiet and sweet; Dennis reports that he went to UCLA over the summer. Billy Graham gives a short inspirational message.moreless
    • Jack Answers Request Letters
      Jack Answers Request Letters
      Season 13 - Episode 27
      The premise for this episode is to have Jack answer viewers' letters. One asks about the sound effects on his old radio program, so Ray Erlenborn demonstrate how he made several of them. In the State Farm Insurance commercial, a serviceman from the audience claims State Farm insured his tank in the Battle of the Bulge. Jack's sister Florence asks why Dennis or Don never get to work without Jack, so the pair impersonate Laurel and Hardy in an original sketch. The final request is for Jack play a piece of music seriously. The last-minute accompanist sent by Musicians' Union, however, completely upstages Jack with his antics.moreless
    • Jack Brings Ed Up From the Vault
      Jack Brings Ed Up From the Vault
      Season 15 - Episode 22
      Jack goes down to his vault to get $10 out and brings up his aging guard, Ed, to see what modern life is like. It's his first time out in years and he's unprepared for the fast pace of the world. When Ed disappears, Jack calls the police, but it's unnecessary; Ed returns, wanting to go back to the peace and quiet of the vault.moreless
    • Rainy Day in Palm Springs
      Rainy Day in Palm Springs
      Season 15 - Episode 21
      In the monologue, Jack explains how he keeps fit. He also says the American Federation of Musicians has given him a one-way ticket to Australia. Rochester explains the rules to the house to their new housekeeper. Rule #1: you must must watch Benny's show. Dennis Day sings the State Farm Insurance jingle, and then "If Ever I Would Leave You" with running commentary from Rochester and the maid. Rochester fills her in on the time Jack fired Dennis Day. The story flashes back to their radio days; Dennis suggests they all drive to Palm Springs for the weekend and it rains the whole time.moreless
    • Jack Joins Acrobats
      Jack Joins Acrobats
      Season 15 - Episode 20
      Jack's monologue about TV ratings is interrupted by an audience member from Toledo who wants to take a picture of his family with Jack. Don does the One-A-Day Brand Vitamins commercial with a member of the family. Dennis performs "My Kind of Town (Chicago Is)." In the sketch, Jack plays a Sultan who visits one of his villages, expecting the natives to award him his weight in treasure; he's in for a disappointment. Sultan Jack is supposed to ride on a "flying carpet", but the crew can't get it to work. To cover, a troop of acrobats, The Tangiers, begin performing. Hating to be upstaged, Jack tries to stop them, but becomes part of their act.moreless
    • Jack Does the U.S.O. Show
      Jack Does the U.S.O. Show
      Season 13 - Episode 21
      Vocalist Martha Tilton reminisces with Jack about the U.S.O. shows they performed together during World War II. This leads to the flashback of one of their wartime performances. Benny does a monologue full of military jokes and Tilton sings "Too Marvelous For Words" and "I'll Remember April." Benny is determined that nothing will keep him from playing his violin for the troops. The soldiers walking out and the enemy attacking do not deter Benny from finishing his number.moreless
    • A Dummy Replaces Jack
      A Dummy Replaces Jack
      Season 13 - Episode 26
      Jack returns from Hong Kong and enters via a rickshaw pulled by Dennis.
      Day sings "I Left My Heart in San Francisco."
      The sponsor decides that Dennis is getting all the laughs, so they ask Jack to take a pay cut. When he refuses, the sponsor replaces him with a blue-eyed wooden dummy that looks and shrugs just like the real thing.moreless
    • The Stradivarius Story
      The Stradivarius Story
      Season 15 - Episode 19
      Jack introduces cameraman Charlie Summers and his new wife; she asks Jack why Charlie has never received a raise. During their "feud", Fred Allen presented a 10-year-old violinist on his radio show, Stuart Canin, who played violin better than Jack. He's now a 38-year-old professor of violin at Oberlin. He plays a selection from La vida breve by Manuel de Falla on a Stradivarius. Don Wilson introduces a man with a rocket pack and radar wants to be a State Farm agent. In the sketch, Jack plays the violin-maker Antonio Stradivari, lavishing great care on each instrument. His brother-in-law says customers only care about his signature on them. His wife whines that he could make a lot more money if he cranked out the violins mass production-style. Benny and Canin duet on "The Bee".moreless
    • The Mikado
      The Mikado
      Season 13 - Episode 25
      Jack talks about raising the standards of television programming, so he's staging a condensed version of the opera The Mikado. Rather than singing the Japanese love song that's planned, Dennis is determined to do an Irish jig. Don has his son Harlow, who's been taking elocution lessons, do the State Farm commercial. In the sketch, Jack is the Lord High Executioner with Dennis as Nanki-Poo, disguised as a minstrel. The "classy" production falls apart when Dennis does his jig dance.moreless
    • Robinson Crusoe Sketch
      Robinson Crusoe Sketch
      Season 14 - Episode 8
      Jack tries to get out of paying a 14-cent overdue fine by presenting the librarian with a note from his doctor. Dennis checks out books by Gibbon and Velben so he'll look smart when he walks past UCLA on his way home. Don barges into the library to hawk State Farm Insurance. The sketch is a take-off on Robinson Crusoe with Jack as the bearded castaway and Dennis as his man Friday.moreless
    • Jack Takes a Boat to Hawaii
      Jack Takes a Boat to Hawaii
      Season 14 - Episode 9
      Jack is waiting to take a ship back home after vacationing in Hawaii. Schlepperman, a character from Jack's radio days, appears to present Jack with a lei made of chicken livers. Rochester arrives late, having been crowned King Kameamea VI by the islanders.
