The Jack Benny Program

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    It's good to see there are several reviews of this TV legend, but why is this the first forum post? There should be hundreds. It is an all-time classic, a gem. Jack Benny was one of the greatest comedians of all time, and Don Wilson was superb as his sidekick and spokesman. Dennis Day and his wonderful singing were a plus, as was Rochester, who some have unfairly complained was stereotyped, but who in fact was himself a great comedian. Frank Nelson (YEEEEEHHSS!) and Mel Blanc (Si!) were great as occassional foils for Mr. Benny. I have seen DVDs of this great show, but not an official release. I've heard episodes of the long-running and pioneering radio program, including the one where he utters the famous line "I'm thinking it over!" With Jack Benny died the best of radio and television.
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