The Jack Benny Program

Season 8 Episode 3

Hal March Show

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Oct 20, 1957 on CBS



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • (the Fan Club ladies want to pull Jack's hair to see if its a toupee)
      Jack: Of course it's real. It may be thinning out, but like the buffalo, it's hanging on.

    • Emma: (telling Jack about the fan club) We meet locally every week, but for the last few years, we've been holding our national conventions in Minnesota
      Jack:Why in Minnesota?
      Clara:Oh, we tried other places, but we find we get a better turn out when we're close to the Mayo Clinic.

  • Notes

    • As a joke, Jack Benny had appeared as a celebrity contest on the 10/8/1957 edition of The $64,000 Question. His chosen category was the violin. He correctly answered the first question (value $64) correctly, identifying Stradivari's first name and birthplace (Antonio, Creoma). When asked if he wanted to go on to the $128 question, he said no. The shocked host Hal March said no one had ever stopped after just one question and they didn't have a $64 check ready. "I'll take the cash," Benny responded. March dug through is pockets and those of the crew to scrounge up the money and Jack went on his way.

    • This episode was performed live from CBS Television City.

  • Allusions

    • Jack makes reference to the first satellite, Sputnik, being launched by the Soviet Union on 10/4/1957. Following Dan and Harlow's performance, he says, "Gosh, what an era we live in. The Russian satellite and that dance, all in the same month!"

    • In his monologue, Jack jokes that he played violin at Marlon Brando's recent wedding. Brando had married actress Anna Kashfi on 10/11/1957.