      On the ship board, Dennis tells Jack he swam all the way to Hawaii, then jumps overboard to swim home. Falling asleep in a deck chair, Jack dreams the heavyset woman sitting beside him is Jayne Mansfield and that she finds him irresistible. He proposes but she's concerned about their age difference. She coos the song "You're Just Too Marvelous For Words" to Jack and agrees to meet him for dinner. He chases after her, being awakened by a huge kiss from the chubby woman.moreless
    • Dennis Opens a Bank Account
      Dennis Opens a Bank Account
      Season 15 - Episode 25
      Jack's publicity agent has him posing for ridiculous photos, as a Beatle (for a youthful image), a frogman and as a surfer (to show him as a man of action). Dennis sings "There'll Be Music" with Don on the piano. The photographer poses Don, leading into the State Farm Insurance commercial. Jack can't believe Dennis has never had a bank account, or even set foot inside of one. With piggy bank in hand, Benny takes him to the bank where they crack the pig open, count the change, and open an account.moreless
    • Amateur Night
      Amateur Night
      Season 15 - Episode 13
      Jack's conducts another of his salary-saving amateur talent shows. Dennis has been banned from the set, but is determined to get on by impersonating various celebrities; he masquerades as a Japanese man dressed like one of The Beatles singing "I Want To Hold Your Hand". Also performing are Otto Kessler, aka Mel Blanc, as a whiskey bottle-player; and The Guire Sisters who are proud of their "commercial" name.moreless
    • Jack's Navy Buddy Returns
      Jack's Navy Buddy Returns
      Season 15 - Episode 24
      Jack's is reunited with his first vaudeville partner, old Navy buddy Stub Walker, who he hasn't seen in 40 years. Stub us retiring from the service and has come to take Jack up on his promise that they would work together again one day. Jack tries him out on the show (The two perform a medley of WWI hits.) but Stub can't deliver his lines, and his old routines are out of date.moreless
    • One Man Show
      One Man Show
      Season 15 - Episode 14
      In the holiday show, Jack chats informally with the audience. He shows a baby picture of himself at six months of age. The baby has clenched fists; Jack says he's holding a dime in each. Going out into the audience, Jack finds Gisele MacKenzie in the crowd. She's there with an aunt from Toronto who requests Jack translate his jokes into French. He drags MacKenzie onto the stage to do a reprise of their famed violin duet, "Getting to Know You."moreless
    • Jack Attends The Rose Bowl
      Jack Attends The Rose Bowl
      Season 13 - Episode 14
      When inviting his sponsors to his New Year's Eve party, Jack recalls the year he invited his gal friend, Zelda, to attend the party. The next day, cheapskate Jack takes her to the Rose Bowl Game and watches every penny he spends. This insures problems with the hot dog vendor and the man at the ticket booth.moreless
    • Jack Finds a Double
      Jack Finds a Double
      Season 15 - Episode 23
      At the show's rehearsal, Jack constantly makes mistakes. He complains of overwork. Network bigwigs have an idea to ease Jack's load: they've found a Benny look-alike (also played by Benny) who could fill in for the busy star. Before trying to pass the fake Jack off on the sponsor, it's decided the "double" must first past a test: he has to convince Rochester that he's the real man. Don does the State Farm commercial with a drum: you can't "beat" State Farm. The double moves into Benny's home, but Rochester is not fooled. He knows the real Jack isn't humble, kind, modest and generous with his cash.moreless
    • Jack Alone On New Year's Eve
      Jack Alone On New Year's Eve
      Season 14 - Episode 13
      Jack gives the cast the night off and does the show himself. He talks with Mary Livingstone on the phone and takes questions from the audience, some legit, some planted. When asked his age, he responds that everything is marked down after Christmas. Jack has the audience sing "Auld Lang Syne" and read the commercial while he provides sounds effects. He also talks about Dennis Day's Christmas present, his Maxwell, Phil Harris in Korea, and George Burns.moreless
    • Three Musketeers Sketch
      Three Musketeers Sketch
      Season 14 - Episode 11
      Jack talks about golfing in his monologue. He chats with a TV statistician who has monitored all of Jack's programs and found that Benny has told 80,000 jokes...and only gotten 30,000 laughs. Dennis storms on stage and says he's quitting because Jack has called him stupid 2,000 times. In the sketch, it's back to the 18th century as Jack, Don, and Dennis play the Three Musketeers. Jack's character gets into a romance with an attractive spy.moreless
    • Dennis Drives Jack to the Hospital
      Dennis Drives Jack to the Hospital
      Season 14 - Episode 10
      Jack is trying to work on a Julius Caesar sketch, while being pursued by a female fan. Wanting to take over the show for a few weeks, Dennis hatches a plan to make Jack think he's becoming unhinged. He hires an impressionist to make phone calls, as Benny, to receptionists, doctors--anyone and everyone. Naturally, Jack doesn't recall having talked to any of these people and begins to question his sanity. Upon hearing his own voice, and it wasn't coming from his mouth, Jack checks himself into a hospital.moreless
    • Sammy Davis, Jr. Show
      Sammy Davis, Jr. Show
      Season 13 - Episode 1
      Jack opens his 13th season on television with this move to Tuesdays nights, marking the first time in 28 years his program hasn't aired on a Sunday. Jack devotes his efforts to making sure the word gets out. His regulars Don Wilson, Dennis Day, and Rochester are on hand, and his "surprise guest" is Sammy Davis, Jr.moreless
    • Jack Takes in a Boarder
      Jack Takes in a Boarder
      Season 12 - Episode 26
      Jack advertises for a boarder and gets a non-stop parade off oddballs. Hillbilly entertainer Cousin Emmy and her kinfolk show up and play with Don on the State Farm commercial. Frank Nelson causes Jack headaches as a representative of the telephone company.
    • George Jessel/Goodwin Knight Show
      George Jessel/Goodwin Knight Show
      Season 7 - Episode 11
      Jack discusses his birthday coming up February 14th. California Governor Goodwin Knight comes out and chats about the benefit he's attending with Benny as guest of honor. The Sportsmen Quartet sing a birthday song, and do the commercial.
      In the sketch, George Jessel visits Jack at home to discuss details of the Friars Club banquet honoring Benny. Jessel, who will be toastmaster, reads Jack the text of his speech. When a reporter calls asking for details of the event, George ends up talking only about himself.moreless
    • The Fiddler
      The Fiddler
      Season 7 - Episode 10
      Don introduces fellow announcer Harry Von Zell who's in the audience. Jack is impressed with Hary's voice and wants him to do the commercial. An upset Don quits and storms off. Dennis performs "On the Street Where You Live." Jack plays "The Fiddler", a mysterious caped figure in a take-off of on radio's The Whistler. Dennis plays an air-headed husband who doesn't realize his wife is cheating with his best friend. "The Fiddler" comments on the action and encourages murder and mayhem from the players.moreless
    • The Mikado
      The Mikado
      Season 7 - Episode 7
      Dennis wants to do his Elvis Presley imitation, but Jack says no. Don does the Lucky Strike commercial with his untalented son Harlow. Jack intends to class the show by staging a condensed version of the opera The Mikado. Jack is Koko, the Lord High Executioner with Dennis playing Nanki-Poo disguised as a minstrel. The production falls apart when, instead of singing the Japanese love song that's planned, Dennis does his Elvis imitation in his Asian costume.moreless
    • Jack Is Invited To the Ronald Colmans
      While cleaning house, Rochester discovers Jack's old diary and reads an entry about Benny being invited to Ronald and Bonita Coleman's home for dinner. In the flashback, Rochester recalls the event. An invitation shows up on Benny's doorstep addressed to "Jack" and inviting him to the Colemans' home; the invitation was intended for the couple's British friend Jack Wellington. Benny shows up at the Coleman home anyhow, dressed in gaudy white tie and tails. When the British Jack shows up only in casual slacks and a sweater, Benny is convinced that this guy is an under-dressed party crasher.moreless
    • George Gobel/Red Skelton Show
      George Gobel/Red Skelton Show
      Season 7 - Episode 3
      Jack Benny and George Gobel face off as opposing candidates as each vies for the presidency Of the Beverly Hills Beavers. Gobel, who has a nephew in the club, joined the race after hearing about jack's candidacy. Each candidate ends up with just one vote apiece. The winner is another celebrity who has a nephew in the group.moreless
    • George Burns/Spike Jones Show
      George Burns/Spike Jones Show
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      Recalling his Carnegie Hall performance, Jack has jitters before the show. Spike Jones drops in backstage because he couldn't believe Jack Benny was really playing there. Trying to relax, Jack dreams that Felix Mendelssohn compliments his violin playing. In a nightmare, the Devil (George Burns) offers to make Jack the greatest violinist of all time; naturally, there's a catch. Jack begins to play with the orchestra, but the conductor is replaced by Spike Jones. The orchestra begins playing wildly and Jack has to be carried offstage on a stretcher, still playing his violin.moreless
    • Alfred Wallenstein Show
      Alfred Wallenstein Show
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      In the season premiere, Jack is nervous about a violin concert he's giving at Carnegie Hall. Trying to do some last-minute practicing, he distracted by a pair of locksmiths he called to open his basement vault; Jack has lost the only key. The conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra for Jack's performance, Alfred Wallenstein, comes by to offer pointers. He hears little because of all the sawing and grinding coming from the vault. When the locksmiths resort to blasting, Jack plays on, oblivious to all the plaster and debris falling around him.moreless
    • Jack Tries To Get a Passport
      Jack Tries To Get a Passport
      Season 6 - Episode 16
      Frustrations set Jack's blood boiling as he plans his European vacation. At the passport office, he encounters endless red-tape as he's shuffled from window to window. He has his photo taken by photographer Mel Blanc who hands every man the same photo of Rock Hudson, and smart-mouthed bureaucrat Frank Nelson who's not wearing any pants. Everyone gives Benny a dirty look when he repeatedly claims his age as 39.moreless
    • Gisele Mackenzie Show
      Gisele Mackenzie Show
      Season 6 - Episode 15
      Jack reads a public service announcement on behalf of the IRS, and jokes about the band member's deductions. Gisele MacKenzie joins Jack to chat and sings "Poor People of Paris." Meanwhile backstage, Jack's press agent proves a pest. Don and Lois Wilson beg Jack to give their son one more chance at doing the Luckies commercial. Lois said Harlow fouled up last time because Don yelled at him. Harlow does another lousy job, causing his mother to lose her temper and bust Jack's violin over his head. Gisele and Jack reprise their a violin duet from the year before, "Getting to Know You."moreless
    • Hope And Benny In Agent's Office
      Hope And Benny In Agent's Office
      Season 7 - Episode 12
      Jack's monologue on his Emmy Award nomination is interrupted by Bob Hope. The two exchange insults and reminisce about their days as a vaudeville team. In the sketch, the two are a song and dance act auditioning in an agent's office for a gig. Benny plays "Tea for Two" while he and Hope exchange corny jokes. They take a job in Akron, Ohio working for nothing. The Sportsmen perform 1920s-style tune for the Lucky commercial. In the epilogue, Bob and Jack do a special version of Hope's "Thanks For the Memories."moreless
    • Visit From the IRS
      Visit From the IRS
      Season 7 - Episode 16
      Opera star Dorothy Kirsten, with whom Jack will be performing in a benefit show next week, is the guest. She performs "I'll See You Again." After filing his taxes, Jack is visited by Internal Revenue agents who want to go over his return; they can't believe that he only spent $17 last year on entertainment. Benny decides he may be too tight and decides to tell everyone to loosen up and spend more on themselves. He figures people will pay good money to hear him lecture on the topic.moreless
    • First Show of the Season
      First Show of the Season
      Season 8 - Episode 1
      The eighth season opens with audience members in line discussing how tickets to the show were forced on them. Following Jack's monologue, Dennis Day sings "Around the World in 80 Days." Don starts performing his Lucky Strike commercial as a calypso number and Jack stops him, saying he doesn't want a middle commercial this week. Instead, Benny brings out Mel Blanc as a novelty musician from Vienna; he plays bottles filled with alcohol and as he tunes them, he gets progressively soused. Don's wife forces Jack to call the sponsor and explain that cutting the commercial was not Don's idea. The sponsor is not pleasedmoreless
    • Hillbilly Act
      Hillbilly Act
      Season 8 - Episode 16
      Jack chews out his writers because they have no script yet for the next show. Telling his agent he's been working too hard, Jack says he's skipping rehearsals and leaves to play golf. The agent tells Benny's secretary the ridiculous story of how he discovered Jack, then a fiddle-playin' hick, performing in backwoods Arkansas. In the flashback, "Zeke" Benny and his shabby band, the Ozark Hillbillies, perform "You Are My Sunshine," "Fascinatin' Rhythm," and "Puttin' on the Ritz."moreless
    • Ronnie Burns Show
      Ronnie Burns Show
      Season 8 - Episode 15
      In the monologue, Jack tells the audience that Rochester bought him a live Easter rabbit, and he's planning on eating it. He also describes the Hollywood Easter Parade. He chats with guest Ronnie Burns, son of George Burns, and discovers that he and George each claim to have given the other their first break in show biz. Ronnie sings his (flop) single "Kinda Cute."
      Angry that Jack gave the featured spot to George's son instead of his son, Harlow, Don sulks through the Lucky commercial and storms off.
      Rochester calls to say Jack's new suit was delivered by the store owner, who was wearing it; for what Jack paid, he couldn't afford a box. Jack goes to Don's house to demand an apology for his tantrum. Benny says he'll help but needs to see his talent first. Harlow and Don duet on "Sonny Boy."moreless
    • Academy Awards
      Academy Awards
      Season 8 - Episode 13
      Jack is bent out of shape because he hasn't been asked to be an emcee at the upcoming Academy Awards. He badgers George Seaton, the president of the Motion Picture Academy. Then he visits Jerry Wald, the producer of the telecast, and pesters him. To get rid of Benny, Wald says that if one of the five emcees cancels, Jack will be the first one he calls. One of the hosts of the ceremony is Jimmy Stewart, so Jack pays his "friend" a visit. Stewart's shooting on a movie set and Jack destroys numerous takes. Finally, the big ham takes over Jimmy's role and shows him how it's supposed to be done.moreless
    • Violin Competition With Gisele MacKenzie
      Jack explains that TV shows need exciting openings; that's why this one began with a guest getting his head chopped off. Gisele MacKenzie chats with Jack and sings a song. Benny's attempt to tell a joke is interrupted by an audience member (Mel Blanc) upset about Jack's smog jokes; the complainer proceeds to choke and cough from the L.A. air. Don and Harlow perform a weird song and dance about Siam. For the finale, Jack invites the band members (and their parole officer) on stage to back him and Gisele on their duet, "Sweet Georgia Brown." Jack's attempt at a solo on "Tea For Two" causes Blanc to return, confiscate the violin, and lead the band offstage.moreless
    • Jack Goes To The Rose Bowl
      Jack Goes To The Rose Bowl
      Season 8 - Episode 8
      Jack's ex-girlfriend Zelda explains why she stopped dating the cheapskate. In a flashback, Jack is wrapping up a New Year's Eve party at his house. The guests include Don Wilson in a diaper as Baby New Year. Benny gets the idea for he and Zelda to go to the stadium and get tickets for the Rose Bowl game. They stand in line all night and get the last two available. Zelda heads inside while Jack looks for coffee. When a man offers him ten bucks for his $5.50 ticket, he sells it. Benny asks the man to tell Zelda that he'd stole the ticket from Jack. The Sportsmen Quartet sing the commercial on a Rose Parade float.moreless
    • Shopping Show
      Shopping Show
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      Thanks to winning a crooked card game, Rochester spends the day playing golf while Jack suffers at home doing the housework. After sticking Don with the chores, Jack goes to the supermarket to do holiday grocery shopping. Naturally, helpless Jack encounters nothing but trouble. A surly fruit vendor takes a bite out of one of his apples, the racetrack tout tells him to buy rabbit, Mr. Kitzel is working the butcher counter, and surly Frank Nelson is an insulting clerk. After having had enough of Jack's inability to find anything, Nelson throws him into a shopping cart and pushes him around the store.moreless
    • John Forsythe Show
      John Forsythe Show
      Season 8 - Episode 5
      Jack's monologue is interrupted by Jon Provost and Lassie wandering onto the stage. Benny introduces John Forsythe in the audience.
      The Lucky Strike commercial is conducted by Don as a man-on-the-street interview. Mel Blanc's passerby thinks he's on This IsYour Life.
      Mary Costa sings "One Fine Day" from Madame Butterfly. Jack has forgotten he has an important business obligation and can't take Mary out as promised. John Forsythe comes to the rescue and takes to an exotic restaurant where they discover Jack working--as a gypsy violinist. In the epilogue, Benny plugs a new album by his orchestra: Music For Playboys to Play By.moreless
    • Ginger Rogers Show
      Ginger Rogers Show
      Season 8 - Episode 4
      Jack wants to do a musical on the show with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire as guests. When he goes to invite Ginger, she's busy getting ready for a party she's giving--but she doesn't want Jack to know and invite himself. When showtime arrives, Astaire is a "no show" so Jack tells the reluctant Ginger that he can fill in. The dance team of Rogers and Benny make their debut, and Ginger's fears turn out to have been justified.moreless
    • The Airport
      The Airport
      Season 8 - Episode 2
      Jack's trying to catch a flight to New York to appear on $64,000 Question, but first has to survive the usual troublemakers at the airport. He's irritated by the loopy P.A. announcer, racetrack tout Sheldon Leonard with advice on chewing gum, Mel "Si/Si/Sue" Blanc, and clerk Frank Nelson who wants to sell Jack a one-way ticket out of town.moreless
    • How Jack Met Rochester
      How Jack Met Rochester
      Season 6 - Episode 10
      Jack tells his guest Sarah Churchill how he first met Rochester. In a flashback, Jack is making his big move from New York to Hollywood as cheaply as possible. Rochester is the porter on the train Jack is taking westward. Benny is smuggling Don (for whom he bought a children's ticket) and Dennis (no ticket) in his upper berth. Rochester discovers his scheme but promises to keep it quiet. Unfortunately, the conductor finds out and fires Rochester on the spot. Feeling badly for having gotten Rochester canned, Jack offers him a job as his butler/nursemaid.moreless
    • Gary Crosby Show
      Gary Crosby Show
      Season 5 - Episode 13
      At a rehearsal of Jack's monologue, he discusses how good his blue eyes looked last week in color and whines about losing the Emmy to George Gobel. Jack goes to Bing Crosby's mansion to see if he's going to be on his show, even though Benny won't pay his $10,000 fee. Bing's son Gary Crosby is at home and he performs "I've Got the World on a String." Jack is impressed and wants him for the show, especially since he'll work for 150 bucks. Papa Bing calls the house, hears about Benny's scheme, and puts a quick end to it. Desperate, Jack grabs their butler and takes him to the studio.moreless
    • Bob Crosby's Contract
      Bob Crosby's Contract
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Jack introduces new cast member Bob Crosby, who refuses to sing until his contract is signed. Bob finally performs "You Belong to Me" and Jack invites him over over to sign the contract after the show.
      Before Bob arrives, Jack and Rochester wreck the house and make it look like a shabby hovel. Their scheme is for Bob to think Benny's broke and sign for only $50 a week. Bob has a trick of his own, parading his kids in as starving, shabbily-dressed waifs. Jack bites and agrees to sign Bob for $500 a week.moreless
    • Jack Prepares For a Trip to England
      Jack and Rochester are packing for the boss' summer concert tour of England and Scotland. Jack's doctor chases him down to give him an inoculation shot. Don drops by with wax fruit and the Sportsmen, who sing "Bye Bye Benny". Jack's agent auditions a supporting act for Jack's show, the Landrews Sisters, who perform "Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?" Throughout it all, Ronald Coleman's butler, Sherwood, reclaims everything Jack has borrowed from them; when he's through, the Benny house is bare.moreless
    • Isaac Stern Show
      Isaac Stern Show
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Rochester shows off the bowling ball trophy he won in a tournament last night; Dennis drops by and gets it stuck on his hand. Day informs Jack he wants to do his Johnny Ray impression on the show though Jack wants a classy number. The Sportsmen sing the Lucky Strike commercial. On the show, guest Isaac Stern performs "Introduction and Rondo capriccioso" by Saint-Saens. Jack joins him for a duet of "Filight of the Bumblebee." In Stern's honor, Jack introduces Dennis performing "Sweetheart" from Maytown backed by ten violinists in tails. Day promptly launches into Johnny Ray's hit "Cry".moreless
    • Gracie Bit
      Gracie Bit
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      It's ten minutes before airtime and Gracie Allen is missing. George Burns talks Jack into dressing in drag and passing himself off as Gracie. Makeup man Frank Nelson quickly works on Jack when not tossing insults. The Sportsmen crowd into the dressing room to sing their Lucky commercial. A fetching Jack performs with George in one of their standard stand-up routines. Easily-confused Gracie finally arrives, doesn't realize George's partner was Jack, thinks her husband's fooling around with another woman--namely Tallulah Bankhead--and storms off. Don wants his girdle back so he can fit in his car.moreless
    • Gaslight
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      In the monologue, Jack discusses his film career. Don doesn't want to do the commercial Jack has written for him because it's silly and embarrassing. As Don pitches Luckies, Jack makes his pant legs roll up and down. Pianist Ray Noble performs "Good Night Sweetheart." The sketch is a parody of the film Gaslight. Bella's husband, a jewel thief, is trying to make her think she's crazy by turning the pictures upside down and putting a horse in the closet. A Scotland Yard inspector comes to her rescue.moreless
    • Helene Francois Show
      Helene Francois Show
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Jack's ancient Maxwell breaks down in Beverly Hills while Rochester is driving him to the studio. The radiator erupts steam, the headlight falls out, and the hood flaps like a bird's wing. In his monologue, Benny discusses Christmas presents for his cast and crew. Jack introduces Helene Francois, a French singer he says he heard in a New York nightclub, who performs "All My Love." Don Wilson comes out dressed in beret and velvet coat to appear "continental" and impress Miss Francois. Jack brings back Lynette Bryant, the poker-faced girl his previous program's hillbilly segment, for a chat. Jujitsu expert Leon Salvadore, who supposed can throw anyone within 12 seconds faces six burly men from the gym. They promptly beat the heck out of him.moreless
    • Ben Hogan Show
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Jack's practicing his violin at home; every time he hits a bad note, the portrait of Jascha Heifetz falls off the wall. He, Mary and Rochester (his caddy) go to Hillcrest Country Club to play golf with Bob Crosby. In the club locker room, Crosby sings "Because of You." Jack doesn't recognize golfing legend Ben Hogan and begins giving him unsolicited advice on how to hold a club and hit a ball. After being introduced, Jack realizes he does Hogan's laundry. On the course, Benny swings and misses before finally hitting it into the woods. Refusing to lose a ball, cheapskate Jack takes Rochester to search for it. Two days later, they finally give up.moreless
    • 4/1/51
      Jack wants a dramatic role on an episode of Robert Montgomery Presents Your Lucky Strike Theatre that's already set to star Claudette Colbert and Basil Rathbone. He goes to the sponsor's office and pleads with producer Montgomery to dump Rathbone and use him instead. Not taking no for an answer, Jack crashes a rehearsal of the show at Colbert's apartment; Montgomery gives him a small part to read just to shut him up. Benny proves to be such a disruptive pest, Rathbone calls him a "schlemiel" and storms out.moreless
    • 1/28/51
      Jack's guests are TV hostess Faye Emerson and singer Frank Sinatra. Benny and Sinatra do a skit about New York City and Frank performs "Take My Love". From his dressing room Jack phones Mary to ask how he looks on TV; she confuses him with Sinatra. Jack tells Faye Emerson he should be her love interest in her new romance movie. To prove he's more than a comedian, he does a dramatic scene with her that's supposed to end in a kiss. Sinatra walks in, makes fun of Jack's delivery, and steals the kiss for himself. Frank Fontaine portrays John L.T. Savonie, a character that he would later use as Crazy Guggenheim on Jackie Gleason and his American Scene Magazine. In a running gag, he recites his endless Social Security number.moreless
    • Buck Benny Rides Again
      Buck Benny Rides Again
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      In his monologue, Jack explains it's tradition for a guest to get a sample of the sponsor's product, so Dinah will get a carton of Luckies; Jack's expecting a Chevrolet when he does Dinah's show. In a cowboy sketch, Dinah's forced to sing in a saloon to raise $2000 to pay off her mortgage or she'll have to marry bad guy Tombstone Harry. She performs "Blues in the Night," and "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" with the Sportsmen in the Luckies commercial. In a filmed segment, Buck Benny competes in a rodeo for the money, but loses. Angry Dinah tries to shoot Benny with his own screwy gun, but kills Harry instead. In the epilogue, Benny introduces Alan Hale, Jr. and Randy Stuart who premiere next week in Biff Baker USA on CBS for the same sponsor.moreless
    • Cafe Skit
      Cafe Skit
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      Jimmy and Gloria Stewart plan a romantic New Year's Eve at a French restaurant. Their night is destroyed by a self-invited Jack and his uncouth date, Mabel Flapsaddle, a telephone operator at CBS. Jack and Mable make a spectacle of themselves by dancing like goons, tripping waiters and fighting with other patrons. Mable causes Jimmy to squirm when she serenades him with a loud rendition of "You Belong to Me." The evening is made when her pal from work, Gertrude Gearshift, shows up with her doltish boyfriend who's been in high school nine years.moreless
    • 60 Piece Orchestra Skit
      60 Piece Orchestra Skit
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      In an interview in his dressing room, Jack tells a reporter how he would rather have been a concert violinist than a comedian. In flashbacks, Jack, as a small boy and as a teen, does nothing but practice his violin. He imagines that he is soloist with a philharmonic orchestra. To the cheers of the audience and his fellow musicians, he wows them with his rendition of "Love in Bloom." Also, Jack forces an embarrassed Don to don a tutu and perform a ballet as a happy tobacco leaf. In the epilogue, in invites Ann Sothern up form the audience to plug her series Private Secretary which airs three out of four weeks with Benny.moreless
    • Jack's Lunch Counter
      Jack's Lunch Counter
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      In his monologue Jack discusses guitarist Frank Remley's drunken birthday party. Dennis interrupts, upset that George Raft got the star dressing room. After a loud crash, Dennis mother walks out to say the dressing room is now his; she just threw Raft out of it. Dennis sings "Young and Foolish". In the "dramatic" sketch ("Death Across the Lunch Counter," or "Dial 'M' For Mustard") Jack plays Charleston T. Gundlefinger, a diner owner. He's nervous because murderers are on the loose in the area. Three suspicious men come in at closing and two of them (Raft and Day) start to intimidate Jack. They also dance when the jukebox plays "Papa Loves Mambo." Benny shoots Raft, who does a hammy death scene, and Day. The third man isn't a thug; he's the interior decorator Charleston had hired.moreless
    • San Diego Naval Training Center Show
      Jack and the gang put on a stage show telecast live from the Naval Training Center in San Diego, California. Jack does a monologue peppered with military jokes, and he and Don discuss having both been in the Navy. An officer comes out to take Jack's dinner order (beans), and a wave in an evening gown walks across several times to "recruit" future sailors. Sy (Mel Blanc), the Mexican guitarist, comes out to accompany the Sportsmen but breaks a string. Jack, with violin, introduces several band members who join him on stage for a number that features the vocals of Rochester.moreless
    • The Giant Mutiny
      The Giant Mutiny
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      Benny stages a baseball version of The Caine Mutiny. It begins in the Giants' dugout during the fourth game of the World Series. Benny, as Alvin Dark, captain of the New York Giants, stands up to the tyrannical Leo Durocher and is court-martialed for his insolence. In the courtroom, the judges hearing the case are managers Fred Hanley and Chuck Dressen, umpire John "Beans" Reardon, and pitcher Bob Lemon. As the Captain Queeg character, Durocher nervously rubs together two baseballs.moreless
    • Entire Cast Show
      Entire Cast Show
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      Jack falls asleep during his monologue, forcing Don to come out and explain why. Jack has been nervous all day about this first show of the new season. Arriving at the studio, he learns his suit has a stain, and the curtain was ripped by a light that tell and destroyed a camera. Plus, the phone operator keeps singing "Three Coins in the Fountain" whenever he tries to make a call. With Jack in a full-tilt tizzy, Don calls in doctor Frank Nelson to calm Jack down. After telling Jack how lousy he was last season, Dr. Frank gives him an injection that will make him sleep--for ten hours.moreless
    • David Niven Show
      David Niven Show
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      In Jack's monologue, he discusses doing filmed episodes of the series. He's interrupted by a photographer and reporter who fail miserably to take Jack's photo. The Sportsmen Quartet set the mood for an English drawing room farce by singing "Mad Dogs and Englishmen." In the sketch, Jack plays Cecil Frothingham, the handsome British screen lover, who's having a secret affair with Lady Milbank. They break the news to Lord Milbank, but he seems more interested in his stamp collection. When Cecil finds out how valuable it is, he becomes more interested in stamps, too.moreless
    • Helen Hayes Show
      Helen Hayes Show
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      Jack travels to New York and stays at the fleabag Acme Plaza Hotel; the furniture falls apart when you blow on it. Benny wants to perform in legitimate theater and seeks out Helen Hayes to teach him to be a dramatic actor. He gets his big break when one of Miss Hayes' acting students becomes ill and cannot play in the class performance that night. Jack jumps at the chance to fill in. It turns out that the class is for children and Benny's role has him hopping around in a large bunny suit.moreless
    • Jack As A Child
      Jack As A Child
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      Jack's monologue is interrupted by an elderly fan who asks him to kiss her like he'd kissed Marilyn Monroe. Rochester tells Jack that the reporter writing his biography is waiting backstage. The show flashes back to Jack's childhood. Young Jackie argues with his father (played by Benny) about being a musician for the love of music, not for the money. The little kid is shocked by the idea. The Benny family's friends and relatives gather for the weekly Sunday musicale. In a commercial, The Sportsmen Quartet sings a modified version of "By the Light of the Silvery Moon."moreless
    • Visit To The Vault
      Visit To The Vault
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      Jack prepares a dinner party to celebrate the end of the TV season. Bob Crosby and Gisele MacKenzie arrive before the other guests and sing a Lucky commercial. Jack still owes Gisele money for a previous concert engagement she did with him, so he takes her down to his fabled vault. Bob passes since he's already seen the vault of his brother Bing. The pair dodge various security contraptions including a moat containing an alligator, a camera that takes photos of everyone who enters, sirens, and the guard, Ed, who hasn't been above ground in decades.moreless
    • Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
      Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      The sketch is a take-off on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Jack playing both of the title roles. Bob Crosby, as a medical student, performs "A Foggy Day in London Town." The good doctor's new potion turns him into a murderous madman who recycles one of his patients into a teaching skeleton. Hyde is finally brought down by another patient who's pumped up with vitamins.moreless
    • Gary Cooper Show
      Gary Cooper Show
      Season 9 - Episode 1
      In the season premiere, guest star Gary Cooper sings "Bird Dog" with the Sportsmen Quartet.
      Jack visits Cooper at a rehearsal of his next film, a western, to audition for the part of Gary's twin brother. Decked out in a ridiculous cowboy outfit and six-inch elevator shoes, Jack (aka Tex Morgan) swaggers in, sure he'll win the part. Benny changes his mind once he sees the scene he'd be in: a rowdy barroom brawl where his character gets beaten up.
      In the epilogue, Benny introduces Cooper's wife and daughter in the studio audience.moreless
    • The Millionaire
      The Millionaire
      Season 9 - Episode 3
      Marvin Miller, who plays courier Michael Anthony on the series The Millionaire, appears at Dennis Day's door and presents him a check for million dollars.
      After his monologue, Jack introduces Dennis, but rock 'n roll duo Jan and Arnie come out and sing. Going to Dennis' house, Jack finds Day in a polo outfit, his mother expensively dressed, and Rochester working as their new butler. Michael Anthony returns and retrieves the check after discovering Dennis Day is just a stage name.
      Jan and Arnie perform their single "The Beat That Can't Be Beat."moreless
    • Stars' Wives Show
      Stars' Wives Show
      Season 9 - Episode 4
      Jack hires a painter, Mel Blanc, who likes to work to music. When Benny learns Blanc is paid 50 cents an hour, Jack puts on the fast side of an album. The Committee for the Improvement of Beverly Hills is meeting with the mayor. The group is made up of the wives of several big stars: Muriel (Ray) Milland , Delores (Bob) Hope, Jeanne (Dean) Martin, and Hjordis (David) Niven. Their want to get rid of Jack's mobile eyesore, his Maxwell, and decide to hold a raffle. Bob Hope and David Niven appear in a cameo at the end of the show.moreless
    • Dance Contest
      Dance Contest
      Season 11 - Episode 23
      Rochester wants to compete in a TV dance contest, but Jack tells him he's already used his night off the month. However, Jack is excited by the $500 grand prize, so he cancels dinner with the Wilsons and enters with a woman he just met. After the contest, Jack shows up at the Wilsons at 2 AM for dinner, then complains about the food.moreless
    • Children's Version of the Show
      Children's Version of the Show
      Season 11 - Episode 21
      Dennis and Don attend the play put on by the third grade class of Beverly Hills Elementary School. The kids perform their version of The Jack Benny Program.
      In the state Farm commercial, a man who has just had an accident comes to Jack's door and asks to use the phone. He then makes a long distance call to their home office in Michigan.moreless
    • Detective Story
      Detective Story
      Season 11 - Episode 20
      Dennis Day sings "It's Almost Like Being In Love" and bothers Jack with his squeaky shoes. Jack plays a big ciy police detective with his assistants Don and Dennis. He's hot on the trail of a murderer with a bizarre parade of suspects including John L. C. Sivoney, an old-time gangster, and a shoplifter with a bizarre taste in merchandise.moreless
    • Musicale
      Season 11 - Episode 18
      Jack's monologue is about the freeways. The sketch is a flashback to Jack's childhood. Young Jack, again played by Barry Gordon, argues with his father (played by Benny) about money and about playing his violin in a string quartet.
    • Jack Is Hypnotized
      Jack Is Hypnotized
      Season 11 - Episode 15
      Jack and his secretary, Miss Gordon, go to a nightclub to see the Sportsmen Quartet, who sing "When My Sugar Walks Down the Street". He proceeds to scoff at the next act, a performance of hypnotism by Professor Colini. The professor soon makes Jack a believer when he convinces the old cheapskate that he's Diamond Jim Brady; Jack complies by tipping the waiter $50. Unhappy about his new-found spending skill, Jack comes back to professor Colini who now makes him think he's Bob Hope.moreless
    • Jack Goes To The Vault
      Jack Goes To The Vault
      Season 11 - Episode 12
      During his monologue, Jack gets a phone call from two Treasury agents who want to meet him at his home in an hour. Jack's sure he's about to be charged with tax evasion, so he leaves the show to Don and races home. The agents are actually from Fort Knox and they've come to study his legendary vault. Jack leads the government men on the dangerous path underground where they encounter his man-eating plant, Edwin. Still watching the vault is the long-suffering guard who tells Jack that he's never seen smog, but hopes President Washington will do something about it.moreless
    • Premiere Show
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      The Sportsmen Quartet introduce the premiere show with "There's No Business Like Show Business". The monologue and the sketch are about how Jack decided on doing television and putting the first show together. After an interruption from TV technician Mel Blanc to wave to his Aunt Sophie, the show flashes back to how Jack got Dinah Shore to be his guest.
      At his house, Rochester sings "My Blue Heaven", and Mr. Kitzel comes by to wish Jack good luck. Jack calls Dinah Shore on his pay phone to get her to do his show and she pitches him a song she wants to do on the program.
      Back onstage, Ken Murray visits to wish Jack well, and Dinah comes out to sing "Tess' Torch Song", "I Oughta Know More About You" and the Lucky commercial with the Sportsmen. Jack closes the program by pulling out his violin and playing, which immediately causes the live audience to stand up and exit the studio.moreless
    • Amateur Show
      Amateur Show
      Season 11 - Episode 10
      Jack discusses his holiday; The band gave him a 5 karat ring, but the cops took it back, Rochester went out with the Mills Brothers, and Dennis gave him a mackerel on a fish hook. The first amateur act is a lousy musical group, the Tijuana Troubadors, with Mel Blanc. Mel and Jack do their "Si/Sy/Sue" routine.
      In the Lipton Tea commercial, Don plays piano while his son, Harlow, sings "One of These Days" as Sophie Tucker. Jack runs Harlow off his stage.
      Using her married name, Nanette Fabray shows up with a violin case. She pulls out a saw and plays it as Jack accompanies her on "April Showers."
      At the close, Jack introduces Mel Blanc, congrats Nanette on her new series, and Harlow on his Sophie Tucker impression; Harlow says he was doing Nelson Eddy.moreless
    • Joey Bishop Show
      Joey Bishop Show
      Season 11 - Episode 6
      In a show taped in New York, guest vocalist Diana Trask performs. Don and Jack go to the Copacabana to catch Joey Bishop's nightclub routine. Jack is impressed and suggests to Joey they they should team up as an act. Bishop isn't interested; he doesn't "dig" Benny's comedy.
    • English Sketch
      English Sketch
      Season 11 - Episode 26
      Benny's guests are Peter Lawford and Diana Dors. Jack's monologue is interrupted by two photographers from "What's New in Television" magazine who want to take his picture. Benny talks with Lawford about being between pictures; for Jack, it's been a long, long wait.
      The sketch is an English drawing room farce with Jack playing Cecil Frothingham, England's most handsome and vain movie idol. He attempts to woo Lady Milbeck away from her charming husband with his wilted rose and a wavy, dark toupee.moreless
    • Season Premiere
      Season Premiere
      Season 12 - Episode 1
      Benny begins his 12th season on television with this episode taped in New York City. Jack introduces Phil Silvers in the audience, who promptly comes on stage and the two trade insults. Phil wants to know if Jack has signed his new contract; Benny tells him that's very the reason he's in town. Don's attempt to do the commercial is fouled up by Jack who tries different wigs on the bald announcer. Guest Betty Johnson sings "My Kind of Guy."
      In the sketch, Jack goes to his sponsor's office to sign his latest contract. While he waits in the lobby, Silvers is inside trying to talk the sponsor into replacing Jack with himself. Unable to escape without being seen, Phil hides in the closet while Jack comes in and makes his pitch. After finishing, Jack opens the wrong door and finds Silvers...and Garry Moore, Alan King, and Jack Paar. They're also after Benny's job.moreless
    • Waukegan Show
      Waukegan Show
      Season 12 - Episode 2
      This episode was recorded in Jack's hometown of Waukegan, Illinois during a recent celebration of its famous former citizen. Don Wilson shows the construction of the brand new Jack Benny Junior High School. Dennis Day, who's not impressed (there are "day schools" everywhere), sings "If Ever I Would Leave You." Jack, Don and the glee club from Benny High sing a State Farm commercial. The mayor of Waukegan presents Benny items to be sealed into the school's cornerstone including his first toy (a cash register), and a (broken) baton from his first violin lesson. A captain from the Great Lakes Naval Training Station reads highlights of Jack's Navy career, discovers Benny was never discharged, and has him hauled away to complete his duty.moreless
    • Shari Lewis Show
      Shari Lewis Show
      Season 12 - Episode 21
      Jack is in his office getting a haircut from Rochester when his director informs him that there are too many acts booked on his annual variety show. There's simply no room for Shari Lewis on the program. Shari and Lambchop arrive and Jack finds her so charming that he can't bring himself to bump her. Jack is amazed when the choreographer comes in looking for a piano player and Shari volunteers. He's amazed by her versatility when she also sings, dances and does magic tricks. Seeing a way to save on his show, Jack hires Lewis and cancels all the other acts. Sheri and Jack perform "Alabamy Bound" on piano and violin.moreless
    • Rock Hudson Show
      Rock Hudson Show
      Season 12 - Episode 18
      Benny's monologue is interrupted by the audience with their chants of "We want Rock!" Hudson and Benny compare the effects of their kisses on a blindfolded young lady. In the sketch, Jack does an impressive impression of Jack Paar in a take-off of his Tonight Show. Paar's actual announcer/sidekick Hugh Downs appears as himself. Benny/Paar brings out his first guest, young harmonica-playing, Twist-teaching dance instructor Irving Hudson. Jack suggests he change his name to Rock: Irving Rock. The sketch with everyone learning "The Twist" from Hudson.moreless
    • Police Station Show
      Police Station Show
      Season 12 - Episode 16
      Jack is late so Don is rehearsing with his stand-in, Charlie. When Jack finally arrives, the stand-in criticizes Benny's entrance. A phone call from Rochester brings horrible news: Jack's Maxwell has been stolen. Don rehearses the Lipton commercial with Charlie. Jack hurries to the report the missing auto and finds the Beverly Hills Police station incredibly ritzy and plush. Even their hounds are French poodles. Rochester is questioned by the cops. Soon enough, the car turns up; it was returned to Jack's house by the thieves.moreless
    • How Jack Met Rochester
      How Jack Met Rochester
      Season 12 - Episode 15
      Dennis Day performs "It's a Grand Night for Singing." Jack tells a reporter how he met Rochester. In a flashback, Jack is making his big move from New York to Hollywood and trying to do it as cheaply as possible. Rochester is the porter on the train Jack is taking westward. Jack attempts to smuggle Don and Dennis on without without paying their tickets, but his scheme only results in Rochester getting fired for not reporting Benny's scam. Grateful, Jack offers Rochester the job as his valet/butler/nursemaid.moreless
    • Jack Gets a Passport
      Jack Gets a Passport
      Season 12 - Episode 14
      In the monologue, Jack claims the musicians' union has given him a one-way ticket to Australia to play violin concerts there. Dennis sings "Make Someone Happy." Don enters with the messenger delivering Jack's passport. Jack recalls the trouble he had years earlier trying to get a permit to work in London. He was caught in endless red tape and his attempts at humor with the British bureaucrats only garnered blank stares.moreless
    • Jack Does Opera
      Jack Does Opera
      Season 12 - Episode 12
      The monologue is about TV make-up. Jack's guest is Metropolitan Opera star Roberta Peters, who sings "Shadow Song" from "Dinorah". Don threatens to quit after Jack's cuts the Lipton Tea commercial from the show. He reconsiders when Jack confiscates his teabag. Rochester makes a fried egg sandwich for Jack without leaving the living room using an extendable hand. Jack listens to a record Peters gave him and dreams he's singing La Traviata with her.moreless
    • Christmas Party
      Christmas Party
      Season 12 - Episode 10
      To prove he's not a cheapskate, Jack throws a Christmas party for his cast and crew; he even hands out surprise gifts. Frank Nelson, there with his "wife," finds Benny's sudden looseness with money suspicious and uncovers the secret behind Jack's sudden generosity.
      Don Wilson conducts an applause test of three Santa Clauses for the Lipton Tea commercial.
      In the warm finale, the regulars gather around a Christmas tree and welcome Mel Blanc, making his first appearance since his near-fatal car accident. He exchanges a few quips with Jack and does some of the voices he's performed on the show including Sy and Professor LeBlanc.moreless
    • Jack Is Followed Home
      Jack Is Followed Home
      Season 12 - Episode 7
      Guest star Bobby Rydell sings "Sitting On Top Of The World," and "Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye." After the show, Jack is followed home, and a rock is thrown through his window. The rock thrower turns out to be Dennis, who is mad at Jack because Bobby sang instead of Dennis Day. Jack decides to take the law into his own hands, when he punishes Dennis.moreless
    • Jack Takes The Stewarts To a Play
      Jack Takes The Stewarts To a Play
      Season 12 - Episode 4
      Don and his wife cancel plans to join Jack and his girlfriend for a play. Not about to waste tickets, Jack calls his old friends Jimmy and Gloria Stewart to ask if they'd like to go. Mistaking Jack Benny for Jack Lemmon, they're delighted to attend. Outside the theater, a bum asks Jack for a dime; Jack gives him a Lipton tea bag. When Benny's free passes turn out to be invalid on weekends, the Stewarts plan to ditch Jack by claiming they need to buy a lamp. Jack takes them to a sleazy auction which features a striptease, an elephant leg stool, an obnoxious auctioneer, and free donuts.moreless
    • John Wayne Show
      John Wayne Show
      Season 11 - Episode 5
      In a show taped in New York, Jack says he's in town for a little press party he threw for 500--at the Automat. He introduces Betty Furness and John Wayne in the audience. John L.C. Sivoney, also in the crowd, demands to know why he wasn't introduced. Vocalist Jaye P. Morgan sings "Bill Bailey." Benny makes a dinner date, completely forgetting that he'd already asked Morgan out. John Wayne comes to the rescue and volunteers to take Jaye to dinner on the town. The twosome sit down to in an exotic restaurant and are shocked to see Jack; he's masquerading as a gypsy violinist.moreless
    • Milton Berle Show
      Milton Berle Show
      Season 11 - Episode 3
      Jack and Milton Berle meet in a restaurant and discuss comedy. Now that Benny is on every week, Berle offers his idea of what it takes to sustain a weekly series. In no time, he has remade Jack into his own image. They do a show together with Milton as the straight man and Jack, in a clown suit, delivering corny jokes and getting a pie in the face.moreless
    • Jack Webb Show
      Jack Webb Show
      Season 10 - Episode 3
      Benny brings out his guest Jack Webb during the monologue. Jack demands to know why they paid Webb $5000 since he doesn't sing, dance, or play a musical instrument; he's not even a real cop! Jack calls him a crook!
       Don does the Lux commercial as Confucius.
      Benny claims Dragnet is just like a Charlie Chan movie, leading to the sketch Dragon-net. Jack plays Charlie, who works in a laundry, and Webb is Number One son. It features a take-off of Edd "Kookie" Burns from 77 Sunset Strip as well as jokes about many of the other detective shows on the air. George Gobel makes a cameo to plug his series which aired on alternate weeks with the Benny program.moreless
    • Harry Truman Show
      Harry Truman Show
      Season 10 - Episode 2
      In the opening sketch, the director says the show is too long, but Benny refuses to do the show unless they put back the line about his blue eyes. Instead, he insists that the Sportsmen Quartet do the Minute waltz commercial for Lux Soap in 40 seconds. In the main sketch, Benny does a benefit concert in Kansas City, and Truman invites him on a tour of the Harry S. Truman Library in Independence, Missouri. Harry asks Jack to tell his real age in front of a portrait of George Washington. Jack's thrilled that the presidential seal if made of solid gold. At the close, Truman's secretary cracks his office door to eavesdrop and hears a piano and squeaky violin playing.moreless
    • The Jack Benny Program 30 Years In the Future
      The series' 10th season debuts with everyone trying to adjust to changes. Jack misses the opening of his show, having fallen asleep in his dressing room because of the late hour. Don and the Sportsmen Quartet can't break their habit of doing commercials for Lucky Strike rather than their new sponsor, Lux Soap. Dennis Day performs "While We're Young." In the sketch, Jack imagines The Jack Benny Program 30 years in the future. Everyone looks much older--except Jack.moreless
    • Panel Discussion Show
      Panel Discussion Show
      Season 9 - Episode 13
      Rochester is washing individual pieces of the Maxwell in the house; it fell apart in the driveway when he turned the hose on it. Jack believes he'll look smart by participating in a serious television discussion program. Matching wits with fellow panelists Vincent Price, June Levant (wife of Oscar Levant), and Pamela Mason proves harder than Jack expected, giving him plenty of opportunities to fumble, roll his eyes, and make excuses. When the topic finally turns to finances, they can't shut Jack up.moreless
    • Airport Sketch
      Airport Sketch
      Season 9 - Episode 12
      Dennis Day takes over the show while Jack tries to get to the studio. Benny is held up at the airport because he flew back from a Florida nightclub date on shabby, cut-rate I. O. U. Airlines. Filling airtime on the show, Dennis discusses the fringe benefits of working for Benny, sings "Let There Be Love", and joins Don Wilson for a dance routine. Back at the airport, Jack and Rochester try to find their lost luggage in the airline's ramshackle hangar. Naturally, Jack has disagreements with various clerks and the flight's loopy pilot. At the end of the program, the pilot files across stage on a camera boom.moreless
    • Autolight
      Season 9 - Episode 9
      Jack is sweeping the set; he explains that anything he saves he can keep. He has Mary running the spotlight and Bob Crosby building sets. During his monologue on his movie career, a girl cartwheels across the stage; Jack says he promised the girl's father he'd get her TV work. She turns up again during the later sketch. Bob Crosby sings "I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine." The long anticipated parody on Gaslight (called Autolight) premieres. Jack is the hateful husband who tries to drive his wife, Barbara Stanwyck, insane with shenanigans like turning pictures upside down and telling her that she did it.moreless
    • Christmas Gift Exchange
      Christmas Gift Exchange
      Season 9 - Episode 8
      High-strung department store clerk Herman (Mel Blanc) is trying to finish his inventory first to win tickets to the Rose Bowl. He's almost finished when in walks Jack, the man who drives him to insanity every holiday season. Jack, with his secretary Barbara, has come to return a sweater he didn't need. As usual, Jack is indecisive, repeatedly changing his mind about wanting a store credit or a check. Benny finishes Herman's inventory after having turned the poor man into a whimpering heap. Herman's in no shape for a football game, so Jack takes his tickets and leaves.moreless
    • Jack And Gisele Mackenzie
      Jack And Gisele Mackenzie
      Season 9 - Episode 7
      In his monologue, Jack talks about what Christmas gifts to give members of his cast. He and Gisele discuss her recent trip to Europe and she sings the Italian song "Non Dimenticar."
      With Jack backstage, Don introduces his son Harlow to Gisele. She allows him do the commercial, which he constantly interrupts to make passes at her.
      Dennis Day plugs his new holiday album Christmas Is For the Family. Jack and Gisele do another violin duet, "Czardis." Gisele prepares to play a piano, when a "surprise guest" pops out of the instrument: Red Skelton.moreless
    • Bachelor TV Lives
      Bachelor TV Lives
      Season 9 - Episode 5
      Jack is driving to New Orleans for a benefit concert and George Burns wants to ride along and perform. He proceeds to demonstrate his singing talents while Jack and Rochester pack. Benny's newspaper ad asking for riders gets a response from a pair of robbers who want to be picked up in front of a bank, and a bickering couple who fight over the front seat. Frank Nelson is the rude mechanic who brings Jack's car back from the garage. The Benny home erupts into chaos when another twenty people show up wanting to ride. All the while, Burns is still singing. In the epilogue, Jack parades the huge cast across the stage to the theme from Bridge Over the River Kwai.moreless
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Stewart Show
      Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Stewart Show
      Season 10 - Episode 4
      In his monologue, Jack informs the audience that Jimmy and Gloria Stewart begged him to come to their anniversary party. However, Jimmy is seen explaining to his wife that he couldn't stop Jack from inviting himself. Benny and his irritating girlfriend Mildred crash the intimate dinner party at a swanky Beverly hills restaurant and drive the Stewarts to drastic measures.moreless
    • Jack Paar Show
      Jack Paar Show
      Season 10 - Episode 5
      In his monologue, Benny says he is going to follow the new CBS policy on honesty (the "quiz show scandal" was underway) and tell the truth from now on. He admits he's not really 39.
      Joyce Davidson attempts to do the Lux commercial but is constantly interrupted by Don and Jack. Dennis Day sings "Climb Every Mountain." Guest Jack Paar asks Benny to fill in for him on the Tonight Show while he goes to Honolulu. Benny is hesitant, so Paar offers to show him how it's done. Dennis imitates Paar's frequent guest Charlie Weaver. In a running gag, every time someone says something interesting, Paar interrupts for a commercial.moreless
    • George Burns Show
      George Burns Show
      Season 10 - Episode 7
      George Burns drops by to visit Jack and Rochester. Benny and Burns both hate their Christmas gift from Don Wilson--shotguns--and they call the announcer at home and complain. Don recalls, in a flashback, the time he took the two comedians duck hunting. The pair were helpless in the wild and had nothing but problems, including a visit from game warden Frank Nelson.moreless
    • Dick Clark Show
      Dick Clark Show
      Season 11 - Episode 2
      Jack wants to know how he can get teenagers to watch his show, so he goes to Dick Clark, an expert on the subject. Dick suggests that Jack book a rock band like The Sabres, who proceed to perform "Flip, Flop and Fly". Benny naturally balks at paying their $5,000 fee and decides to form his own band. Dressed as The Sabres, Dennis, Don and Jack perform the same number on the show.moreless
    • Nightbeat Takeoff
      Nightbeat Takeoff
      Season 11 - Episode 1
      With the new season, Jack is preparing to do the series on a weekly basis. His publicity agent has hired trucks to run over people leaving a tire imprint that says "Watch Jack Benny every week". Canceling out on a golf game at the country club, Jack overhears George Burns, Robert Wagner and Tony Curtis questioning whether he has the stamina for a weekly program. Suddenly feeling tired, Jack goes home and takes a nap. He has a nightmare where he's grilled by Mike Wallace on his Nightbeat program about deciding to go weekly. Benny squirms under the questioning.moreless
    • Final Show of the Season
      Final Show of the Season
      Season 10 - Episode 15
      Jack has just returned from a tour of the Far East, so he has Don bring him onstage in a rickshaw. He says that in Japan they are watching American shows that are three years old. Benny didn't have the heart to tell them $64,000 Question was rigged. Dennis Day sings "A Woman in Love."
      In the skit, Jack meets with his sponsor's reps to renew his contract. The execs believe that it's Dennis Day who's getting all the laughs on the show. They want to replace Jack with a look-alike dummy that slowly turns his head like Jack does during one of his takes. Benny tells the dummy about all the problems it will have with the cast.moreless
    • Easter Show
      Easter Show
      Season 10 - Episode 14
      Jack and his loud and pushy girlfriend Mildred walk in the Beverly Hills Easter Parade. Along the route they meet up with many of Jack's usual agitators: Dennis Day, who sings "Easter Parade"; Don Wilson, dressed as an old lady in an Easter bonnet for the Lux commercial; Professor LeBlanc, Jack's old violin teacher; the two old women who head the Pasadena chapter of Jack's fan club; and photographer Frank Nelson.moreless
    • Slogan Contest
      Slogan Contest
      Season 10 - Episode 13
      Jack is convinced he's a shoo-in to win a product slogan contest he enters. When he doesn't win the first prize money, he decides to sue the company sponsoring the product. Benny goes to a lawyer's office and finds the place is overrun with lunatics like Mel Blanc and Dennis Day. Frank Nelson plays the contest promoter.moreless
    • Natalie Wood / Robert Wagner Show
      Natalie Wood / Robert Wagner Show
      Season 10 - Episode 12
      Jack badgers network executives into letting him direct an episode of their prestigious drama series Playhouse 90. Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner are the unlucky stars who endure Jack's ridiculous instructions on how to play the scenes. The crew is not nearly so gracious; they quickly grow tired of Jack's foolish orders, walk out, and leave him hanging--from a microphone boom.moreless
    • George Gobel Show
      George Gobel Show
      Season 10 - Episode 10
      Jack's guests are nightclub/country singer Molly Bee and comedian George Gobel. Needing an ego boost, Jack has Rochester conduct a telephone survey to determine his popularity. Bee plays one of the hicks who are questioned. Gobel is a Kentucky hillbilly who, it turns out, is the only person in the U.S. who watches Jack, and that's only because Benny is the only thing that comes in on his TV. Don does the commercial as a Shakespearean soliloquy accompanied by Jack on his violin. Molly Bee sings "Have You Heard?"moreless
    • Maurice Gosfield Amateur Show
      Maurice Gosfield Amateur Show
      Season 10 - Episode 9
      Jack searches for the stars of tomorrow with another a amateur talent show. The (lack of) talent that tests Benny's patience includes a tuba-playing boy who won't play, a sweet little lady who does a strip routine, and Howard McNear as mind-reader Fletcher Quill.
      Pvt. Duane Doberman from The Phil Silvers Show (Maurice Gosfield) does impersonations of Alfred Hitchcock, Charles Boyer, and Bette Davis.moreless
    • Ben Blue Show
      Ben Blue Show
      Season 10 - Episode 8
      Jack tells how he discovered "Chandu the Magician" in Ben Blue's restaurant and got him on his show. Jack puts Chandu (played by Blue) out of commission, making it necessary for Benny to put the hokey robe and turban and masquerade as the magic man. The act is a total disaster, thanks in no small part to Jack's inept assistant, Dennis Day.moreless
    • Guest Groucho
      Guest Groucho
      Season 15 - Episode 15
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